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Isabella "Thorn" Mclean

  • Species

    Pegasus Pony
  • Age

  • Gender

  • Residence

  • Hometown

  • Occupation

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  • Backstory

    Isabella was born and raised in the city of Manehatten, where she knew endless nights of noise and pollution. Since she was a young filly, she knew she would be a famous musician one day and be able to move out the town she hated so much. 

    At the age of seven, she was at school, and in her first music class, she picked up a guitar and was able to play it like a professional. Which was when she received her cutie mark and during her cute-ceañera., her parents bought her her first guitar, a Ed Roman Venom Vee.

    Every day, she practiced after school, and when she had graduated and was old enough to leave home, she started a band and toured around Equestria.

  • Key Moments

    Receiving her cutie mark, getting her first guitar at her cute-ceañera, graduating and starting a band.

  • Personality

    After living in Manehatten for so long, she's become a bit paranoid at every loud sound she hears, fearing it might be somepony with a firearm, but otherwise she is fun loving and easy going. She loves spending time with her family, friends and fans, she also has an adopted little sister named Skyline.

  • Likes

    Goth-Rock music, Punk/Punk-Pop/Horror-Punk music, Shock-Rock music, cartoons, anime, her family, her friends, her fans, animals, and touring.
  • Dislikes

  • Abilities

    Guitar, Singing
  • Friends

    The Rainbooms

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