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From: Pokemon Nuzlocke Run Time

Pinkie D Pie



My Little Pokemon, Um, yeah I don't know, now how many of you have ever dreamed of being a pokemon. Now is your chance, go ahead do not be shy, become a pokemon!


(I think this goes here....)(Yes this has been done multiple times by other members, I know, I know, but I need something to do!!!)

Alright so I need something to keep me busy, and I don't want my Youtube channel to look so empty...

So what did I do to solve this, I planned a Pokemon Nuzlocke run, and it will be on one of the games above, it is your choice, good people of MLPforums, about what game I will be doing. now let us get onto some information.


-This will be recorded with commentary.

-I want to name the pokemon after you people, so if you want to be one, just say so.

-I haven't played any of them games in a long time, so I will be doing this, how do you say it, blind for most of it.

-I have never played, Gold, Silver, Crystal, Heart-Gold, or Soul-Silver.


Now what is a Nuzlocke run you may be asking.

-Any pokemon that faints is considered dead, and must be released, or put into storage to never be used again.

-The player can only catch the first Pokemon found in an area, and if it faints or you miss it, you can not try again.

-Each Pokemon must be nicknamed.

-No legendaries.

-No master ball.

-No duplicate pokemon(And no this will not change the second rule at all).


And that is it, a Nuzlocke run, so now it is your choice MLPforums, what game I should do, and also, please tell me what my starter should be. Thank you.


And there we go, let us go, all of you, become my little pokemon...



Source: Pokemon Nuzlocke Run Time



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