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i might move in with my very best friend, good idea?

repsol rave



so yeah, my best friend is about to go live in the city groningen, and he asked if i would like to be roommates.

now i think this would be epic, i would be away from all the shit i have at home and i would finally have my very own place. not to mention i would be living with my very best friend!


but, it would be the first time i move out, like i lived with my family for the past 18 years.

so, are there any people who have experience with somehing like this? and is this a good idea?



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Can't say I have. But moving out from your folks home and leaving (sort of) independently would be a valuable experience.

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Go for it. Grab the opportunity. You don't want to live with your parents forever, do you?


Personally, I'd jump at the opportunity. Good luck!

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I've seen many people's friendships messed up when they became roommates. You definitely have to lay out some ground rules. I moved in with my best friend from high school. We've been best friends since we were, like, 14 and being roommates works out for us. 


I wouldn't discourage it. But I wouldn't tell you to go in thinking it's the greatest idea in the world. Because living with your best friend means you also have to live with everything they do at home, not just the cool things they do but also the annoying parts of them (because nobody is perfect). 


As for my roommate and I, being roommates has worked pretty well for us. But we aren't quite as close as we were in high school. Mostly because we're never around each other as much as we thought we would be. He sleeps most of the day away because he has to stay up all night more often than not. I can't go play card games with him some of our mutual friends at night because I have early classes and priorities.


Not saying to not go for it. Just be sure that you're ready to also embrace the annoying aspects of your best friend since you're choosing to live with them.

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