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All I Wanted Was to Eat My Soup



blog-0004070001386218541.jpgI was at home looking across the street where a parking lot of a high school was. I felt odd about the four kids standing around this van across the street. I, and my friend come closer to the window to observe what might be happening around this van because his car was about 3 meters from this van across the street.


As soon as we both come closer to the bay window facing the parking lot. A FUCKING FLOCK OF KIDS COME RUNNING OUT OF FUCKING NOWHERE FLEEING ACROSS THE STREET INTO THE FIELD! And I'm just like "wut?" Just witnessed a ton of kids (20) on bikes cycling and kids running. What madness is this? It's fucking cold outside.


After a few minutes, I had noticed I needed some green onions for my soup I was cooking. My friend and I go into his car to go to the grocery store. When we are about to drive off, I noticed my neighbour looking a little frustrated, I exit the car and asked him if something was wrong. He had explained to me how he had just got egged. I was shocked, and came to the conclusion that those kids obviously smoked his house with a shit ton of eggs. He said he was going for a walk, and I pointed into the direction where they fled.


Anyways, we left our neighbour to do his thing, while we scouted the neighbourhood for those knuckleheads.We couldn't find them in 10 minutes, but we speculated where they might be, eventually we came across the notorious group of teens and we parked the car, and eventually got out. We were worried if they were going to egg the car at first, but we came up with a short plan of action. We saw one just alone as the others started to advance in their quest for shenanigans.


We approach the singled-out teen and called out to him and went with a charade that we were supposed to meet up for some egging. Accepting one person's trust we move forward with the others who at first were avoiding us because they were probably paranoid that we were possible prosecutors. *chuckle*


We later move on the group of kids (12) and start introducing ourselves, I was roleplaying with the name "Chad", and noting names, schools, and grades. One kid wanted to test me to throw an egg at the house, since our story was about meeting up with a friend to egg some houses. I pretty much ignored his challenge and called him out saying, "Are you fucking kidding man, my hands are cold as fuck bro." Not really calling him out... but whatever XD. After that, we talked a little and retreated with our information, and headed back to my neighbour.


I saw him later in his garage, I told him about revealing their identities, but he declined to do anything on his behalf. We had talked and I became closer with my neighbour (great guy), and he decided to let it slide. The next time, he said he would scare the shit out of em' or something. No one is going to learn if fire isn't fought with fire!


So my actions to confront them were wasted, but I did it in good spirit to help my neighbour!


-Some of the kids broke off the main group. That's why we only encountered 12 later.

-In fairness some of the kids were bystanders just watching the other guys throw eggs.

-Yes, I got green onions to finish my soup.

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