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Global Gleam

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About Global Gleam

  • Geography Teacher
  • Species

    Earth Pony
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    Sire's Hollow
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  • Occupation

    Geography Teacher
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  • Physical Description

    Global Gleam is a light red earth pony with a short, darker red mane. She has light blue eyes and a globe for a Cutie Mark. When she’s out on her motorcycle, she dawns a black leather jacket with golden spuds.

  • Backstory

    Global Gleam grew up in Hoofington where her parents worked simple salespony jobs. Her parents would only travel for work, which meant Global didn’t see much outside of her neighborhood street. When she got a little older, she started going out with friends all the time. At first, it was only to stores, the theatre, or anything else that was local. Global loved the excursions, but the desire to see what her parents saw on a weekly basis was gnawing at her. She wanted to travel, but unlike her parents, she wanted to take the time to appreciate all the sites.

    She began traveling right after she bought herself a motorcycle at age 18. She earned the money through helping a friend at the same dealership she bought the vehicle from. Despite her parent’s protests to transport with something safer, Global drove her motorcycle across many different towns. She enjoyed the thrill of each town and made a few friends here and there. Eventually, however, she realized she would have to go back home and visit. After all, it wasn’t like she could afford her own place yet.

    Global had planned to stay in Hoofington for the rest of her life. It wasn’t her favorite place to live, but she had no idea where she would settle if she decided to leave. She had stayed for at least three months until the town “Sire’s Hollow” had somehow made it into the paper. The housing was affordable and there were a decent amount of job offerings. Not wanting to waste any opportunites, Global sped out of town as quick as she could and headed for her new home.

    Global had applied for a teaching position in order to share her love of traveling with other ponies. She also wanted to convince them that school didn’t have to be dull and boring. After all, with somepony as cool as her, how could it? She decided to teach geography in order to educate ponies about the world to show them how incredibly vast it really was.

  • Key Moments

    - Global was offered a job from at friend at 16. There, she learned to operate on motorcycles which is what inspired her to buy one

    - Her parents always bought the paper and happily shared it with Global. It was the issue that came out when Global first turned 20 that inspired her to move to Sire’s Hollow

    - Global first met one of her Sire’s Hollow friends, Pencil Pouch, after hiring her to commission a map for the schoolhouse

  • Personality

    Global Gleam is an adventurous spirit with a patient demeanor. She loves to go motorcycling, camping, roller-coaster riding, practically anything that is risky, but she truly feels her place is with her students. She teaches in an exhilarating way by relating her travel stories to her lessons, which many students adore.

    Her patience comes into play when it comes to understanding those around her. She makes it clear to her students that they should feel free to be themselves around her. If they don’t feel that, they should come to her immediately. Global is the same way with her peers, which is why ponies tend to go to her house for parties. She has a way of easing the tension of everyday stress just by encouraging ponies to relax and have a good time.

    Unfortunately, despite her intentions, sometimes her actions aren’t met with favorable results. She can occasionally come off as being too forward, too daring, or even too reckless. It is easy for frustration to boil within her when ponies aren’t immediately changed for the better under her care. She often has to remind herself that all ponies are different and therefore see her in different ways. Not everypony is going to accept her personality.

  • Likes

    Motorcycles, classic rock, adventure, travel, teaching, hanging out with friends, making ponies laugh, leather jackets, hilarious stunts
  • Dislikes

    Being unable to help others, confinement, quietness, filing documents, sour ponies, lethal animals/creatures
  • Abilities

    Motorcycle driving, teaching, being the “life of the party”, cracking hilarious jokes, displaying empathy
  • Friends

    Pencil Pouch, Granite Rose, Turtle Dove, Card Shuffle, Frame Clip, various others she’s met through travel
  • Rivals

    Anyone in a gang, overly-serious ponies

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