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  2. I would obviously go for Sanders. Trump has managed to do something in just 100 days that some other presidents took their entire first term to do; He has shown that he is a madman with an itchy trigger finger and a complete disregard for the public and most of our allies. To hell with him.
  3. *hits you over the head with a pillow* This is gonna take a while
  4. Sci-Twi can be best described as being Princess Twilight before she moved to Ponyville and without having magic in her life until the Friendship Games. The reason I say that is because the former was a socially awkward bookworm who preferred her own company--Spike--and felt that making friends would only get in the way of what she wanted to achieve in life, namely the pursuit of knowledge. She has since gotten more confident but still suffers from struggling to understand how magic works despite having a firm grasp of it now that Sunset has been teaching her.
  5. Sunset's conscience certainly has some issues.
  6. I can see in the dark, and I like pie. You cant say I'm allergic. In real life I have no allergies.
  7. 1. You and Cherrilie have to destroy FOX news 2.Handcuffed for life with Princess Luna 3. Make a thousand clones of Zecora 4.Become best friends with Twilight Sparkle 5.Your best friend is Chrysalis 6.Iron pony competition against Derpy 7.Getting a phone call from Sweetie Bell 8.Become BFF's with Pinkie Pie I now have 3 best friends :3 9.You huggles Rainbow Dash for a year bease she has taken you under her wing, then Rainbow Dash gives you a hug. I like all of these
  8. "HA! That was my fake head" (XD). "I have another, its over there" he points. *Directs the black hole @CrystalBloodMoon*. *a giant cream pie comes out of the black hole* (don't ask why XD) *and smack BloodMoon onto the Dark side of the moon*
  9. There's no way I can survive a direct hit from a Pinkie Pie launcher
  10. Kill
  11. TU: Smbra is just over there and he really looks like he's going in for us! Let's try and force ourselves to go into his system as he would be extremely powerful against Herobrien! Techno and Celestia then flew up and dived straight into sombra to then disappear as they entered his system... SB-CMD: !!!WARNING!!! FOREIGN PLUGIN ATTEMPT DETECTED... ATTEMPTING TO INTERCEPT-- Techno and Celestia were now flying through Sombra's main system chamber with command lines trying to grab them. Techno then saw a red cube that was labeled: SECURITY MAINFRAME CORE... TU: There it is! We just need to damage that core and he will become completely open to system modifications! (Remember in Villan systems everything is red for visualisation.)
  12. Yes. 5. I will slaughter you first! (BloodMoon takes his moon sword and cuts @General Solar Magus'S head off his shoulders)
  13. spoiler

    I've been displeased with multiple episodes in every season, so I don't really have any reason to believe that one episode with an annoying writing mistake is a sign of impending doom. This is also the first time I've not enjoyed Pinkie in a while, and even then there are elements of her characterization here which I appreciate, so I have ever reason to believe this is merely a one-off error. I'm not enjoying this season much, but I don't see any sign of this being anything more than a weaker entry in a series which has always had its odd weeks.
  14. Sanders proved he wasn't fit to be president by submitting to cheating Clinton. Hes also a pretty big socialist. Which should not be welcome in the US. Don't get me wrong, Trump isn't perfect, but atleast hes keeping most of his promises. Though, we'll see. At this point, Im voting against the democrats. We all saw how well that went for 8 years
  15. Kilt
  16. @CrystalBloodMoon I am Solar Magus! By my name defined, I command all the iterations of space, and not just the stars!! Scars are a signs of failure, not strength. I'd be more scared of what did that to your moon if I didn't already command them too. Lets stop slandering each other and attack. I feel like a barkless dog! *opens black hole*. This is your final hour!!!! Any last words?!
  17. Tilt
  18. Self explanatory. My limit would be having to fight an evil sorcerer.
  19. Silt
  20. Lol me too! just so you know, scientist have discovered stars in our galaxy that are blood red. Looks like not all your stars are so tough. The moon is literally a piece of our planets mantle. And it has scars (craters) which are signs of toughness!
  21. Hello human.
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