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Red tears



Blinking rapiidly holding back the tears, the anger the regret, and fear.

Never again will I do this I am sorry to make you cry.

One last time to shed the hate to be rid of all of the loathing and self hate.

Crying red tears, I realease all of my fears

It is gone, all gone, and I will have rejoined you once more by your side where I belong.

I am coming home, I didn't mean to leave you all alone.

But cry no more your baby girly is hear once more.

I won't leave you this time, I will join you forever this time.


To the one who caused this pain, I really hope you are happy and can live with yourself.. I know I couldn't




Yes this talks about death. Yes this means death. Yes I want to die.. Just do yourself a favor and don't respond to this. It's not cry for help. I am not going to go kill myself, I want to I really do but I dealt with those demons long ago. I find writing to be a better alternative. So yes, this is purely an outlet... Now I am going to go and distract myself before some self ritous ass hole decides to comment and I do off my self becuase you know what??? I am going to find all of you ass holes, and before I die I am going to slit your throat and make you choke on your words that hurt so many people. How dare you push someone so low! How dare you.. If I find you, run.

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Corporeal death is nothing. But if you kill yourself only then you will die, and loose in the game of life. I hope you feel better soon :)

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Writing is a MUCH better outlet then actually doing what you were talking about love, I know, hell I write mostly when I'm sad or depressed. Not only does it express your feelings creatively, but it is a way of getting rid of it all without the permanent scars left to remind you what you did. (I have a few) I ama grateful that you are not going to kill yourself, I would hate to lose such a wonderful 'gay buddy' and friend like you.

*hugs you tightly*

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Read this today, I can't express how much I miss you. I do not miss the drama but.... )O( Scarlet )O(  I do miss our friendship

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