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My first blog.



So, today is day I write my first blog. To be honest I guess I'll just use this to relieve stress. Anyway I guess the first thing I'll write about is why I hate my school. I go to a grammar school which is supposed to have the top 20% students in the UK but to be honest I feel like I'm surrounded by idiots. They hate me for whatever I do. For example today when I was in philosophical studies we were asked to discuss how we can prove that god exists/does not exist so someone said we can't and I agreed with them they then had a go at me for repeating what she had said. I was then asked to read something out and people kept telling me to shut up. The teacher didn't even care that people were having ago at me for doing what she asked. What makes it worse is that I have a strong American accent (I haven't even been to America before) so everyone kept mocking how I speak. Then everyone has a go at me for never smiling.



Also this happens every lesson of everyday I get no break of people just being ignorant and having a go at me no matter what I say and when I say everyone has a go at me I mean 90% of the class. I wish I was in a school with just people like you. You guys are amazing and understanding. If it weren't for some of you

I'd go insane.

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Yeah, I can confirm that you're class is a bunch of dicks. Really, they shouldn't be in philosophy if they can't understand that some people have similar positions.

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