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About Thundy

  • The Electricity-Wielding Magical Griffon
  • Species

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Residence

  • Hometown

    City in North Carolina, USA
  • Occupation

    Car Tuner, Musician
  • Character Images

  • Physical Description

    In his feral form, Thundy is a little bigger than the average griffon. He's actually a griffon-pony mix. Some may even say that he's a mix between a bat-pony and a griffon due to the style of his ears. His fur and coat are the same pattern as Gilda's. He is very sleek and toned. His wings are larger than a normal griffon's, and almost resemble those of a legendary griffon. He sports dreadlocks that transferred from his human to griffon transformation.

    In his anthro form, Thundy maintains his sleekness and toned body. He's as tall as LeBron James and has almost the same body style as Cam Newton. His wings maintain that legendary look and his dreadlocks remain the same length. The tip of Thundy's tail is bigger in his anthro form. His eyes are yellow orange and the tuft of fur on his chest is always white no matter what form Thundy is in.

  • Backstory

    Thundy was born...on earth. He started out as a regular human being, and lived his life normally. That is...until he turned five years old.

    On a day when rain and thunder was predicted, the human Thundy decided to go out on his bicycle, just before the storm came. It was still sunny outside, but the grey clouds could be seen coming. Little human Thundy rode down to a friend's house to play basketball for a little bit. Twenty minutes passed and soon, the first rumble of thunder could be heard. Thundy's friends all readied to return home, and so did Thundy. However, the storm came faster than anyone expected. Thundy tried to make his way back to his home, but his bike was too show. Lighting and thunder flashed through the sky, and unfortunately, a strike made its way to Thundy, knocking him off his bike. However, the strike hit a certain area in his body that hit deep into his cells, sort of supercharging them. This completely changed Thundy's genetic code and make up, enabling him to not only wield electricity, but something greater.

    Thundy felt himself transform. His body was changing slowly but surely. His hands were becoming talons and his feet becoming paws. Thundy was afraid of what was happening, but he could not reverse it. He was transforming...into a griffon...not just a griffon...but a griffon-pony mix.

    Thundy had to get out the storm before something even worse happened. He didn't know how to fly, so he did his best to walk his bike home. His parents were sick worried, and were just about to call 911. Suddenly, Thundy made it inside calling out that he was home. He was all soaking wet. However, his parents didn't recognize him...and forced him back outside while he was begging and chirping loudly.

    Thundy almost had to spend the entire night out in the storm. That is, until his mother realized what she had done. With tears in her eyes, she went out and picked up little sleeping Thundy, who sniffled every now and then. All little Thundy could do was hug his human mother.

    The next day was the first day of school. Thundy didn't know what to do, neither his mother. Thundy didn't even know of his abilities. It was hard for Thundy as a feral talking griffon-pony, as some of the older kids bullied him. He did not want to use his little talons to scratch them or else he would get in trouble. A little boy however, did understand where Thundy was coming from, because he had a disability, just like Thundy.

    The day went on with Thundy trying to cope with his new form. That night however, would bring up a new sign. In a dream, Thundy met a mysterious being, who explained to him what happened. It stated that there were other people just like him, who went through the same problem. The being then revealed to Thundy his first action of his abilities: shapeshifting. Thundy was now able to shapeshift into an anthro form.

    The next day, Thundy woke and tried his new shapeshifting ability and surprisingly, it worked. After, Thundy wondered what else he was capable of, but still did not understand why he was transformed. On the second day of school, Thundy's classmates were amazed at Thundy's new form. Thundy slowly began to gain a little bit of confidence in himself, but was still worried about the older kids bullying him. Sure enough, they tried again. Thundy was able to fend them off. However, they would be back more fierce next time.

    As Thundy grew up, he started to discover new things and new tricks with his abilities. On the night after his 12th birthday however, something happened...that would impact his life.

    He was whisked away by some mysterious energy and found himself in Equestria. He did not know what happened, and was very worried that he may not see his pony world again, despite being a griffon-pony. It was this time that he learned...that he was never able to be a pony again. Thundy was upset at first, because this may cause problems in the future. However, the being reminded him that he is who he is. His personality carried over to his griffon form, and was heightened.

    Thundy stayed in Equestria for three days in order to gain his confidence. He was able to win a flying competition in Cloudsdale. Meanwhile, back on earth, his parents were frantic. They called the police and detectives to find Thundy. After the three days were up, Thundy reappeared in his house and reunited with parents.

    It was at this moment that Thundy had to tell the truth. It was hard for his parents to understand. Thundy was great at a lot of things, but he just could not pinpoint a specific place in the world.

    So, Thundy started his quest to find his place, his destiny. He had picked up music and had shown one of his amazing abilities, but knew that he had a lot more that he could do.

    Up to this day at 27 years old, Thundy has been back and forth from Earth to Equestria, growing and learning, embarking on many new adventures, and finding more and more things about himself, so that he could find his true place.

  • Key Moments

    When Thundy turned into a griffon, on the very first evening, Thundy became so sad to the point that he wanted to just run away from his parents, because they had completely turned on him during that moment when they saw him for the first time as a griffon. This traumatic moment has stuck with Thundy, to the point that it made his heart impure due to at first having feelings of anger and revenge towards his parents. At one point when he was outside in the rain after being dejected by his own parents, he felt like hurting his parents the way they hurt him...with his newfound abilities...but he was too broken and didn't want to put himself in a grave situation. 

    Though his mother accepted him back and realized what she had done, his father still had a spike in his heart. Fortunately, when the truth was revealed later, his father began to accept him for who he was. 

    In "The Town That Friendship Forgot" it is established that Thundy's heart is impure due to the fact that he had feelings of resentment and anger towards his parents.

    During the finals match in a fighting tournament in "The Town That Friendship forgot", Thundy obtained his pure heart and let go all anger and resentment towards his parents.

  • Personality

    Thundy is an outgoing griffon who loves to talk. He's very quirky and giggly. He can be very silly at times. He's kind and gentle. Though he looks tough on the outside, he's a soft snuggly teddybear on the inside. When it comes to anger and standing up for others, Thundy can sometimes cross the line, and when he does, he gets upset, because in his heart, he doesn't want to hurt no one, but wants to stand up for those in need. When he gets very angry, it is as if a dark side of him shows. The only thing that can reverse this is to remind him who he is. Though Thundy is brave and courageous, he gets startled easily, which ends up in him letting out a loud squawk, so loud that it could be heard a mile away. Thundy can sometimes come across as a little cocky and boastful, when he celebrates, but apologizes if he offends anyone. If things don't go his way, he becomes upset, but is able to shake it off soon after.

  • Likes

    Music, Roller Coasters, Magic, Electricity, Video Games, Cars, Sports
  • Dislikes

    Horror Movies, hate, judgement, ignorance, bullies, being rejected
  • Magic Spells

  • Friends

    Dynamo Pad, Pencil Pouch, Chelsea, Bluebell A. Shrub, Kronos

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