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Sonic Generations Review





(Mod note: this is just something I did for the school newspaper, so I decided, why not post it here? So yeah...oh, and I also don't want this blog to die entirely. >_> Aaaand, I just liek my tl;dr stuffs, even though I doubt anyone'll survive halfway...ehhh just read itttt ;-; )




Sonic Generations Review

James (not gonna tell my last name okiethxbai .3.)


Year: 2011

Publisher: Sega

Developer: Sonic Team

Platforms: PS3, XBOX 360, PC, 3DS


Since 1991, Sega held up their end in the gaming industry with the ever-successful Sonic the Hedgehog series. The company suffered a major loss when their last console, the Dreamcast, was considered outdated thanks to the newer, better technology from its opponents. Through all the hardships they went through, many of their franchises today have survived and are still making new games, but none of them are as significant as Sonic. As their current flagship franchise, it's only natural they'd eventually make a game that reflects back on the amazing history of the series. Generations does exactly that, and more.


Released in 2011, the series' twentieth anniversary, Sonic Generations is simply a revival and a look-back of the timeline of the long-running video game franchise. At first, the concept may sound cliché, but this game pulls it off like no other. Famous and iconic environments from certain games in the series return with an impressive visual makeover. From the days of the Genesis, to the Dreamcast, to the present, very important chapters in the story of Sonic are picked to be represented in this "showcase" of the things that made the franchise so powerful.


It's good because it's a game that's well-suited for two types of gamers- long-timers who have played Sonic for a very long time who are greeted with sensations of nostalgia and reminiscence with a hint of modern-day graphics and sound. It's equally as good of an experience for those who are new to the series. They can jump right in and learn about the history and heritage of the series.


The gameplay has barely evolved since the beginning. Simple, classic get-to-the-finish platforming action, except with modern gameplay enchantments, i.e. similar to more recent Sonic games. And, as it always is, it's a fun, exhilarating, and exciting experience. The sense of speed is as great as it should be, the graphics are nothing short of outstanding. Heck, I'd say the console versions were pushed to their very limit when it came to visuals. All the details of the classic stage revivals fit right in in a present day video game.


The plot, a little less-looked into area of video games, is a slight bit questionable, but otherwise it's amazing. It's a bit of a space-time continuum skewer, but really, who cares? It's a video game! Anyway, they very cleverly mix the present day Sonic (known as Modern Sonic) with the Sonic (Classic Sonic) in the game, where they have their own versions of the levels. Modern Sonic's levels play pretty much like today's, combining 2D and 3D platforming, while Classic Sonic's levels look the same, but play like the originals, only 2D side-scrolling levels.


Aside from that are optional side missions that you can play to unlock numerous pieces of Sonic heritage. Songs from previous games, developer artwork of older games, those are the main attractions. Also, you can buy upgrades for the individual Sonic's, such as power-ups that make getting through levels easier (in some cases, more fun).


Overall, this is easily one of the best Sonic games of all time. They took the concept of reviving the history of the epic franchise, and they made the most out of it. The game looks great, plays great, and is an absolute must-buy for Sonic fans, old and new. Digging deep, it's really hard to find any negatives about it, only for the few minor gameplay glitches. But really, that's not enough to defeat the awesomeness of this classic.


Rating (out of 10): 9



(Oh, and no random NASCAR picture this time just cause lazinezz.)

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I thought Sonic Generations was a great game, but the only thing that I felt would have made this the perfect game is if it came with a chao garden, but sadly they didn't put one... Good review :)

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