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blog-0395621001388100091.pngIt's time for me to go.

I no longer feel at home, or welcome on these forums. In fact, to be perfectly honest, I feel quite hated.

I have my reasons, but I'm not going to elaborate any further, because I do not want to give certain people the satisfaction of an answer. I will say, though, that there is certain amount of elitism in the air here. I'm leaving you to figure out what that means.

I do realize that my time here was very short (just over three months), but in that short time, I made many new interesting friends and acquaintances, three of which I'd like to thank right now.


@ghostfacekiller39 and

You both know that I think you're the shit. You have a sick taste in music, and I think I pretty much clicked with both of you on nearly every single level.

You're real honest and legit dudes, and I'm hoping you'll stay that way.

Keep the big ol' rock rolling. You have good things coming your way, both of you.



You're an opinionated, well-articulated, and straightforward person who doesn't bullshit anyone.

We see eye-to-eye on many things, and I'm fairly certain I got about 70% of all my brohooves from you.

Keep doing what you do. I like it.


I'm deeply sorry for any requests and promises that never got fulfilled, but I just can't stay anymore.

I'd also like to add that I am aware that there are members on these forums who don't take kindly to people announcing their leave, but what the fuck was I supposed to do? Just leave people hanging without telling them a thing?

You're free to do just that if you want, but I'm not that kind of a person.


That just about does it, I think.


I'm leaving a contact info dump here, just in case someone wishes to keep in touch with me.

With that said, I will now be on my way.

Take care, good people.


Peace, love, and empathy



Skype: Bron-Yr-Aur (Finland, Derpy avatar)




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I'm gonna miss having you around, dude. For real. Maybe you'll come back eventually, bbut, 'til then, dude, I hope to find some other way of keeping in contact with you.


Damn, I was hoping this wasn't serious...

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*scratches head*


I feel bad when I don't know the people leaving :/

There's so many people here you can't know everypony :(


oh well goodbye :) *hug*

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I don't understand how anyone could hate you, you haven't done anything wrong but there are some people that just hate to hate I suppose. It is a shame that you feel you have no choice but to leave but I myself have left many different forums for that same reason so I do understand where you are coming from. I have noticed that a lot of people have been leaving lately and while that is to be expected for a forum of this size some of the reasons given are kind of sad.

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And I would have to say the very same to you as well. I cannot argue with you as well in certain aspects either. You'll see more of me and also keep your head up don't worry because I'd certainly have to agree with you in those aspects for sure and I think you know what I am talking about. 

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I know how you feel, man. I got a lot of people to despise me in a matter of hours. I even got banned. I think you're leaving for the same reasons why I began to get tired of these forums. I think I added you at one point, but I never spoke to you personally. Oh well, have a good time off these forums. You'll be missed.

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Im sorry that you feel hated here no one should feel that way but if its any constellation, Iv always thought of you as being a pretty cool guy. 


I love your art work and how much honesty you put into your post, if you are truly leaving I will be missing you my friend. 

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I think a lot of the stuff you said is all in your head, but hey, whatever tickles your pickle.


See ya, compadre.

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