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Nintendo and Third-Party Companies



There are three console manufacturers in the world; Microsoft, Sony, and my personal favorite, Nintendo. Though, I've noticed something; whenever a new game comes out, Microsoft and Sony always seem to get the better versions. All the while, Nintendo seems to get the short end of the stick every time.

I find that very offensive. I mean, sure, Nintendo is meant to be for people of all ages and Microsoft and Sony are meant for the more mature gaming crowd. Still, that's no reason to downgrade Nintendo like that. Let's take COD Ghosts, for example. We have the PS4 and Xbone versions being superior, and we have the 360 and Wii U versions on the other side. Last time I checked, the Wii U is meant to be a next-gen console, right? Well, the game is around the lines of the 360 version, which is also downgraded compared to their PS4 and Xbone counterparts.

I feel that something like this should be changed soon. The next generation of consoles are finally here, and games are gonna be coming in like wildfire with the holidays coming up. But, the PS4 and Xbox One? Nah. I'll just stick with PC and the Wii U.



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Nintendo needs a powerful console. The X360 and WiiU are extremely outdated tech-wise. The saving grace of Nintendo are the absolutely fantastic first-party games.

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The reason most third parties don't put their games on Nintendo's home consoles is because it's usually because they don't want to compete with their first party titles. It seems like Sega and to a lesser extent, Capcom, are the only companies who's stand a chance on Nintendo home consoles


And when they put multiplats on Nintendo consoles...they're usually gimped versions of the other versions and so people will refuse to buy it, which brings me to this: If they don't like their games selling poorly on Nintendo platforms, it's their own damn faults making inferior ports of it

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