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I guess this could be considered a review, but this is honestly gonna be more fanboying then reviewing since I didn't find anything majorly wrong with the episode. All right fanboying in 3.2.1


THAT WAS SO AWESOME, I MEAN REALLY. Now that that's over time to explain why Pinkie Pride is the best episode of season 4


1. Pinkie Pie's characterization: Throughout season 4, Pinkie hasn't really done much outside of being a gag character with a few exceptions like Pinkie Apple Pie. In this episode, she was characterized perfectly. She actually had depth outside of being a gag character. She also had some great development and got her key (seriously a rubber chicken is so fitting for her).


2. Cheese Sandwich: Weird Al did an excellent performance a party pony who steals Pinkie's spotlight.

The episode didn't go the easy route and just made him an antagonist but had a great plot twist of him being inspired to throw parties by Pinkie. It was such an excellent plot twist


3: The songs: The songs were excellent. they each flowed well with the episode. It's hard to pick a favorite, they were all so amazing, the song Pinkie sung in the beginning was very reminiscent of the beginning song in Beauty and the Beast, there was a sad song with Pinkie singing about how she's always thrown parties with nice callbacks to earlier episodes kind of like in Magical Mystery Cure that had amazing animation, and the other songs were excellent. Also the live action sequence with Gummy and Boneless was amazing and reminded me of an early Spongebob episode.


So yeah new favorite episode in season 4, new favorite Pinkie Pie episode, and one of my favorite episodes in season 4, I'm giving this episode a 10/10, no that's not enough, how about an 11/10, nah still not enough to how awesome it is, I know,


Final score: 12/10

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I'd definitely have to agree with point 1. She actually seemed to be a real character this time around.


This will definitely be up there as one of my favorite Pinkie episodes.

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I felt that the beginning of this episode was weak, and the way Pinkie Pies friends immediately switched to team Cheese felt extremely forced. Cheese Sandwich was not shown to be an exponentially better party planner until around the middle of the episode, so I had a bit of trouble believing that everyone would ditch Pinkie like that.


Also....Rainbow Dash was hit with the meanie stick this episode. Sure you want your birthday to be cool, but when your birthday is starting to look like an episode of mtv's my sweet sixteen.....it behooves you to not be smug about it.


I'll admit, pinkie was really good in this episode, and the visuals were all fun. I particularly liked live action gummy, and I especially liked that pinkie doesn't need any help to reach the conclusion that she does. She shows that she's smart enough to stand alone, and thank god. You begin to question her intelligence sometimes.


Cheese was.....disarmingly rude at first too. I can understand him wanting to upstage his idol, but at the early point in the episode we have no idea that he was inspired by Pinkie, so it just seemed really off color for a character supposedly all about smiles.


I agree that this episode was pretty good, but I don't think it was perfect. It was fun, had a great ending, and some very visually and aurelly pleasing song and dance segments, but it also felt like the conflict was constructed as wobbly as Pinkie Pie built that pillar.


<.< Sorry to rain on the happy parade, but that was building up in me all day.

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The songs really did it for me, they were all awesome from the Belle homage to the catchy Weird Al songs. Cheese Confesses is probably my favorite.

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