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National Pink (Pony) Day!

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National Pink Day is one of those obscure holidays that nopony can find an origin for. Was it created to symbolize femininity, or was there some abstract beginning? As I said, nopony knows for sure. Mysterious as it is, it gave me an idea. On June 23rd, what better way to celebrate a day dedicated to pink than by hoisting up our favorite party pony! Let's celebrate all things Pinkie Pie. Update avatars and sigs, post your favorite Pinkie quotes in status updates, and post your favorite pic or screenshot of Pinkie (SFW pls) in the Pinkie Pie Fan Club on that day in order to have a chance in a random prize drawing for Pinkie Pie swag. Let's have a party all culminating with the relaunch of a long dormant project.


To be eligible ... just post in the PPFC with a great Pinkie Pie image ... do what started this fandom .... POST PONIES!




Keep checking this as the day gets closer :)










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I think this is a good idea, and not just because I'm an obvious Pinkie fan.  So with 6 mane ponies, I'm guessing an event like this every other month for the year round series?  I didn't realize how much I liked pink until I met Pinkie Pie.

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Posted the drawing items. Pinkie Funko Vinyl, 4DE Pinkie Plushie, and a mug. 


Again, post a pic of Pinkie in celebration of her in her Fan Club to be entered in the drawing. :)

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this is pretty cool :) though i don't know if i am good enough to participate, i have not mastered the art of Pink, but i suppose i can try to at least pop in, say hello, and then i'll wear this mustache images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS-TKd8PFmjwZ3SNDG0HpG

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Pink Pony Day? I must now create a Pinkie Overload! :pinkie:


a26228fb70.jpg(My Desktop right now, minus the icons. :P)



















I have more, but I think I should cut myself off there... gotta save some Pink Pony Opportunity for everypony else after all! :)

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Looks like now's a good time to update my avi, status, skype avi and wallpaper!!!!


PINK PONY DAY YUSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!

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