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Randome Rambles



Random convo's with Mr. Critical

lol I love our randome chats xD


Bingle bongle dingle dangle woah man so off topic, the sexy wolf thing whats up with that?

I don't know, what the balls that is I just wanna cuddle naked with a wolf.

They would die of dehydration, do you think you would like it you were covered in thick black fur?? No! No you would not :P

Oh my jezus crist I know that song...



Lol ugio destroyed it

I knew the origional by heart but I can't do this one yet...

You'lll die!!!

It'll be worth it

what really???


.... longestpause

good god is it still going???

Guy who play 10th doctor in harry potter!!~!!~ WTF

This is seriously all pokemon (song)


No snacks for slaves

Jinx was black but now is purple!!!



But blacks are people too

Mr popo makes me sad but if you are going to have an issue with orrigional content do not post it!!!!

4 min in!!!

Rapping pirates, go into the corner be all like no, no

I think of the pirates who don't do anything.

Christians are awful people!!

Well I hope you are going to have trouble catching those pokemon!! POOPER SCOOPERS!!

Smoke break lol


I want a new pokemon yellow!!!

I think yellow was just too dark......

convo dies just like that kids Raticate...... :(


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