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GTA Online

I'm gonna be completely honest; the first time I played Grand Theft Auto, I absolutely LOATHED it. It's not that I hated playing it. I hated it because it wouldn't LOAD. I'm serious, I was on that "Searching for a session" screen for nearly half an hour. So, after that, I just gave up and decided to finish the main game before I try again.

Now that I've done that, I went back to try Online last night. And, I gotta say, I've REALLY been missing out. This multiplayer is probably one of my favorites in a long while (Although, that guy in the white van can go screw himself for trying to run me over.) The game must've fixed itself over time. I mean, I can;t be the only one who experienced the same issues the first time playing it.

GTA Online is an MMO, which means it's a massive multiplayer online game. In this game, you can create your own character and roam through the city of Los Santos. You can race, go on heists, the options just seem endless. You can also group up with other players and do the options I just mentioned together. You can always go on these activities alone with CPU players, but that doesn't feel as fun. I'd rather go and do these things with actual people (even though I'm not in the same room with them)

That's really all I can say right now. I just started playing last night, so I've barely scratched the surface. If any of you want to meet up at some point, my gamer tag is Diamondsword83. Come play, we'll go on a heist, we'll have a race, and we'll go do some crazy stuff.


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