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Flurry Heart

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About Flurry Heart

  • Princess of Light
  • Species

    Alicorn Pony
  • Age

  • Gender

  • Residence

    Crystal Empire
  • Hometown

    Crystal Empire
  • Occupation

    Princess of Light
  • Character Images

  • Physical Description

    Flurry Heart is a pure white pony with light cyan eyes. She has a curly purple mane and tail with light blue accents. Her wings also have slight pink fade. (Avatar by inaactive.)

  • Backstory

    Flurry Heart always knew she was a princess. With a horn and wings, it seemed pretty obvious. However, princess of what, she wasn't sure. Princess Celestia and Princess Luna ran Equestria together. Princess Twilight had her group of friends and they were always running off to save Equestria. Princess Cadence ran the Crystal Empire. However, she didn't know where she fit in. Princess Cadence, her mother, always said that she would figure out when it was time. 

    One day (around the same age most fillies get their cutie marks), while pondering about it deeply, Flurry Heart realized something. Celestia represents the love for younger siblings, Luna represents the love for older siblings, Twilight represents the love for friends, Shining Armor the love for Equestria and Cadence represents the love for spouses and children. They became alicorns/princesses when they did something significant involving that love. Thus, she must represent the love for parents. That was the moment she got her cutie mark. 

    After getting her cutie mark, she started getting involved with what her mother Cadence did, and offering insight on family matters.

  • Key Moments

    • Realizing her role as a princess and getting her cutie mark.
  • Personality

    Flurry Heart is a quite energetic pony, and likes talking to others. She can be kind of bubbly sometimes. She is known for being quite curious, and is always interested in learning about things she doesn't know. She talks with those that she doesn't know easily, but her favorite ponies to spend time with are still her family.

     She had very strong opinions about how families values, and will defend these opinions very passionately. She believes that families have to be loyal to each other and defend each other in times of need.

    She likes being coddled by Cadence, and she argues that even though she's a teen, it doesn't mean that she can't spend time with her family.

  • Likes

    Magic, friends, spending time with family, sugar, being coddled,
  • Dislikes

    Violence, ponies who threaten her/her loved ones, rudeness, bullies, those that don't care about family, problems that can't be fixed with magic, not getting her way
  • Magic Spells

  • Abilities

  • Friends

    Cadence, Shining Armor, Twilight Sparkle
  • Rivals


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