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Why Can't You Just Leave Me Be?

Chantilly Angel


Dear Diary,


First off I want to apologize to you and the forum members for my controversial entry, last time. But I feel much better, but I have a new problem.


It's with my Twitter boyfriend. For the longest time, when I was single, he keep trying to get with me but I wasn't interested in him AT ALL. Mostly because I was in love with someone else. However when that dream died, I went ahead and dated him, even though I didn't wanted to. Now it's been months later, and he's working my last nerve! I left Twitter for a reason, and he just keep trying to pull me back in. I want to break up with him, but he's a little...crazy like that. Worst of all he has my cell phone number, because I texted him a while back (against my mother's wishes) about a situation he was having, and I told him repeatedly to delete the number, but he never does, because when he sees that I haven't been on in awhile he would text me. If my mom sees that she'll kill me!!


I'm trying to leave that life behind me, but he's making it hard to do so. I thought that he would get the hint and leave me alone, but he's just so clueless! But I'm way too kindhearted for me to tell him that I'm not that interested in him at all. Plus I'm afraid that if he has my cell phone number he may try and track me down and...I don't even want to think about what would happen if that happened. I mean he does seem like that kind of guy, but I seen all sorts of movies about internet stalkers than I can't really trust anyone on the net anymore.


I liked him better when he was my friend, and not trying to always get with me. After he declared his love for me, I should have squashed it right there, but me being so nice I just couldn't. Now that he's with me. all he does he ever try to please me and "please" me, and that annoys me too. I'm telling someone that I love them, when clearly I don't and I just can't keep going on like this anymore.


*sigh* Such is life I guess.


Sincerely Yours,

Chantilly Angel

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That's extremely unfortunate, Chanty dear. I had more or less the same problem with this girl i dated once...


Anyway, you have to remember that there are laws against this stuff. You could report him to an administrator and have him sanctioned and suspended from Twitter, or some other similar punishment.


As for the phone thing, you could try making up an excuse to have the number changed, that way he can't contact or track you. But, if you really want him gone, you just have to grow a pair (of whatever strange genitalia females have that pumps them with bravery...) and tell your mother.


Sure, she'll be mad at you, but she would never let anything happen to her daughter.She will not only have your phone number changed, would probably get the cops involved if he ever does try tracking you


That's just my 2 cents, best of wishes...

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Honestly, if you are asking me I'd just ignore him. If all he has is your phone number and Twitter just stop talking to him altogether. Delete your Twitter if you must. Also, liked said before you should not have led him on but how serious could it have been if it was merely over the Internet? If he is really that clueless then just don’t reply to anything he sends you again. Maybe there are better ways to go about it but that seems pretty effective.

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Honestly, if you are asking me I'd just ignore him.




Make it clear, with no uncertain terms, that it's over.


Hard, yes. Better than what you are currently doing for both of you? Yes.

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