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Hello People Everywhere Can You PLEASE STOP DOING THIS?




"Do you have any OCD like habits?"


"Rarity's OCD about her art makes her not generous"


"I suppose I'm kinda OCD!"


Instead, how about


"Sometimes I feel so stiff and sore! We're all a little arthritic, huh?"


"When my leg falls asleep, I totally get what it's like to be in a wheelchair."


"Urgh, I've got a lump on my face. Stupid cancer."


If you're going to trivialize serious problems that haunt people and hurt their everyday lives, go all the way.

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You make a very good point Stella.  But we still have that weird double standard where it's OK to make fun of mental afflictions but not physical ones.  When I was a kid, my enemies used to tease me by calling me retarded all the time.  :derp:  So this isn't anything new and it probably isn't going to stop soon either. 

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I don't understand this topic.


me neither... sorry...


I've noticed a lot of people on this forum and elsewhere using OCD as a cute description for being perfectionist or anal or whatever. No.

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