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  2. In a way, they're not competing against each other, as the Steam Deck is aimed more towards just being a portable PC in a way. That being said, technology wise it does have the switch beat, it's just up to Valve to market it decently, and reviews have been positive. The main problem is orders are backed up well into 2023. Low to medium end gaming laptop in a switch sized hand held device.
  3. I’m ready for more fluffy goodness!! :ticking:


  4. AstralBrony

    Post Your Collection

    My Collections of Ponies. Multiple photos from different angles included along with a video
  5. Okay guys, I have a few updates


    I couldn't resist waiting until my birthday to open my plushies so I opened them before my birthday so yeah =/


    Another update is that I now go by the name AstralBrony. So yeah!


    Also, I now I have a youtube channel btw, Which is also called AstralBrony (Feel free to check it out if you want)


    Okay that's all the updates

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  7. I'm not gonna see the spoilers, but I know some people are, so bye bye.
  8. A pefect night for me is as follows: aftre my academic paper revising (because it is now my priority to pass the exam), I would love to look at the stars somewhere far away from the city. With my soulmate, of course. Romance, huh?
  9. Welcome to MLP Forums, DennisWayne! :pinkie:

  10. I think Pokemon Go is the most fun Pokémon game. Since you play by GPS, it’s the closest you’ll have for a real Pokémon adventure we dreamed as kids, instead of the same overused formula in the main games One Winged Angel isn’t in my top 3 Final Fantasy final boss music. Those are instead: Gabriel Belmont is best Belmont
  11. How is everyone doing?

    1. AppleButt


      I'm doing pretty well, how about yourself? 

    2. Ayalon



      I’m doing good 

    3. Samurai Equine

      Samurai Equine

      Pretty good, thanks for asking. B)

  12. Naiya The Brony

    Shop Open Nihi The Brony's commission shop

    Hi, Apologies for the late reply, I did not see the notification of your post. Anyways, As of now no, I do not have an upperlimit BUT my time on starting on new commission is varried depending how much I am currently working with other commissions.
  13. CheeryFox

    Mega Thread Last Poster Wins

  14. I have a feeling OP knew exactly what the response would be when asking this particular question.
  15. I wonder if @Lucky Bolt is still the biggest Jimmie Johnson fan on MLP Forums or if she likes a different race car driver even more now.
  16. If it's the number 4 crossing legs it's fine.... But if it's a women style..... Well there's a reason why it's called a woman's style..... Because its not comfortable for ones who have balls.... Curse you balls...
  17. Illiad Easle

    Open Ponyville Weather Team

    @Skylight Scintillate Sandy was caught by surprise when the cloud got broken, falling almost the whole way with the papers before she caught herself just before the ground, "So sorry! We didn't se you there! We'll get you out of there real quick." She'd immediately set to work moving the papers, she didn't want to try and blow them off as that could easily cause quite a few papercuts that the old pony would no doubt not appreciate. Therefore she'd move them away with her hooves as fast as possible.
  18. The night I return home. I've bought a bottle of vodka for a special occasion like this, some liquid courage for when the time comes. I was expecting something more romantic than a rope, though. But you make do with what you have. I feel broken from side to side of my chest, I just cannot heal. And this trauma has grown such a deep hatred for the world inside of me, and everything, really. This idea has taken root inside the trauma, which has fed it to a disproportionate size. I miss her, still. So much so, that it feels like the only thing correct. So much so that my eyes clear up when I th
  19. Well, Hay! How cool is that? 🥳 Thanks for subbing everyone! 😁 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3jcBfXxX1V95ItZnfIMhdw
  20. @Kujamih@-Buttercup- Blu would be especially cautious given the mist was now coming up through the floor, "Might be best if we just left. It's not like there's much here that we could use anyway." He considered going back to the throne room for more armor pieces, but figured it wouldn't be good to over encumber himself if running away from the mist became necessary. "We should go back for that strange pony though. It wouldn't be right to leave them unconscious in danger. But once we have them we should leave, find somewhere else safe. I've got enough metal for us to practice until we
  21. Well, Hay! How cool is that? 🥳 Thanks for subbing everyone! 😁 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3jcBfXxX1V95ItZnfIMhdw
  22. @Catpone Cerberus "I'd be glad to meet again on this. Free of charge of course, a friend of Arrow is a friend of mine. I should say again that the exposure therapy can be stressful starting out. You probably won't be traumatized though; it will merely simulate violent situations, but it will create the same responses. It may start off with smaller subjects and work up to larger subjects of violence. Actually, the Earthlings brought in some new technology that we're using to help with this. Scientists in this field are actually testing out exposure therapy using virtual reality headsets. I
  23. *Looks at avatar*


    "These are the BEST Cocoa Puffs I've EVER had and I MUST *Pony equivalent of Twitter* about them!" :wau:

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