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Clairvoyance Proudhorn

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About Clairvoyance Proudhorn

  • Marecenary
  • Species

    Unicorn Pony
  • Age

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  • Residence

    Chandelier Keep
  • Hometown

    Isolated Keep On The Tall Tale Coast
  • Occupation

    Marecenary (Like A Mercenary But She's A Mare :P )
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  • Physical Description

    White coat. Golden brown mane tail.

    Powerful physique. Ivory horn.

    Natty dresser with her bow tie :3

  • Backstory

    Clairvoyance was adopted as a foal by the kindly lord of Chandelier Keep - Orion, and brought up among the books and unicorn scholars that call the distant keep their home. She grew up in her isolated castle home dreaming about the world outside, longing for the day she was old enough and skilled enough to make her own way in the world. 

    She grew up with her feisty younger half-sister, Firey Soul, another orphan like her. 

    One day, Orion informed her that they were in danger at the keep and that they must all leave immediately at the dead of night. 

    As they travelled from the keep they were all ambushed by a motley crew of timber wolves and bad-ponies, led by an enormous earth stallion wearing a dragon-skull suit of armour. Orion, being a skilled mage, managed to hold them off long enough for Clairvoyance to escape, but was unable to save himself. 

    As she galloped away from the keep, her only home, now in fright for her life, she was intercepted by Firey Soul, who had seen the whole thing, and begged to come with her.

    The two set off together. Thanks to their skills they managed to stay alive despite mysterious assailants who would occasionally try to capture her. They even made a bit of a name for themselves as adventurers.

    However, something gnawed at Clairvoyance. She had troubled dreams of an eldritch God who revelled in pony destruction D: A bitterness that had always been part of her character began to become more pronounced, and it drove a wedge between her and the good-natured Firey Soul. Also, Orion's death weighed on her mind - partly through guilt and partly a flaw in her own character - she put his death down to his weakness and committed herself to proving her strength over lesser ponies and seizing powerful magic for herself >:3 She never fully abandoned Orion's good example and high ideals, but she began to tolerate a brutality in herself that eventually drove her towards the worst forms of criminality. She was good at using her intellect to hide her true nature from others, but could not disguise who she had become from Firey Soul. Eventually the two half-sisters parted ways.

    Clairvoyance now wonders as a mercenary. Outwardly she is sparkling and kind, but a shadow follows her wherever she goes...

  • Key Moments

    The death of her father, Orion.

    Firey Soul leaving when she turned towards an evil path.

  • Personality

    Driven, suffers no foals, adventurous, cruel.

  • Likes

    Orion, the sea, power/strength, Firey Soul (her half-sis), new places.
  • Dislikes

    The mysterious stallion who killed Orion, weakness, staying in one place too long, cuteness.
  • Magic Spells

    Powerful Telekinesis To Deflect Attacks And Strike With More Power; Sharpening Metal
  • Abilities

    Sword saint
  • Rivals

    Mysterious Stallion Who Killed Her Foster Father

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