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A Message to America: Where's the fair?



America, remember the World's Fair? Remember how it changed communities and our nation? Remember how huge it was? And last, do you remember our role in it?


The World's Fair was huge for the American way of life during most of the 20th century. There we showcased the new and looked at the old. It was a place where we could forget about our problems and enjoy the world. It was a place to learn about countries. But we've haven't have something like this since 1984. We all assumed that the World's Fair have disappeared forever. This is where we're wrong. The World's Fair (now commonly known as Expo) has stayed alive and well across the globe. US pavilions defiantly have survived, but they're not sponsored by the government unlike others. Why has this happened? You can thank the separation of the BIE and the so called "failures" of the last two expos in America.

The last two expos of the United States were located in Knoxville Tennessee(1982) and New Orleans down in Louisiana(1984). The Louisiana expo got in less of a crowd then the people expected and even went through bankruptcy during the middle of the fair. That alone made the US to stop and avoid any more expos in their home town, yet they still funded their pavilions in other expos. However, that came to a close in the late 1990's. The US decided to drop out of the BIE due to "no longer having any reason to compete because the Cold War ending" and "not worth their time". Since then, corporations have funded the pavilions. You can obviously tell due to the many focuses of products rather than the true purpose of the fair: to showcase the past, see what's going on today, and to get a sneak peak of efforts for the future. The recent reviews based off of the recent attempts of the pavilion at the Shanghai expo got terrible feedback and embarrassed any American who cared about the World's Expo. Some people had said that the US should ignore the fair and focus on the web for exploring other countries and seeing the future. Wanna know what that's like? Imagine yourself at a young age, and your parents rejected a trip to go to Disneyland because they said that they can just go on the website. Yeah. The World's Fair is the equivalent of going to a Disney Park. Epcot was inspired by World's Fairs you know.

But there is hope. Many places like Houston and Silicon Valley have made plans of putting in an Expo for 2020. Many in the government are actually supporting this, like California. It will be a risky move, but it will be worth it. Imagine your city being the center of attention around the world. It's that big of an event.

I also have one side note, Canadians should watch out too. The Canadian government is going down the same road as America, so don't let this happen Canadian users!

Well, I hope you learned something new on this article.


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