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National Hug A Pony Day

Event details

This event began 2013-07-07 and repeats every year forever





Let a pony know that you care today.

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If you try to hug a real pony, you're gonna get bucked. Trust me...i know. 


But, Im gonna hug as many ponies i can. That means you Mane 6,Scootaloo and Braeburn....and Big Mac...and Shining Armor..And Vinyl,Octavia, Luna.

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I would hug the pony at the stable that I ride at, but this takes place on Sunday. My riding lessons are on Saturday. Oh well.

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Mission: Find a pony stable and successfully hug a pony

Difficulty: Hard

Possibility of success: 100% due to a strong resolve not to give up.

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Awesome day before my birthday celebration.


I promise this: If I can actually CATCH the ponies (Take them from the pasture to the barn) then I will hug them. Deal? Deal. (Ponies are stubborn. Very, very, very, stubborn.)

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