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Returned from Central Canada Comic Con! yay.



I got some moar video games.


A few posters:

- A large MLP FIM drawing done and signed by Deviantart user Andrea Tamme (Didn't know who she was before, but now I do!)

- Little Mermaid Movie Poster

- A mini poster of Nightmare Before Christmas signed by Chris Sarandon! (I got to meet him, and got it signed!)


I also got a kazoo, cuz I never used one before! wink.png


Some comics (Both are Disney):

- Little Mermaid

- Donald Duck (I realized I got a duplicate, but whatever... It was only 10 bucks...)


3 different Ramune's


MegaMan E-Tank energy drink!




Some weird Japanese cotton candy with popping rocks inside (Wata Pachi?)! (It was good!)


A shirt pin with comic book Pinkie Pie covered in chocolate!


Minecraft Iron Sword (Now I have both the Pickaxe and Sword!)


A plush Kirby! wink.png


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