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About Rarity

  • Element of Generosity
  • Species

    Unicorn Pony
  • Age

  • Gender

  • Residence

  • Hometown

  • Occupation

    Haute Couture Modiste
  • Cutie Mark Image

  • Physical Description

    Rarity's coat is white, her eyes are blue, and her mane is a purple coloring with multiple layers to it. it contains different shades of indigo, but the main portion of it is indigo.


  • Backstory

    Test only. Her cutie mark is 3 diamonds dealing with the gems she puts on her clothing. When she was a filly she was trying to create clothing for a school play and couldn't think of any possible way to make the clothes good. Just then, her horn began acting up and moving on its own. Eventually she stopped at a particular rock out in the distance away. At first she didn't understand why her horn would take her to this place and got very angry. Just then, Rainbow Dash's Sonic Rainboom happened, causing a huge rainbow to appear. This rainbow's wave went and broke open the rock Rarity was standing next to. It revealed inside the rock there was tons of colorful gems. Rarity then took those gems back and added them to her costumes and had huge success in the school play.

  • Key Moments

    Receiving her cutie mark

    Becoming an Element of Harmony

    Befriending Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Spike, and Fluttershy

    The return of Discord

    The Battle of Canterlot (Changeling Invasion)

    Fashion Week

  • Personality

    As the holder for the Generosity Element, Rarity is the most generous pony out of the group. She is often shown creating dresses for her friends without hesitation. At one point she ends up creating dresses for every one of her friends for the Grand Galloping Gala. She cares a lot about her appearance and others. Shown in numerous episodes she does not like to get dirty and will do anything to avoid it.

  • Likes

    Fashion, beauty, gems, art, history, spa time
  • Dislikes

  • Magic Spells

    Gem finding
  • Magic Spells

  • Friends

    Princess Twilight Sparkle
  • Rivals

    Suri Polimare

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