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Nightmare Moon

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About Nightmare Moon

  • Princess of the Night
  • Species

    Alicorn Pony
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  • Physical Description

    Nightmare Moon is a black Alicorn with a tall unicorn horn and large bat wings that are indigo on their backs. She has bat-like cyan eyes with purple eyelashes and dark purple eyeshadow. She has a dark blue cosmic mane with lavender edges that is animated like an ominous fog. Her Cutie Mark is a cyan crescent moon surrounded by dark purple splotches. Her final batpony feature is her fangs, which look rather intimidating whenever she grins. She wears a light blue helmet, shoes, and a choker that dons a crescent moon similar to her Cutie Mark.

  • Backstory

    Nightmare Moon was the outer result of all of Luna’s inner jealously and hatred towards those who ignored the night she brought. To change ponies’ perspectives, she forced the night to remain in the sky permanently. This way, ponies could be both awake and asleep during the night. That, and they would stop giving so much attention to her sun-loving sister.

    Unfortunately, she was unsuccessful in her takeover the first time around. Her sister outsmarted her and used the Elements of Harmony to imprison her in the moon. For 1,000 years, she suffered in purgatory with only her vengeful thoughts to keep her company. It wasn’t until the stars created her a path that she was finally able to escape.

    Contrary to the canon universe, she was much more successful her second time around. She acted on intelligence and not brutal force to get what she wanted. After imprisoning her sister in the moon—a rather fitting punishment, she had to say—she kept a close eye on a young unicorn mare. Said mare, Twilight Sparkle, displayed a vast amount of knowledge regarding the Elements when they first met. Nightmare Moon used this to her advantage, manipulating her so that she would never be able to use the Elements of Harmony against her.

    Not only did the Princess overthrow Princess Celestia, she turned her prized pupil into a villain. Now,Twilight was under her influence. With her, she could ensure that the reign of the night was permanent. After all, twilight can’t exist without the night sky.

  • Key Moments

    - Nightmare Moon was banished to the moon for 1,000 years thanks to the Elements of Harmony.

    - Upon the Princess’s return, she learned of Twilight Sparkle’s motives and was successfully able to manipulate them.

    - Luna’s overwhelming rage, jealousy, and hatred, along with a few dark magic spells, is what allowed Nightmare Moon to be created.

  • Personality

    Nightmare Moon is a wicked mare full of wicked tricks. She is very precarious with her plans and will do anything to ensure that they will succeed. She enjoys manipulating and controlling others, justifying it by recounting how she felt betrayed under the sun as Princess Luna. Nightmare Moon is very authoritative and harsh, but attempts to remain calm at all times.

    She is very rarely angry, but when she does get enraged, it usually means somepony offended her greatly. Nightmare Moon believes in justice, or at least, justice for herself. If she ever feels wronged, she will do whatever she needs to in order to be righted again. She makes it clear to everypony that as long as they are under her rule, they are to never challenge nor question her.

    She is also quite protective and insecure about her magical abilities. Despite having the power to raise the moon and perform dozens of various incantations, she fears that one day, somepony will come along and prove themselves more powerful and more capable. As a precaution, she preaches the idea that nopony should have any significant powers in her kingdom. She keeps higher level books to herself and forces unicorns, pegasi, and earth ponies to perform only the most basic of tasks and skills.

  • Likes

    Nighttime, the moon, manipulation, armor, tapestries, servants/servitude, stars, magic spells
  • Dislikes

    The sun, daytime, disrespect, her sister, anypony with a sun Cutie Mark (they are immediately put on trial and usually exiled), animals, the Elements of Harmony
  • Magic Spells

    Moon Raising, Transformation, Levitation, Teleportation, Laser Beam Casting, Star Shifting,
  • Abilities

    Manipulation, Guard Assimilation, Studying, Dictating
  • Friends

    She has no friends, only loyal servants
  • Rivals

    Celestia, ponies with sun Cutie Marks, ponies who disrespect her, anyone with advanced magical abilities

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