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Join me in my reading of the rose and the serpent. You will get what you expect, trussssst me. ;)


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Will Guide


First of all, this being the first time I listen to an MLPF Reader on Discord, I was worried I would miss it. But from my end it was perfect. I heard everything the reader said, including the engaging tale. Of course, that also includes the downsides. Why don't I start with the few main downsides?


I know guys are usually not good at sounding feminine. I get that, but still if I'm honest, I wish you would give Roseluck more panic during the narration where it states her mind was fighting. People tell me not to let my emotions get in the way of reason, but to me, a emotional performance in the voice is as important as the actual plot. In short, try to put more emotion into Roseluck's lines. This is the only major flaw I've had with your performance.


As for doing the serpent, do I even have to say it? You are PERFECT! Knowing you and your interest, I knew you would have a blast doing the snake voice. Plus I am half worrying if the Serpent does want to harm her or not. Well, there's 2 chapters more at least. And I intend to wait for if and when you'll do the next one.


I've been sitting next to a clock tower the past few hours. And I am glad the story's length fit neatly in a whole hour. Just food for thought.


80-90 points out of 100. Anazing for a first read. You keep doing it your way, but maybe practice putting more emotion into the girl's lines and rational thoughts when she's not being enthralled. OK?

Very good. If you do plan to read the next chapter,  I'll be sure to listen to you.

(I hope this review is fair)


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