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    Will Guide

About Thorax

  • Leader of the Changelings
  • Species

  • Age

    Young Adult
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  • Residence

    Changeling Kingdom
  • Hometown

    Changeling Kingdom
  • Occupation

    Leader of the Changeling
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  • Backstory

    A Changeling who defected from Queen Chrysalis. Hiding out in the Crystal Empire, all Thorax really wants in life is to make friends. After befriending Spike and the Crystal Ponies, he has returned to the Changeling Hive and become its leader after ousting Chrysalis and convincing the other Changelings to share love instead of stealing it, leading to their transformation into colorful, more solid forms and his own into a changeling monarch.

  • Likes

    His friends, especially Spike
    His Changelings new purpose in life
    Pretty flames
  • Dislikes

    Anyone hurting his friends
  • Friends

    Spike, Starlight Glimmer, Pharnyx, Ember
  • Rivals

    Queen Chrysalis

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