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Sweet Lemon

Everfree Roleplay

About Sweet Lemon

  • a very sweet lemon indeed
  • Species

    Bat Pony
  • Age

  • Gender

  • Residence

    Is always moving
  • Hometown

    A Bat Pony civilization south of Las Pegasus
  • Occupation

    Makes lemonade
  • Character Images

  • Cutie Mark Image

  • Physical Description

    A Yellow Bat pony, with Pink wings and turquoise eyes.

  • Backstory

    Sweet Lemon was born around fruit, as were all of her 11 sisters and brothers. She comes from a long line of sweet fruit loving Bat Ponies in the Pomeg family. However, she is considered an outcast as his favorite fruit is anything but sweet, and that fruit is, you guessed it, Limes. (And lemons, but she likes the color green) One day, the civilization was discovered, and only Sweet Lemon's family, and Crazy Kiwi the local alcoholic survived. Sweet Lemon was cast away by her family and forced to live alone. While alone, she started a small traveling Lemonade business, and when she was hissing at some other critters to leave her stock alone, she got his cutie mark.

  • Key Moments

    1. Having her village exterminated

    2. Being cast away

    3. Getting her cutie mark

    4. Opening her traveling lemonade business


  • Personality

    Sweet Lemon is very anxious and struggles in most social situations. She's still learning to find her place, and as she does she hopes to try and branch out to new ponies.

  • Likes

    Limes, Lemons, Oranges, Citrus, Lemonade, Limonade, Orange Juice, Capybaras, Rainbows, the accordion
  • Dislikes

    Social interactions, her past
  • Abilities

    A sonic shriek, flight, decemtly high speed and stamina, doesn't need sleep
  • Friends

    Her pet Capybara, Pumpkin. (More soon ;) )
  • Rivals

    Tirek (Don't ask it's a really long story)

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