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A Canterlot Wedding



See * for disclaimer


A Canterlot Wedding (Part 1 and 2) (April 21st 2012, 2 x 22 minutes)


Just as a note, I'm pretty sick right now, so this may be more incoherent than normal.


Summary: Twilight's big brother is getting married, but to who?


Part 1


Princess Mi Amore Cadenza. The first mention of this princess. We've not had an Italian pony name before, and for that matter the only other non-English name I remember is Fleur de Lis, and I'm not sure anyone said her name in show.


The fact Twilight is confused about who this is, is interesting. It means she honestly expects there to be Princesses that she doesn't know. As in non-Equestrian royalty, or there are counterparts to 'Prince' Blueblood in Equestria that even as Celestia's protégé she hasn't met.


Filly Twilight is far too cute.


Animation error with three alicorn guards. Pity that was called out by the animators as a mistake, as it could have been the only alicorn stallions we've seen in the show.


You can see the shield over Canterlot already. This points out that Twilight and the rest of the ponies really are kind of oblivious outside of their own narrow spheres of influence. Nobody questions the big purple bubble over their capital city?


Captain of the *Royal* Guard, not just the Guard in general. And Rarity uses the phrase 'A' Captain. So there are likely more Captains of the Guard, but possibly only one Captain of the Royal Guard, and likely at least one rank above that.


Case in point.


I like the 'Are you absolutely sure sir?' look the other guards give Shining Armor when he takes his helm off and greets Twilight.


How many guards are there? Assuming we're not double-counting from the train station on, this is looking like hundreds.


Alicorn foalsitter? And this was before Twilight got her cutie-mark. You get the impression Twilight's family has a *lot* of pull in this society. Even if Shining Armor and Twilight got where they are fully on their own abilities, these kids seem to have started out with a lot of advantages.


Magic spell that can kindle love (or re-kindle love, it's unclear). Dangerous.


Ice sculptures and flowers do technically fall under catering even in this world, because in most large venues they share chiller & freezer space. It's kind of interesting that they don't put more emphasis on flowers in this episode, but I guess it would be like decorating a wedding with shrimp cocktails and cucumber sandwiches... Oh, I didn't need that vision in my head right now. 'scuse me for a moment.


Most of the weddings I've been to are much like six-year-old birthday parties. I got so tired of the chicken dance polka when I lived in Kitchener, Ontario.


That's an interesting dress uniform for Shining. Red jacket, with gold cuffs and stand-up collar, white cross collar pins, and an odd silver double bandoleer with pectoral shield. Other than the silver shield, it looks a lot like the Walking Out Order uniforms of the Dragoon Guards of the British Empire, early 1900's. The cuffs need a bit of gold scrollwork going part-way up the sleeve though, and the belting should be white, not brown. For that matter, no medals? You'd think he would have accumulated at least a couple of clangors at that rank. The strips of color on the left breast of most ranking uniforms are representing the ribbons of the medals, so you don't have wear the actual metal disks that would distort the uniform jacket. America usually puts service hashes on the sleeve, rather than medals, but I don't see anything equivalent there, either.


What the heck is Luna (and Celestia previously), doing? What exactly is the nature of the threat they were expecting?


Cute animation style change to match the dolls they were going to use for the cake.



Part 2


Underneath Canterlot are extensive mines for gemstones. Why? Gemstones are seemingly plentiful in this world. You can dig them up from under just a few inches of rock going by Rarity and Spike's prior escapades. There must be something specific about these gems that require deep mines.


Cadence foalsat for *other* families as well.


As fun as this song is, I have to say the colt version where it's Shining Armour who's been replaced is a great deal creepier.


Now, here's a little thing. The three bridesmaids. With the slow voices it's implied that they are mind controlled. However, what if they were changelings as well? That would explain a few things, like triggering the alarm early, etc.


Okay, so changelings would need to be relatively daft for that boquet thing to work, so maybe? Wait, where did she pull that from?


Heh, very Aku (Samurai Jack). I almost expected to hear Mako Iwamatsu talking there.


Celestia went out for coffee during this monologue?


Here we go. Yeah, honestly everyone looks surprised there, even Chrysalis.


They're daft enough to slam themselves into the ground hard enough to make craters, so still a maybe there.


Changelings can't identify another changeling when disguised. And as aggressive as they appear, they're awfully accommodating on occasion.


Some kind of cocoon. and similar green goop holding Cadence down.


Doctor Whooves! What exactly are the changelings feeding on, though? I doubt there's much love running around right now. More fear I would think.


And Cadence is now healed of all damage.


You know, I swear I see wings on Shining in that silhouette. A faint outline, but there.


The shield only repels changelings... Oddly specific. If he rigged it just now, he's *really* fast at modifying that spell. If not, and that's what he's been casting all along, is it just changelings or anything with ill intentions? In which case, why aren't there dozens of regular ponies being cast out as well?


The Bridal Chorus. Which is amusing really. It's originally from a German opera by Wagner, it's supposed to be *after* the ceremony, not before, in the opera itself the marriage is a failure, and most churches won't allow it because Wagner's operas in general are extremely pagan.


When did the CMC get here?


The two Groomsmen uniforms are similar, but different from Shining. That's odd. Rank is usually denoted by some kind of decoration, not a full color change. This would seem to indicate that the two Groomsmen are actually in a different branch of the Guard. Perhaps they're not 'Royal' Guard, but regular Guard. They're also Earth Ponies, not Unicorns. In fanfictions I've not quite finished yet, I have that Shining spent some time in the Equestrian version of Military Intelligence before becoming the Captain of the Royal Guard. So those would be Intelligence uniforms.


And now Rainbow Dash can do the Rainboom on queue.


We've seen Vinyl's rig and that microphone before so no point in talking about it again.


Classic Disney-style glass coach. They didn't make spherical coaches like this historically. The double curve is just too annoying without a boat-like keel. However, they're popular in animation. The standard enclosed wedding carriage used by English Royals is called the 'Glass Coach' and was originally a Sheriff's coach. At the time the role of Sheriff was basically the British equivalent of the American Secret Service, charged with protecting Judges, and the Judicial system as a whole.



And that's it for season 2. Moving on to the short season, number 3, but there's a good chance I'll do the comics and possibly the 'canon' books. Though I'm kinda twitchy about those as I'm not sure how my way of pulling out things I notice will work with those mediums.


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