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Nitro Spark

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About Nitro Spark

  • The Street Racing Musical Pegasus
  • Species

    Pegasus Pony
  • Age

  • Gender

  • Residence

  • Hometown

  • Occupation

    Street Racer, Guitarist, Car Tuner
  • Character Images

  • Physical Description

    Nitro Spark is a larger built pegasus than normal. His fur is orange and he has white stripes on his legs. He sports a short mane that's has a firey pattern to it. His tail is orange with streaks of white. He wears a racing shirt with a helmet and goggles. His wings are red with metal plates (See backstory for why he has the metal plates on his wings.) Nitro also wears racing shoes on all four hooves. 

  • Backstory

    Born into a rich family, who lived in the city of Detrot, Nitro was put to work when he turned 6 years old. He worked alongside his father, who owned a delivery service. His father proclaimed that Nitro Spark would become the greatest delivery pony that ever lived "delivering packages at the speed of sound". Nitro had other plans however, for outside of his window, he could hear the sounds of powerful cars racing down the road. Nitro loved collecting cars as a foal and imagined himself behind the wheel of a powerful car. However, his father kept on telling him to "push that nonsense aside" and focus on becoming the greatest delivery pony of all. Nitro's mother argued continuously with his father to stop it all and let Nitro live and follow his dreams. Nitro father replied that dreams are worthless and that Nitro was destined to be the greatest delivery pony of all. Nitro's mother threatened that she would quit the job of being the secretary of the delivery service. 

    A night came when Nitro snuck out to spectate the racers that raced through the streets of Detrot in their highly modified street racing cars. This was it, Nitro felt the rush of the cars whizzing past him at blistering speeds. He was determined to become a street racer. However, when his father found out that he had snuck out that night, he banned Nitro from ever watching those "pathetic losers, who risk their lives just for the pleasure of it." At this point, Nitro's mother was becoming concerned, Nitro began to lose his dream of street racing...that is...until one fateful day. 

    A day came when Nitro Spark and his group were flying through a heavy storm, Nitro Spark was flying close to the water, for he feared that if he flew higher, he would be struck by lightning. He had heard many stories of delivery pegasi going down by lightning. His fellow crew were telling him to come higher, for it was safer because water conducts electricity. Nitro pulled up. However, just as he was clearing a wave, a lighting bolt struck him right in the back, the current spreading to his wings. Nitro went down into the rough waters, his crew having to leave him behind due to time constraints. 

    Minutes past. Nitro was nowhere to be found. A fishing vessel was making its way back to shore, hauling in a load, when one of the nets picked up Nitro...whose wings were just about fried to the bone. Feathers were charred but some still remained. The fishing vessel rushed back to shore and the crew on board hurried Nitro to the hospital. Nitro's mother was heartbroken, when the fishing crew told her everything. At that moment, she put her foot down and not only quit the job but divorced Nitro's father, leaving Nitro in his father's care to "teach him a lesson about what goes around comes around." If Nitro's father didn't care about Nitro's well-being and only cared about what he wanted Nitro to be, then she had no part in it. 

    The doctor's report came in. He said that Nitro was extremely lucky and that they indeed would be able to save his wings. And so, Nitro went under. Nitro woke to his wings still wrapped...but...with a surprise. The doctor had put metal plates on his wings. These metal plates were lightning resistant. However, Nitro would be flightless for the next couple days. He therefore decided to quit his father's job and follow his mother's words. He considered suing his father, but decided to let others take care of that. He would rather initiate his dream of being a street racer than deal with all that legal stuff.

    Night had fallen. Nitro was out taking a stroll until he stumbled upon something that would change his life...forever...a 2006 Twin Turbo Saleen S7 parked in an abandoned lot. His eyes widened at the sight of the car. He slowly walked over to it, wondering who it belonged to. He gazed upon the car, looking at every single detail. Out of curiosity, he tried to open the door...and...it opened! Could this be really true? Nitro got into the Saleen looking at all the gauges and the console. He saw every detail. He then looked at the glove compartment and decided to open it. Lo and behold...there seemed to be a letter that read:

    Dear Whoever finds this car,

    If you want it, you can have it. Please take good care of it for my sake. Follow your dream and I know it will come true. I hope that we can meet someday and you can tell me what this Saleen S7 did for you. 


    The owner decided not to leave his name. Nitro hugged the letter, with a few stray tears cascading down his eyes. He then started the engine. That twin turbo V8 starting up almost made Nitro cry, as he couldn't believe that this was all happening. Nitro started to drive...and it all came natural to him. It did remind him of flying in a sense. 

    Nitro found his way to a street racing meet. There, he was pitted against some of the most well known street racers. Because it was Nitro's first time, they thought that Nitro was just a showoff, strutting around with that Saleen of his who didn't know how to drive it. Little did they know that this would be the night that truly changed Nitro's life. To this day, Nitro still hadn't earned a cutie mark and he was already 16 years old. When the light turned green, Nitro floored the as and the Saleen took off. Time seemed to slow down as Nitro took every corner precisely, taking the lead. With the others hot on his heels, Nitro continued to drive hard. ,He made the final turn and crossed the line. As he celebrated, he began to glow. Some of the racers noticed and signaled Nitro. It was that moment that Nitro earned his cutie mark: a tachometer redlining, signifying his talent in street racing and his passion. 




  • Key Moments

    Nitro defeated one of his biggest rivals, Grindspark, who tried to take over Detrot in the RP; Need For Speed Conquer All

  • Personality

    Nitro Spark has a go-getter personality and always strives to be the best he can be. However, he has a severe mental issue that has a put a major damper on his life. When faced with certain tasks, memories of his ill past return and cause him to lose it and break down. He is still trying his very best to overcome this detriment. This mental issue is related to PTSD. 

  • Likes

    Street Racing, Music, Adrenaline Rushes
  • Dislikes

    Reckless Drivers, Ricers, Punks
  • Friends

    Thunder Dash, Frost, Rut Light
  • Rivals

    Grindspark, His Father (for now.

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