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Friendship Day - Princess Twilight Day

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This event begins 08/07/18 and repeats every year forever


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This sounds like my kind of day. ^_^ I would enjoy this, and it's only less than two months to go! :P 

Can't wait! :squee:

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Only a little more than two weeks left, until we celebrate our favourite adorkable purple pone princess's day! ^_^ 

I can't wait to spam Twi pictures on that day, though my supply of Twilight images is limited... I better start stocking up! :P 

Oh, and Rarity, you'll get a day someday as well, hang in there. :rarity:

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2 hours ago, StarlightandTwilight said:

Yay it’s Twilight Friendship day Happy Twilight Friendship Day everypony 


Thats a really nice picture of me. How did you get to Equestria? 

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1 hour ago, Twilight Sparkle said:

Thats a really nice picture of me. How did you get to Equestria? 

With a Tardis.

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3 hours ago, Sparklefan1234 said:

Happy Friendship Day to my #1 favorite pony, @Twilight Sparkle:twismile:

Happy friendship day to you too.

4 hours ago, TBD said:

With a Tardis.

What in the hay is a tardis? 

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