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  2. @Catpone Cerberus "Its okay, Frail Spark. I'm your friend, not your customer." she laughed slightly and playfully nudged Frail Spark but in doing so she risked falling over again. "Its probably best that you help me stand until I can stand on my own, thank you very much, my friend." she said and was a bit flattered by Frail Spark's eagerness to help her up. It felt strange having someone so kind and eager to help her up. Sparkly calmly looked to Frail Spark as she spoke. "Well that is fine by me, show me what you got there. You might have to feed me though because I don't really um,
  3. lol that reminds me, I think they drew adagio as a pony on the boxart (???)
  4. @Samurai Equine The strange mare looked into his eyes with a strange look, and reflection within her Irises. She backed up slightly from him. "You need not bow before me," she spoke with a strange humbleness in her tone. "I have no idea where I am though. I travel this world. But tell me, where am I? What is this place?" she spoke, looking at the surroundings around them as she spoke with a surreal tone, it was strange.
  5. This Machine... :LunaMCM:


    1. Kyoshi


      Woah that's trippy. O_O Amazing art though. The colors are baboom.

  6. I'd have to stand with @The Wife of Hawks on this one, showing that someone is banned just doesn't sit well due to the fact that it is humiliating and hurtful to the one who got banned.
  7. Twily and Spikey! :adorkable::BornAgainBrony:


    1. Kyoshi


      Spike is like "Who lookin' at us?!" 

  8. Deae Rising Shine~

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    505.707 Hi...
  9. I hate life, why beeing nice and helpful when all you get is shit. I'm more then just at 180 degrees right now, ugh


  10. @ExplosionMare There was still a long road ahead of them in terms of putting Equestria back together again. "B-but...h-how....?" Braeburn asked with a broken voice, still whimpering and sniffling on Global's back.
  11. Rikifive

    events Star Wars Day Bingo!

    Oh time flew by, wanted to post earlier - is it too late to join? 👀
  12. Today
  13. Here's a little work in progress. 


    I'm fairly happy with the placement and base edits but I want to play around a little with the shading. I'm also not to happy with the vectors that were available but I only have what I have :-D

    For reference I'll put the background I'm using which is a screenshot from Sisterhooves Social here: 




    1. TomDaBombMLP


      Looking stunning so far. :coco: Great work! :squee:

    2. Sparklefan1234


      Great work, BFFFF! :eager:

       I love camping episodes of TV shows! :BrightMacContent:

  14. Is Spike from S6 onwards the most dramatic character turnaround on the show?

  15. I got the mane seven when they came out. Always wanted all three Dazzlings but I think they only ever made Adagio.
  16. Hello everybody

    Today is my dogs birthday he is 17 and still acts just like a puppy.

  17. I ordered Sunset a long time ago then about a month ago I ordered Luna and Sunset, then yesterday I ordered Celestia and Luna. Luckily I canceled some so only one of each is coming.
  18. What character(s) on the show do you just not like?
  19. I feel so relieved like i let a huge weight off my shoulders. I talked to my mother about how i want to switch college majors and asked her for advice, and she was more than supportive. I have officially dropped out of vet tech school. I'm now pursuing my dream of working with vehicles in some way. I'm considering diesel tech. :eager: I'm gonna attend trade school eventually. This is so exciting and i finally feel like my life is on track to something I would fully enjoy doing as a career! :D

    1. TomDaBombMLP


      Congrats, Lucky! And good luck with the career! :coco:


    1. Kyoshi


      The ending of that is perfect. :ButtercupLaugh:

    2. Woohoo


      Elmo definitely has issues. :mellow:

  21. Goodnight y’all.


  22. Goodnight everyone 

  23. Minion from Twisted Metal: Black. You spend most of the fight just circling him, trying to stock up on weapons just to TRY to destroy his forcefield. After the forcefield is down, he's pathetic as a boss, but trying to destroy all 4 panels to get rid of the forcefield is a pain.
  24. “Thundy’s bringing over a few of his art design cars as a donation. He was wondering if he could have an exhibit of his own.” Chelsea answered. “He also had a few awesome artifacts from his home planet: Earth.” Chelsea added.
  25. DixonTheAdversary

    General Media Wasted characters.

    The 400 Days characters from Telltale's Walking Dead. The only one to make a little bit of an impact to the story was Bonnie, while the others only had like one speaking role after the 400 Days DLC.
  26. Probably not in the near future. YouTube is a monopoly, and is too big to fail at this point.
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