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The Rockin' Ponypalooza Party!



See * for disclaimer


The second of the series of G.M. Berrow novels. As I mentioned previously, these are being treated as canon by Hasbro as IP owner, even if the DHX crew isn't. But then, maybe they are, because of something that happens with this particular book, and with the most recent episode. Otherwise I would have skipped this one, and the rest of G.M. Berrow books as fluff. With this, and the Cadance as a pegasis originally in the previous book, it seems that the DHX crew is in fact taking a few cues from these books. However, they're not in complete agreement as to what's going on, so I'm still treating these as secondary or tertiary canon, to be overridden by the main series.


Pinkie Pie and the Rockin' Ponypalooza Party! (Novel, July 2nd 2013)


Summary: Pinkie's family is in trouble, and only a Pinkie Party can save the rock farm.


Indication that the story takes place one week after Winter Wrap-Up, but that doesn't mean it was the *same* Winter Wrap-Up seen in the series. We could be on another year for all we know.


Posy is not actually a specific flower, but is a type of flower arrangement. A small handheld cluster of flowers, basically a small bouquet. This seems to indicate that in Equestria there is an actual flower called a 'posy'. And it's bitter to ponies. There are several flowers that are toxic to horses in real life, Goldenrod, Larkspur, Silverling, etc. So likely a Posy is in one of these families.


Reference to the Mirror Pool.


Also mention that this story occurs after the Crystal Empire episodes, but that in Pinkie's memory she was put in charge of the flugelhorn booth.


There actually were spring-soled shoes, and still are but they use a different design. The ones I used to have were originally from the '50s called 'Satellite Jumping Shoes', made by Rapaport Brothers. Now-a-days they use a far more modern design but are just as freaking dangerous. :)


Again Cloudsdale is right next to Ponyville at the moment.


This is the second reference in this novel about how the returned Crystal Empire is changing the fashions in Equestria.


And we get names for Pinkie's family. Cloudy Quartz (mom), Igneous Rock (dad), Marble Pie and Limestone Pie. The naming convention is very... strange.


And here's where this gets weird. Pinkie refers to an older sister, who was not seen in the Cutie Mark Chronicles episodes. Normally this would just be something that could be written off as non-canon, but in the most recent episode (Pinkie Pride), a picture of Pinkie's family was shown, including a third sister not seen in the previous episode.


Strange. The impression in the Cutie Mark Chronicles was that Pinkie's family loosened up a lot with Pinkie's first party. This backsliding is a bit odd.


However, we now know this story is occurring in Season 4, as we have Princess Twilight Sparkle in full force. More so than in the main series, actually.


I should have expected that one. A rock concert. The term 'palooza' was originally from an old 19th century word lalapalooza or lollapalooza, meaning a extraordanary thing. It was adopted as an extension on words in the same way as 'orama' and 'agogo' to mean an extraordinary event.


Oh, that pun. Nine Inch Tails. Ouch, that hurt.


More band pony puns, some being a bit odd. Switchhoof (Switchfoot), Neigh-Z (Jay-Z), Coldhay (Coldplay), The Whooves (The Who), John Mare (John Mayer). A really odd range of bands for the author to think of. This is an eclectic set.

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