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Off On An Adventure

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So I just bought Pokemon Y and am about to power up my brand-new 3DS.


This made me think of the last time I played a Pokemon game: I had the strategy guide, I looked up all the info for every route and city and opponent. The game became a grinding fest until I could get to post-game content.


Not this time.


I'm gonna go in totally blind, aside from the occasional snapshot I've seen online. I know next to nothing about the starters, the legendaries are truly a mystery, and I've heard rumors about a "Fairy"-type.


THIS is what I want my gaming to be from now on: not knowing what's going to happen next. I want to be surprised, I want to be disappointed by a sudden and difficult encounter only to surmount the odds and return victorious. I want to be an adventurer.


This is also what I want my writing to be. I want to make it exciting, to make it mysterious, to give the reader that little chill and heart-thumping that signals the beginning of something epic.


Damn I'm getting philosophical. Time to go tell the professor whether I'm a boy or a girl.



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Congratulation! After all these years, you finally know how to play a game!


Honestly, though. What do you think story telling in games is for?

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That's awesome man! I'm still waiting for my 3DS. 

I totally agree with you. When the games first came out, I pretty much had to avoid the internet, but I bet it'll be worth it.

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So far the game has been a ton of fun. Lots of surprises and I've almost gotten wrecked a few times, but I'm playing smart. Once I set up a friendcode or whatever they call it, I'll share it here and maybe we can get some trading/battling going.

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