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About Rarity

  • "Signature Designer"
  • Species

    Unicorn Pony
  • Age

  • Gender

  • Residence

    Carousel Boutique
  • Hometown

    Ponyville, Equestria
  • Occupation

    "Creativity Consultant" for Sparklefan1234
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  • Physical Description

  • Backstory

  • Key Moments

    Becoming Best Friends Forever with Sparklefan1234! :D

  • Personality

    Rarity is a kind and generous Unicorn who takes great pride in her work.

    She began helping her BFFF Sparklefan1234 in early 2020 after he asked if she would be willing

    to assist him with his new creative idea which, continues to be successful to this very day. 


  • Likes

    Being creative, Hearing when her work receives a positive response, watching "true crime" shows.
  • Dislikes

    Whenever Sparklefan1234 is sad, when a project doesn't work out like she envisioned,
  • Friends

    Sparklefan1234, Rapunzel
  • Rivals

    Editing software :P

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