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    Wherever the path takes me
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    Farm Outside Manehatten
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    Personality: Fuchsia is affable and engaging. She isn't overly gregarious or overly shy, outgoing, brave, energetic or hard-working, but rather a nice balance. She does fancy a drink though, and she can get a bit love-drunk then ;3

  • Backstory

    Fuchsia grew up on a farm near Manehatten but says she barely remembers her foalhood. She's a pony who lives in the present. Recently she has moved on from her last job and residence in outskirts of the posh desert city of Phoenix in the San Talomeno Desert (South West) where she spent the time between cleaning the mansion of her rich colt benefactor Phantom to explore the (pony version of) the grand canyon.

    What she does remember of growing up is all very rosy. Her mother (Roseberry) was sweet and kind and often told her she was special, while her father (Crabtree) was a wise and patient farm-stallion of few words. He would talk with her about her problems and dreams without prejudice. When she thinks of her parents her thoughts often stray to their smell: her mother had the scent of honeydew while her father's was like hickory smoke. She also remembers her whiney stallion brother Blackberry all too well. Sometimes, in the sunny mare's rare sad moments, she remembers playing with her littlest brother - Crack'horn - but the lil deformed unicorn died shortly before she left home to go exploring when she turned 18.

    She writes home from each new place she visits once she has enough for the postage and the card, and when she stays in a place a while she sends her family the address and they send her a letter back. Her latest card, from the San Talomeno, where she stayed a whole year was her favourite yet. She's not ready to return home just yet, even though she's been travelling 6 whole years, but may drop in for a visit some time :3 

  • Key Moments

    Leaving the San Tolemino

    Fuchsia felt the hot desert air assault her as she left Phantom's large air-conditioned ranch. She had enjoyed her time here, the long dusty dusk walks about the San Talomeno with only the cacti and occasional dull thudding of a distant airship overhead... But it was time to move on.

    "See you Mr Phantom!" she called out to the imposing unicorn stallion standing on the large veranda of the ranch-house. She used his title by habit - the posh stallion was old-fashioned that way, but she'd kinda liked it. Despite her settled purpose and longing to move on her eyes were a little misty - she would miss him and the San Talomeno. She was glad when he gave his slow dignified smile and raised a hoof to see her off and she raised a hoof back and nodded respectfully before turning to face the road...


    Encountering predator horsies.

    In a particularly distant land, far from pony borders, she encountered a village of wild-eyed, fanged horsies, who called themselves the Mares of Carthe. They hunted like timber wolves, but took her in as a distant cousin. Only the Princesses of Carthe were allowed to hunt. They were all betrothed the Prince of Carthe, a stallion called Meddios, who met with her as an honoured guest. Dinner was a little awkward though.   


    Extra detail that has come up in RPs

    She loved thrills and she was fascinated by beauty and olden pony/creature cultures, but she wouldn't put herself in quite the danger of the more expert career explorers, like the infamous Daring Do etc. She did have some of the skills without which any lone earth pony would long ago have perished or turned back - sneakiness, a heightened sense for traps and yes... she had delivered a sharp object to the soft underbelly of a few undesirable types she had found while travelling the roads. She favoured a throwing dagger herself, something she kept in a sheath by saddlebag, which she periodically took out to keep razor sharp and laced with basic local poisons.

    On a hunch she decides to take out one of most prized possessions - a device that indicated when hostile magic was near. It was a gift from a buffalo clan she had stayed with in the desert. She had helped find a lost herd member and been honoured with a dream-catcher - she had assumed that the cryptic assurance from the buffalo shaman that it could sense when evil spirits were near was just mumbo jumbo, but it reliably chimed when hostile magical creatures or items or traps threatened her. Setting it up in her camps, it had saved her more than once. 


    It is a very fresh scent she uses, with strong citrusy and woody notes of lemon apple and cedar, but it has faded a little over the night, mingling with her natural pony smell 



  • Personality

    Personality: Fuchsia is affable and engaging. She isn't overly gregarious or overly shy, outgoing, brave, energetic or hard-working, but rather a nice balance. She does fancy a drink though, and she can get a bit love-drunk then ;3

  • Likes

    Travelling, freedom, music, landscapes, skyscapes, star-scapes, drinking, telling stories, being silly, apple and walnut salads.
  • Dislikes

    Consequences, studying, staying in one place too long, being a bit pudgy, not having qualifications or being well studied, hangovers, ponies who are too X (eg too sweet, too sour, too frowny etc)
  • Friends

    Phantom Blur

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