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  2. The leader stumbled back from the hit, his mace flang out of his grip. "Does it hurt alien? Face it, you are going to tire out while I keep on fighting. And when that happens, I will destroy everyone dear to you, including these fools." The leader said with a devilish grin. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Jack nodded and stood ready as the creatures came charging at him.
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    I accidentally put a full soda can upside down in my pocket during a meeting (it was open) -.-
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    Banned for not being Jenny from the block.
  5. Are you still Jenny from the block?

    1. Flutterstep


      I have no idea what that means, but sure :P

  6. I figured because they were all already on edge over Ember and Thorax being together, they didn't want to risk triggering her over her eating the castle. At least if I was in that situation, I'd avoid the conflict with a fire breathing dragon especially if the castle repairs itself or can be easily fixed with magic. But that brings up another point - was I the only one slightly put off by Ember's lashing out at anyone who disagreed with her? Granted, this is only her second appearance so it may be this is just who she is. But I didn't think she'd trigger so easily upon being pointed out when she's wrong.
  7. happy birthday rikipone. *Lamiahuggles* <3

    1. Rikifive


      Oh, oh, oh --- snek pone!!! :wub: Great timing, me needs some squeeze!! :wub: 

      Thankies! :D 

  8. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 my kind of party
  9. After a trend of good episodes, a bombastic one, an adorable one, a heart-warming one, a thought-provoking one, and then it's ended with a Spike episode. My feeling about Triple Threat is similar to Princess Spike, that's a Spike episode, i shouldnt expect more from a Spike episode. :mustache:

    Hahaha... He doesnt even need to appear in "Fame & Misfortune", THIS EP ALREADY TELL US WHAT TO EXPECT FROM A SPIKE EPISODE. :toldya:

    Meh... Moving on, there are many episodes that i am looking forward to, writers better not fuck up, because i am not expect any of them to be BAD. :nom:

  10. The ladies can't handle the beast from Konoha.
  11. No. Unless of course you just want to hate on Spike and be ludicrous about it. They actually developed him even more in this episode by giving him the same anxiety and stress a lot of characters feel when they are put under pressure and don't want to mess up. He is guilty of jumping to conclusions and making wild assumptions about all the things that could go wrong, but just about everyone has at some point or another. Most people here should be able to empathize with those feelings considering how damn many post topics and opinions about how bad something can go far into the future before it has even had a chance to happen. And then they wipe their brow and hope no one remembers all their doom and gloom after it does not turn out nearly as terribly as they were predicting. Oh, and then they go make another one.
  12. Probably would make one of the unofficial Midwest cons. If we had to choose be region, it would be the following: Eastern United States: Bronycon in Baltimore, MD Trotcon in Columbus, OH Central United States: Whinny City Pony Con in Chicago, IL Ponyville Ciderfest in Milwaukee, WI Western United States: Babscon in San Francisco, CA Everfree Northwest in Seattle, WA I think that had BronyCAN not be located in Vancouver near Seattle and instead located in say, Toronto or Montreal, it would have had a better chance of survival. Trust me, they had just too much competition with Everfree Northwest.
  13. Nice. 8/10
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    "Ah, I see. Trying to make a name for yourself isn't easy. What I recommend doing is just going all out, stick with what you know, show every pony that you are unique in your own way." Midnight then scooted his chair in. "I write poetry. Well, I don't write it, my friend writes it. I just tell him what to write, because I can't really hold a pencil. But being a pegasus has its own positives, too. Everypony has their own abilities and problems, its up to you to find them weithin yourself."
  15. K N O C K  K N O C K

  16. Luan was knocked off balance by the headbutt. She got smacked by the mace in the ribs she felt a few of them crack She rocoved from the hit and teleported right in front of him using a blast of magic to disarm him, If he was gonna play dirty then so could she. --------------------------------------------------- "Alright just be safe until I get back then." Fluttershy said before flying off to go get others.
  17. So, I got banned from RL for 168 hours.... woops :D

  18. Mega Thread

  19. Spoiler

    I guess it depends on whether Thorax himself asks for help (does he have those neato scarab comm devices like Chrysalis had? ) or whether it's a map episode. If it's a map episode, then Spike won't go with them since he already got called this season and the show never sends anyone but who the map requests. So I guess we'll know in the first few moments when it airs in 2 weeks!
  20. Ummm....back i did not know i was on here before though,by now i have been away a long time, sorry for that, how are the cookies. *brings out a new batch of them*
  21. The leader snarled at Luna when the blade snarled at his armour from the back, while it did manage to damage him, the armour proved to be off to be very strong material. But he did a dirty move by performing by headbutting against Luna with the back of his head, only to follow up by an another strike from his mace. --------------------------------------------------------------- "No problem." Jack said but then he noticed Fluttershy trying to draw away the attention of the creatures. "Hold on, we had best strike them with reinforcements instead just the 2 of us, could you quickly fly back and gather some warriors? I will distract the creatures while you are gone, it is not better not to take a big risk." Jack said.
  22. Spoiler

    From the dialogue later in the episode, I took it as an explanation by the show runners that he is the ambassador of friendship to all species.
  23. I still don't think assertiveness is the way to go for Thorax, at least not yet. Ease into it. Imagine if you were one of the newly reformed changelings or even an impressionable young nymph. If they saw their normally gentle, passive leader acting like that, they may make the wrong assumption and think it's like Chrysalis all over again.
  24. @Blitz Boom I will have to take a look at it, at the moment just doing alot of work before tomorrow's Eclipse.
  25. I never disliked Rarity, but she is a character that really went up in my books, and I didn't think would be one of my favorites. Also after the first EQG movie, I never thought Sunset would become one of my favorites either.
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