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About Magnolia

  • The Nomad
  • Species

    Unicorn Pony
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    Appleoosan Mountain Range
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  • Physical Description

    She is a white pony with pinkish-lavender eyes, blue mane and tail of various shades. Cutie mark of 2 inverted stars with smaller ones at their point, black and purple. You will often see shadows swirling around her hooves.


    Human Form:


  • Backstory

    Magnolia was conceived accidentally by Twilight Velvet and Night Light. In reality, she was the conception of Twilight Velvet and another stallion. This caused a rift between Twilight Velvet and Night Light. Her original name was Moonlight Sparkle. In variations of this story her original name was Amethyst Sparkle. She was born November 13th on 973 CR. is 973 'Celestia Regina'. Luna returned 1000 CR. 

    In version one of her story she was abandoned as a filly and her death was faked by Twilight Velvet and Night Light. This was known by Twilight Sparkle who had long since accepted that as reality. The filly was raised in an Orphanage, the ponies there only had a vague idea of who her parents were. At the time her parents weren't well known so their names were quickly lost within the files. She was named Magenta Star and was largely left to her own devices. Other foals didn't really want to play with her, they thought she was weird. She was reclusive anyways and didn't really register the wants and needs of others.

    Magenta Star was also well known at the time for getting into trouble and sometimes causing conflict with other foals. This caused her to have a long standing resentment for authority and power structures. She despised the idea of being told what to do and how to think. In school she flunked out and failed a lot of her tests. She simply didn't have the motivation or desire to continue with her schooling and dropped out in 10th grade. After dropping out, she was discharged from the Orphanage as she was now no longer a child.

    She roamed the streets of Canterlot from ages 16 to 18 and was a beggar. In those days she could only afford what she was given by those with sympathy and stole the rest. She was dirt poor and had nothing to her name. Eventually finding Canterlot to be a city of lost avenues and wasted time she would depart on her own after stealing a carriage and survival gear she would set out into Equestria.

    Upon her travels Magenta Star would note a field of Magnolia flowers of which she would re-name herself Magnolia. Magnolia to her meant that she was free from all vices of authority and control, the wild was hers to conquer and explore. Over the years she would explore Equestria a lot more than the average soul, all the while going into places she wasn't meant to be. In the process of that, she would steal forbidden books and begin practicing shadow magic. It allowed her to traverse the land in secrecy from prying eyes. Nothing made Magnolia's day more than fleeing from an authority within the realm of shade. 

    Magnolia would become an excellent survivalist and had been injured by animals, as well as having encounters with dangerous beasts. She earned a large scar under her leg after encountering a bear that mauled her outside the woods of Hope Hollow. As the years went by, her stolen carriage began to fall apart. She needed to find a place of dwelling. Unwilling to resort to squatting, she would head to the Appleoosan Mountain range and would claim a cave as her own. Furnishing the cave with all the amenities of a home - all of which were stolen she would practice her magic more in secret.

    Upon the discovery of her true heritage upon returning to the Orphange she would realize that her life was denied to her by her parents, and would realize the truth of her name. Realizing that she really was the lost older sister of Twilight Sparkle she was granted with a choice. To seek revenge? Seek good will? Or some other path (which depends on the roleplay).

    In version two her story was different, she was raised by her parents up until age 4 or 5 of which she would know who her parents really were and would have the pain of abandonment. Going from opulence to poverty in a single day was traumatic and she'd become a street urchin. In this version her original name was Moonlight Sparkle, and not Amethyst. After the years rolled on by, her story onward was the same as version one.

  • Key Moments

    She earned her cutie mark when naming herself Magnolia. She doesn't actually know what her special talent is, but her best guess is her shadow magic. If that is the case, why wouldn't it be represented by a shadow? She doesn't know the answer to that.

  • Personality

    Magnolia is a rather introverted and reclusive pony. She is blunt and straight to the point to the point where it is considered rude. She is extremely hardy and brave, no doubt earning that trait from surviving in the untapped forests and wilds of the land. Magnolia is capable of planning and plotting ahead with varying degrees of success, if anything defines her it is her determination and will against her surroundings. 

    She speaks with a fair amount of grit in her word and always looks to who she speaks directly in the eye. Magnolia is a mare of bold self importance. 

    Magnolia has been attributed with the ability to see error, falsehood, secrets and all that is hidden. Things said have a greater potential of being made public or distorted, so she choses her words cautiously. The breaking of confidences usually brings quick and strong repercussions in her view. She holds onto whatever knowledge she gathers for own benefit, and seldom shares it with others should the situation call for it.

    It is not unusual to find that others will become very uncomfortable around Magnolia. On some level she feels as though they can see within her. When ponies avoid her, she trusts what she imagines to be the reason. Part of her likes to sit back and watch. She observes how others behave and what they say, and imagines what their motivations and ideals must be, and ponders upon that for her advantage.

    Strength through silence is her motto, yet sometimes she doesn't follow it as much as she'd like. Strength and power comes through silence. She is very careful about what she chooses to share with others. She believes others to not have a good depth of insight, meaning they cannot handle certain information or even spread what is shared with others. 

    Magnolia lives in the mountains and sees that with pride, conquering the challenges that others shy away from. She is solitary and blends into her surroundings well.

    In times of great emotional distress, she will act very crude and abrasive in most cases. 

  • Likes

    Power, control, darkness, fear from others, breathing, sleeping
  • Dislikes

    The past, being defeated, lights, loud noises, being around too many ponies at once, dying
  • Magic Spells

    Shadow Magic
  • Abilities

    Other various dark spells
  • Friends

  • Rivals

    Starlight Glimmer

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