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About Cali

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    Interdimensional Thief
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  • Physical Description

    Depends on the situation, on the moment. She is usually seen wearing a red suit of some sorts. A mafia esque suit, though with white boots, calmer red colors, and less baggy.

    Blue Unicorn mare with orange eyes, mane, and tale. Key unlocking a lock as a cutie mark.

    Economic Class: Highest of the highest.
    Reputation: She is a thief who has no qualms on what she does or what she steals or what she does. She does things without regret, and she has hurt and harmed many. Often unknown as that strange person who caused chaos or an explosion somewhere, she is never found or discovered by police or armed forces.
    IQ: 140 (may be a result of an upgrade or modification, could be higher.)
    Ruling planets: Sun, Pluto.
    Zodiac: Leo.

    Birthday: August 10th (though year is unknown).
    Blood Type: AB(-) (Hemocyanin in nature https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hemocyanin, but with the - component of AB(-), meaning she is RH-)


  • Backstory

    Cali's backstory is relatively unknown. It is extremely convoluted and messy, she has been to many different worlds and dimensions, she has battled all sorts of creatures in other worlds. Her exact place of origin is unknown. Some say she is from another planet, others say she is from an alternate Earth. Whatever the case, Cali is generally a chaotic maniac who generally serves herself although those that she has allegiances to she is extremely loyal. She is paranoid of being hunted down by her past enemies that she believes she had killed off in previous dimensions and years past. Her shifting personality, desires, and forms is what describes her best. However if anything stays constant it is her desire to destroy anything that stands in her way, especially beings with evil and mal intent.

    She is also extremely greedy, show offy. She has many forms. Her magic color is red, and she can use electricity to create tools and forms out of her own magic, relating to shields, magic and energy. She can't assume too huge forms for too long and her magical constructs fade away without focus. While a very strong character, she is weak to magic that is called the 'strings'. Strings are constructs that connect a person's magic to the fabric of reality - cut those and Cali will be in extreme pain, although you will have to find the exact 'strings' that Cali has.

    How she's able to change, it starts out with the nerves. It's a power that flows through them like an electrical circuit, but it is merged with the core of her very being, and her consciousness.

    Superhuman Traits:


    - Manipulation of bodily structure, content, size, mass, density, etc.


    - Ability to create and control lightning and electrical forces (with her aura's tint).


    - Flight.


    - Shapeshifting into various things, with greater focus allowing larger and complex forms. (Prefers farm and lawn equipment and vehicular forms, and does hybrids and combinations of various creatures and forms, mixed with farm and lawn equipment, these forms are often extremely weird to look at and can often involve inorganic / organic combinations)


    - Cloaking / invisibility.


    - Silent walking, running.


    - Ability to tear open rifts and portals into other dimensions when gathered enough energy. (Extremely painful, and costly).


    - Ability to 'burn heal', meaning she will flow her magic through her to heal all wounds and undo any bodily damage. It's extremely painful, though.


    - Immortality.


    - Biological / Genetic Manipulated 'powers' - (for her 'base' form, without any shape shifting or bodily manipulation, most likely modifications she had done on herself over time):


    - Doesn't sweat.


    - Able to automatically breathe in every situation, no manual breathing.


    - Eagle eyesight (imported from Eagle Genes, as a 'reward' for being loyal to MADI).


    - Reflexes are 3.5x as fast as a normal human's.


    - Better pain resistance, however this isn't really effective when it comes to the spells she uses on herself.


    - Her blood type is Hemocyanic in nature.


  • Key Moments

    Cali killed off her past enemies and has traveled into so many different dimensions. 

  • Personality

    It varies. But she finds it hard to trust others because she has been betrayed so much in the past and wears an aggressive sense of ego and pride to hide her own loneliness and pain.  She wants to trust people, but she really can't. She is greedy, megalomaniacal, power hungry, and rather aggressive if confronted.  

    Cali is extremely strong willed, she will never give up on anything to achieve her goals however at the same time she is a coward who would flee from situations. It all depends on the situation, really. She is extremely intelligent and thinks rather quickly, though doesn't plan anything out. Thinks in the moment, in the present. Does not serve anyone, does not bow to anyone (or so she believes). Her electrical energy has an effect on her emotional level, making her extremely resilient, depending on the situation.

    She is prone to getting angry in situations which makes her rather loose, unkempt and distraught on an emotional level which makes her prone to making oversights and mistakes in her plans.

  • Likes

    Power, magic, showing off, stealing, trusting others
  • Dislikes

    Betrayal, evil, those worse than herself,
  • Magic Spells

    As explained in backstory
  • Friends

    Twilight Sparkle
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