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Of Mods and Men - I've just about had enough



blog-0916261001385772523.jpgI am a human. No, I am a male going through highschool. I am a sentient creature.


I like to consider myself a revolutionary. Someone who fights the norm. (Wait isn't that a rebel)Someone that tries to encourage and motivate different behavior or action.


As a student suffering from multiple different kinds of disorders that screw with the way I behave, I have an extremely strong sense of justice and ambition. These disorders include Sensory Processing Disorder, OCD, ADHD and anxiety.


Are these a curse? Nope, just a part of who I am. I'm just giving you the background information so you can understand where I'm coming from.


Because I believe as humans we should aim to understand one another before accusing, lashing out or sentencing to any form of judgement.



I cannot take it anymore.


Over the past few months, this last month especially, I have watched brilliant people, friendly people that love to help others, with their own enjoyments and passions, get treated like total and utter garbage. As if they were all rats and scoundrels.


I recently wrote an essay for English class about Lord of the Flies. (OOOH YES EVERYONE LOVES THAT BOOK.) We were asked to write about human nature. I've always known something about humans and that is that we have the potential to be absolutely savage to each other regardless of what we would have others do to us.

Something has happened to a place that used to be my home. It is no longer a bright place where opinions are respected and used correctly. It is no longer a world where I look forward to going to after school. I now fear opening my "Private Message" list to see what hate mail awaits me next. I now fear visiting the moderator skype groups to see what links to horrid posts by members directed at us have been made available.


Most of us are introverts. Introverts by not our own will, but for our own mental safety.


By us, I think it should be fairly obvious I mean the moderators and I. At school I am one of the most extroverted and outspoken students in my grade of 120 people. Before I became a staff member or moderator I was frequently involved and loved to talk to people.


I no longer enjoy this because just about anything I say can be taken and used against me. Everything I do someone or some people will hate me for it.


The MLP Forums has developed a subtle form of cyber-bullying that I never dreamed possible in a community like this. You are bronies. You watch a show initially aimed at children, but found a passion and concept behind it you loved because many of you have been through experiences in the past that made you appreciate the morals and themes MLP:FiM has brought to its audience. This kind of thing brings people together, and causes us to relearn things we should have learned when we were younger. It unites us into a group of people who have things to share and things to relate to.


Hahaha, no.


None of us have "learned" anything. All we've learned is how to abuse "freedom of speech" and "opinion" into weapons of absolute desecration against other human beings.


Let me explain to you about one of my favorite elements of harmony since obviously it wasn't clear enough in the show.



Free of deceit; truthful and sincere.

Honesty is the act of telling the truth. Applejack demonstrates this well, especially in the recent Season 4 Premier.



When Applejack tells Twilight she should leave the forest, she was being honest. She didn't say "Twilight get the hell out of here. Me and all the rest of your friends think you should go and that we don't need you for this." She instead explained her reasoning and said things nicely because she values Twilight's feelings. She's not going to stomp on them.


Sugarcoating? Pardon my french but that's total BS. This is called compassion and care. If you think a certain person "should go die in a hole" then you're not displaying a single piece of compassion. (orly?)

This brings us to our next element.



Don't tell me your favorite pony is Fluttershy because your actions say otherwise.


Kindness is the act of simply being nice, displaying care for someone and going out of your way for them. True kindness is doing this regardless of who it is.


"How do I show kindness to someone I absolutely despise?" This is called forgiveness.


Which brings me to...



Rarity is fabulous and there's no denying that. She adores her own fabulous-ness and doesn't deny that herself.


Then why would she cut off her own tail and give it to a sea serpent she knew nothing about until 15 seconds earlier?


This is true generosity. Giving something someone may not even deserve, regardless of who they are. That takes heart.



Oh hey, I just discovered why the 6th element of harmony is magic.


Because in this world, it takes true magic for the traits of the other five elements to truly shine.


I have never met a single person with all 5 traits. I've never met someone who is completely honest, kind, generous, loyal and has humor (laughter.) Never to such an extent as FiM displays. I dream of meeting people like the mane 6. I have not ever found a place with many people like this.


Not even here on the MLP Forums. It's unfortunate that the MLP Forums has stooped to the point of using opinions as weapons, and bullying people that are trying to help.


It's unfortunate being a moderator is a hate-sentence now.


It's unfortunate I accepted my position in the first place.



I am here now to ask everyone just a few questions.


If your closest friend was being mistreated, would you stick up for them?

Could you bear to see someone being tortured right before your eyes?

Why do you really like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic?

When was the last time you apologized for hurting someone in any way?


Some of you may be surprised by your own answers. If you answer, answer honestly. Not for your image. Not to make yourself look good.


If you take anything away from this rant, may it be this.

  • Stop being hypocrites and start acting like the lovable ponies we love so much
  • Take action before you lose the opportunity to have something beautiful here, because you may never get the chance again.

MLP Forums is approaching 20,000 members. Stop complaining about how bad the forums are and do something about it. Something honest. Something kind. Something generous.


"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing's going to get better. It's not."

~ Dr Seuss


P.S. The only reason I am still a moderator here, is for two reasons. 1. I would like to try my hardest to restore the MLP Forums I knew as much as possible, and 2. I am the project manager of Canterlot Arcade and need the presence for the forum section that will follow it.

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Let it be said that everyone makes mistakes. Nobody is perfect.


Let it also be said that both moderators and users have things to improve on. I am not accusing one group specifically. We are all guilty of what I spoke of in the above post. In fact I believe all people are guilty of it at some point.


Comments have been disabled for the sake of avoiding drama and for my own safety.

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