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    Misty Meadow
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    Misty Meadow
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    Floofsharks get their name from their general appearance of being an anthromorphic Shark with tufts of fluff in several locations.The ‘floof’ of a floofshark may vary in quantity and placement, but is almost always found around the neck and shoulders. Many have this fluff along the ridge of their spine, stretching all the way up to atop their heads. 

      Their ‘ears’ are like hollow fins. They are fairly rigid and are not quite as flexible as regular ears are, meaning they usually remain in the default position unless there is an extreme reason that forces the muscles around them to constrict and thus lower said ear-fins. 

      They breathe through gill-like slits upon their faces, and yes, they can breath on land or in water, however special care must be taken not to allow the surrounding skin of the gills to become dry, as this will make breathing extremely difficult and in severe cases, death may occur.

     The sclera of a floofshark’s eyes is black, the iris can be quite a range of colors, and the pupil appears as a cat-like slit. Floofsharks always have a dorsal fin on their back, it is usually small and starts located approximately between the shoulder blades.

      The tail of a floofshark is long, thick and strong. It is widest at the base and narrows gradually. The tail is usually about the same length, if not longer, than the Foofshark’s body, from fintip to feet. The fin at the end of the tail is usually shaped like that of a shark. Sometimes fluff may grow along the tail ridge, or sometimes as a ring around the tail fin. 

      A completely fluff covered tail is more uncommon, but not unheard of. The tail is used for propelling a Floofshark through the water. When swimming, they often let their arms lie flat against their body and legs likewise, thus relying primarily on the tail to push them along.

     The skin of a Floofshark is smooth if felt in the proper direction. However, if brushed the opposite direction, one can easily be cut or at the very least, scratched. Common Floofsharks have no paw pads on their feet, but there are plenty of exceptions to this, it is just more uncommon. Some have mild webbing between their fingers and toes, but not all.

    Floofsharks have powerful jaws, and wide, relatively flat teeth. The edges of these teeth are rather jagged, although not visible from a distance, they are very good for tearing. A floofshark has a visible muzzle, but they are relatively stubby and wide/rounded.

  • Backstory

    She has lived in Misty Meadow all her life.

    Misty Meadow 

    Another freshwater Frenzy, similar in layout to Petal Dew. They both live in the same area and the two Frenzies get along well and intermingle quite a bit. Freshwater. Lots of rain, nearby creeks and ponds too. Always very green. Not too cold but also not super warm. A pretty mild, nice place to live. 

    Petal Dew

      A very beautiful, open meadow surrounded by flowers of all kinds. The area stays misty and damp at all times . The meadow frequently floods by the swelling of surrounding creeks. Fresh water. The temperature stays mild and pleasant year round. 

  • Personality

    Floofsharks are playful creatures. They can be a bit shy at first, but will generally be friendly towards stranger species, so long as said strangers are nice to them. Floofsharks can live on land, but they prefer to live in the sea, and will often make their house beneath the water surface in secluded, quiet areas where the water is calmer. Floofsharks are a fairly small species, although there have been reports of some becoming much larger. 

      Some prefer to live alone, but more commonly may be found residing with others. They are typically quite curious of other creatures and any ‘rituals’ they have. Although they often prefer to watch from afar before joining in. As an overall, they are a rather happy, content species. They do much prefer to live in a more rural region, and not so much in the center of a city. Being in the city is very stressful and many may have a hard time adjusting, which in turn makes them more temperamental.

      A scared or stressed Floofshark has a tendency towards biting/snapping. This is not always entirely intentional on the Floofshark’s behalf but more of an instinctual response.

  • Likes

    Meat, Swimming, Cuddles, Pats, Playing
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