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Well, this semester is coming to an end and I will be starting my third next month. The weather is perfect and it all seems good as of right now. That's not why I made this blog though. So, let's skip right to the meat and potatoes of the matter.


I am here to talk about something. It has bothered me for a little while and I feel the need to get it off my chest. Just about everyone here has a talent or something great about them. Whether it be art, storytelling, or just plain likability. They are interesting, hang out with their friends, and have something to contribute to this place.


The reason I am saying this is because of one thing. I feel as though I contribute nothing to this place. I can't draw, I can't design art or anything remotely good, RPing with other people is a scary thought, I don't go to cons, and I am too scared to share stuff I write with others. It bugs me to think that the only thing I contribute here is nothing. All I seem to do is annoy people and lose friends.


Maybe I'm just rambling. Maybe I do contribute something here without even knowing it. I don't know anymore.


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