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Why Comics Tell Better Stories than Video Games or TV Shows



Two of my most favorite video game franchises ever are Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man. I love the games, the TV shows (Well, some of them at least) and I collect the action figures. I love a lot of video game franchises, but I honestly think you can't go wrong with these two.

However, there's also the comic books based off of these two franchises. Both are made by Archie Comics and both share pretty much the same art style. I may love the games, but honestly, I don't think they even compare to what Archie Comics brings to the table every month. If you like the games better, I won't hold that against you. I LOVE the games. I just think the comics pack in a more entertaining experience. Allow me to explain.

Now, I'm going to speak for just about every comic book series out there. The world of comic books opens up a whole new world for a franchise. Since comic books are mostly read by teens and young adults nowadays, the writers and creators can push the limits of a franchise and get away with things that they couldn't get away with in games or TV shows. I'm going to take the MLP comics for example. In the show, Hasbro has a limit to what they can include in the show. The reason for this is because it has a certain audience. While it adds in more mature elements for their older crowd, it still needs to be on a level that would be appropriate for young girls. However, in the comics, IDW can go beyond the show and add in more mature elements. The reason is because it isn't trying to stay with younger girls. It doesn't really have a targeted audience. Therefore, they can add in these elements without having the fear of losing a certain group of people.

Same goes for Sonic and Mega Man comics. Archie can get away with having things like Mega Man and Sonic cross-overs, evil tyrannies, killing certain characters, and other elements of the sort. Why? Because it doesn't have a pinpoint audience to target. It only has to do one thing; stay with what the franchise is about. They stick to what Sonic and Mega Man are about. IDW does the same with MLP comics. Whatever series it is, if creators just stick to what the series is centered around, they can go beyond the limits and make a story comic lovers won't soon forget.


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I wish there were a "report as spam" button in the comments here, just like old YouTube.


Anyway, I think comics are a great medium to work in with its advantages and disadvantages, though I wouldn't necessarily call it superior.

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