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  2. I think about 95% of everything is over priced, nowadays.
  3. Meh I am okay I suppose though heavily considering to leave this place as there’s been clear trash talk about me.
  4. You're the best and are a precious friend to me, always will be! 

    1. Deerie


      *pats* <3

    2. Blivy


      *smiles and leans on you* 

  5. Nah. Never been that much of a concern to me. I keep an eye out for news about it, but aside from that I don't have a reason to fear it.
  6. I have a feeling that he just moved to Pponyville recently for the school. It just feels so.
  7. I have a headache and my neck is killing me.
  8. Maybe it's not the sort of "bear" we're all initially thinking of
  9. It must be small because of all of the crap under my bed.
  10. I finished watching the first of the Godzilla anime trilogy, it gets a 9.5/10 from me. Humanity never learns, the arrogance of man is thinking nature is in our control when it’s the other way around.
  11. @Literally Snails@Dynamo Pad@reader8363@DwhitetheGamer "Hey Dai and Dynamo can you do me a favor and hand me the last talisman in my bag?" Draco asked as he looked at the the two with a grin with his one working eye. "I find it quite insulting that she's not taking this seriously. And I think that Rokata is a little ticked off.," he stated simply with a shake of his head.
  12. I finally finished watching Godzilla : Planet Of The Monsters, it gets a 9.5/10 from me.

  13. I think Applejack replacing Pinkie's role would have been worked too, because she doesn't care much about fancy stuff and three star restaurants. I think the critic first not liking the restaurant trying too hard to be like others, and then giving it three stars when the restaurant does what it does good would have worked better. The critic was simply just a villain in the episode. Rarity was wrong, Pinkie was right all along, and it's less interesting if someone is just right and someone is wrong the whole time. Twilight would have worked well because she was from Canterlot, and she would have given more credit to the restaurant's rating system. She is also a bookworm and she didn't go out that much in Canterlot, so she would have an idea of a restaurant that is more strict and detached from reality. Maybe it would have worked with two unicorns vs two earth ponies of the Mane Six.
  14. Watches video of unexplained disappearances in American national parks.

     One guy seemingly walked out on an unfrozen lake. Called his bud, drunkenly guessed he was in a field... and fell in the water. Where he bobbed in place unnoticed for weeks despite dredging for his dead body.

     One dude got yanked upside down for change and instantly whisked away for miles shedding his boots.

     Another walked out where he physically couldn’t, and I guess, just decided to then & there evaporate out of both existence, his pants and shoes. Took his shirt, but left his toebones. Weird flex, but okay.

    Still fine with being a park ranger, out there alone. This does not trigger my paranoia in the least. “Oh hey, Shadow Creature done picked off Bob Lastinline like a Tater Chip by a Toddler. Nature is neat, yo.”

  15. Is sky an oc? (Sorry I didn’t watch mlp long enough) nice drawing
  16. No, even though it’s very close to my area now. It mostly strikes old people though I’d worry for my parents, not for myself.
  17. Yeah, that makes more sense. Zecora wouldn't try such a radical treatment based on the magical power of the potion. She mostly fixes physical problems and when the problem is mental or spiritual, she deals with it mentally and spiritually. Maybe Starlight would have done something like switching bodies to solve problems, but it has kinda already been done in A Royal Problem, and Discord is more personally closer to Fluttershy and as a result, also Angel. We need (should have gotten) more Discord-Fluttershy episodes.
  18. Morning friends <3 

    how are you?


    1. Derpy Pon-3

      Derpy Pon-3

      Good Morning :fluttershy:

    2. Blivy


      Just kinda meh but I'll be alright! *Hugs you*

    3. Deerie


      @Derpy Pon-3 Hi <3

      @Blivy oh well I’ll be on discord for a few

  19. Apples to the Core In Our Town This Day Aria I like quite a few MLP:FIM songs, but for some reason not EqG songs (maybe I should listen to them a few more times), I have the two records with FIM songs recorded to a cassette. I sometimes play it in my car.
  20. I think the three fillies that united earth ponies, unicorns, pegaus ponies at the finale should have been the CMC's. They represent the future generation and the audience is strongly attached to them, they are the result of the kingdom of friendship that we saw growing up. I also thought that Scootaloo who has been transported up to Cloudsdale, trying to fly by jumping down the clouds and reach out to other ponies, then an adult pegasus (maybe Lightning Dust redeeming herself, maybe RD's parents, or Fluttershy's parents, or Zephyr Breeze or anyone) catching her might have been a good moment. I think it should have been Maud. Every crazy reactions of Pinkie is now replaced by Maud's face slowly and silently zooming in intensely.
  21. @Illiad Easle Ooh yes I quite like that development, I would say that the ring is still in operation, and the one to be kidnapped would be Enigma.
  22. I'm not particularly worried about it. There have been so few cases of it in the US that worrying about it is kind of pointless.
  23. A little bit of Kirinshy. I dunno bout you, but this looks an awful lot like My Little Pony: The Movie style animation.
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