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  2. How is everyone doing?

  3. I personally don't think it's a bad song. Not my taste but I think it's fitting cause if I am right, the pegasus characters are kind of like pop stars/social media influencers.
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       That's an idea. :dash:

      That's an idea! :sunbutt:

      That's an idea?...:mlp_confused:

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      you could make a My little pony movie with happy tree Friends with celestia and luna in 20 years tired of retirement wanting to be princesses again traveling to the other side of the sea discovering that th... Read more

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  6. And Cody Rhodes just finished up a press conference. The usual spiel of community outreach, diverse styles, potential signees, family, and what not. What else I gathered from that is that he won't be turning heel anytime soon. He was a villian for the better part of a decade, so i can't say I blame him. But another thing that caught my interest, particularly as a Milwaukee resident, is that Cody hopes to recapture some of that AWA spirit and run a stadium show here. Specifically, American family Field Miller Park. 42,000 for the Brew Crew, so you could fit even more for a wrestlin
  7. One-pieces are underrated, that is all









  8. Happy birthdayversary! :o

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       Thanks You, BFFFF! :D



    image.gif.2ae4296a3a8d434a359a26f8ba7a59cb.gif :pinkie:

    @cuteycindyhoney @ChB

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      Your shampoo is so good. Give it to me.:D

      Happy chocolate chip cookie day. :)


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  10. Big hug to @Windy Breeze.....

    I will miss you for quite a bit! :'(


    Nopony can resist Twi's adorableness. :proud:

    May be a cartoon of text

  12. I love the Owl House so much (as I've said many times), but some of the decisions with the way things happen make me like "sigh, this could've been happened much better if separated from this" or like "this plot point should have been it's own episode" etc. 

    I know alot of shows do this A-plot and B-plot thing (sometimes throw in more) and it's fine I guess (I know peeps bring up tonal changes and intensity/build-up etc.) but hard siiiiiiiiiigh. Many times(talking about shows in general not just The Owl House) have I felt like damn this episode has this amazing part or plot in it but then the B/side plot (even if it's good) kind of taints the episode. 

    1. Cagey



      You saw the Hooty-fixes-things episode, I'm guessing? 


  13. Happy Birthday!

    MLP Birthday of Luna by 0Bluse on DeviantArt

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      Thank You, BFFFF! :D

  14. Heck the first thing I thought at that time I was on the forums and read canon. Was the thing that goes boom!
  15. ZiggWheelsManning

    Keep one, Drop one.

    Garden Supplies
  16. I’m out.

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      Samurai Equine

      I hope that doesn't mean you are leaving. :blush:

  17. I have mixed feelings on the concept. On one hand, them retiring was bound to happen at some point, and the show seemed to hint towards that, but on the other hand, the Sisters did such an amazing job at ruling Equestria, and it's a bit sad they ended up stepping down (though at least they can have a nice retirement as long as Twilight doesn't screw things up). I do feel the execution was pretty poor though. With only a few months or so in notice, the sisters announce their retirement, and expect a pony with no experience with or knowledge about ruling a country to take their place. I wouldn't
  18. Something I never did in my youth, the wonders of what could have been
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