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    Lawyer Slip

About Slipstream

  • The catalyst
  • Species

    Pegasus Pony
  • Species (Other)

  • Age

    Equestrian years: 15
  • Gender

  • Residence

    North of Ponyville, in a small house with Echo the Bat pony, and Rich Crawford, an Alicorn
  • Hometown

    He doesn't know where he came from, or how he came to be
  • Occupation

    Lawyer, Professional racer, PPR world champion (Prance Prance Revolution)
  • Character Images

  • Cutie Mark Image

  • Physical Description

    A Green Pegasus With Red hair, and Blue eyes. Always has a cheerful expression on his face.

  • Backstory

    Slipstream wasn't really born. At all. He just sort of, appeared one day. Over time he gained a love of racing, law, and music that his Cutie Mark expresses. He took those talents and made good use of them, becoming a professional PPR dancer, a lawyer in many different towns, and over time, became a racer. Then, one day, after meeting Gilda the Griffon and challenging her to a race, he became the second pony to ever perform a Sonic Rainboom. 

  • Key Moments

    1: Getting his name, Slipstream

    2: Getting his Cutie Mark

    3: Making a promise to build a racetrack in Ponyvillie

    4: Met Fluttershy for the first time

    5: Meeting and fighting Gilda

    6: Becoming the second pony to ever perform a sonic rainboom

    7: Rivalry with Rainbowdash is ignited

  • Personality

    Slipstream is a kind, loyal, and funny pony to be around. He has more determination than anyone in Equestrian history (and yet the green lanterns STILL won't recognize him), and he knows it. He hates Sarcasm more than anything and hates trash-talk as well. He always has a need for speed that must be fulfilled. He wishes he could remember his past more, and the only thing holding him back is his self-esteem.

  • Likes

    Racing, Making Music, Keeping promises, the thrill of adventure, showing off (in a nice way), doing law stuff, fighting bad guys, -attempting tax evasion- HUGS!!!!!!
  • Dislikes

    Siilverfish, Dishonesty, sarcasm, trash-talk, anyone who insults Fluttershy, the fact he can't remember his past.
  • Magic Spells

  • Abilities

    Super Speed, Flight, crazy high Stamina
  • Friends

    Fluttershy, Apple Bloom, Lyra Heartstrings, Big Macintosh, Snips, Snails, Bulk Biceps
  • Rivals

    Gilda, Rainbowdash, Trixie

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