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International Derpy Day

Event details

This event began 2011-01-21 and repeats every year until 6099-01-21

WARNING: Season 2, Episode 14 SPOILERS!




In today's episode, Rainbow Dash called Derpy by name, rendering her previously fanon name official. Derpy then went on to have a full speaking role for a good minute or so in which she destroyed part of Ponyville's town hall, much to Rainbow Dash's frustration.




This event is significant because it proves, once and for all, that the show's creators are well aware of their fandom and listen to their viewers. Derpy originally began as a simple animation error in the show's pilot episode, but became a hit character among the fans.

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^ I've heard that that isn't true, along with the Twilight-alicorn rumor and season 4 being the last season.

I doubt it will be the last season...I heard the mention of a season 5 somewhere on the webs. I mean, they can't make it the last season, Twilight just because an alicorn, and we have a mysterious box that contains something either very bad or very good (most likely good). They just can't stop at that! >w<

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As much as I really don't get the point of Derpy, I think it's a good thing to celebrate this day just because it showed the fan input can make a difference.

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I suppose this was the first time the fandom got recognized, but now that season four is out, it's painfully obvious that they're overdoing it with pandering to us. They're writing original content around our fanon. It's pretty... lame. A few nods here and there are nice, but they're going too far.

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*Does the Fluffle Puff gasp* YAYS! :yay: (I really wish I'd have seen this a long time ago so I could've been more on time with this post. :P)


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*sigh* Derpy. The one and only in all of equestria. All I have to really say here is, how, why, and when did this become a thing. I'm still relatively new to this so I barely know much.

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