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Chikorita Reviews: Castle-mania

All right, it'a time to go deep into the castle and look at this week's episode of mlp, Castle-mania.


Basically the ponies explore Celestia and Luna's old castle for different reasons. This episode had some great animation.At one point, Rainbow Dash and Applejack were running there was background. See they've been exploring the cgi since Spike at Your Service.


Also there was some nice humor. It seemed to be very reminiscent of Scooby Doo. I've kind of liked episodes in cartoons like that. Also the character interactions seemed pretty natural. Rainbow Dash and Applejack seem to be competitive with each other. A nice callback to Fall Weather Friends.


Rarity and Pinkie seem to be the best in this episode. Rarity exploring the art was cool and Pinkie being Pinkie was awesome.


My only complaint is that the plot was extremely predictable. Just like with Games Ponies Play, I predicted the outcome about halfway through the episode. But at least the outcome had a funny punchline. that ending though, a pretty nice open ending.


Now let's talk about the journals. They seem to be replacing letters to Celestia. I guess since Twilight is now a princess, they really don't need to write letters to her. It will take some getting used to with them most likely saying "Dear diary," but I can get used to this.


Overall, pretty solid episode. Had some funny jokes, a nice atmosphere, and a nice story with a sadly predictable ending. I give it an 8/10.

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