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  2. No and I don't judge anypony because of their avatar, I only judge if they have at least similar interests to my own
  3. That's interesting, never heard of using jam in a sandwich normally!!
  4. Society shapes us, that's true. Our family, people we meet, teachers, tv, everything! I believe that some people are able to escape those influences to a certain degree though.
  5. I'm excited about it! I watched Clone High only a year ago and I've been waiting for a reboot since However, idk much about the show's history or what's behind the scenes, so idk what you mean by this..
  6. WARNING, Im going to talk about the book I am reading which is called "the bolshevik myth" which has political content.

    Now that you can't sue me for reading politics in this status, let's proceed. :D

    For the third time! POLITICS AHEAD!!!

    Man, Russia in the year 1920 was BAD. People starving, the tcheka killing people, prosecution of anarchists...

    And yet, Im still an anarchist. Why? It wasn't their fault.

    Russia was a country with hundreds of problems before the october revolution, after it, the other countries, the whole world turned against it. They had back then what we have now, an embargo, and their country was already starving!

    As for the prosecution of left elements, the country couldn't afford having different political parties, that would only separate the goverment and shatter it. As much as I love anarchism it can't be made without having a goverment first. There has to be some kind of order before the people can take power.

    There are two political positions, capitalism and communism, we already saw and are keep seeing that capitalism doesn't work for the masses, I have several friends who are in danger of losing their homes, I know their pain. If capitalism doesn't work, the other only option is socialism I suppose. Simple logic.

  7. And we found out that Final Premonition has time-skip magic at his disposal. Possibly other time-related magic tricks. We'd be happy to have you!
  8. Steampunk is alright but its not my most favorite
  9. I don't buy cards anymore. I don't play it online either. Got an account back when Arena was in beta but I didn't want to invest loads of my time into a failed company. Just get everyone to cough some cash for pigment ink, print the decks, and have your own event for the new set at someone's home. You'll have your deck in a day, you just won't be able to compete with it in official tournaments. Now, I'm not implying anything ,but I've also heard that Chinese bootleg can be pretty authentic
  10. Japan's culture is interesting, I would possibly like to visit Japan because of the Cat Cafe and the Fox Islands and to visit other places there
  11. This is more educational or entertaining than other of my posts here, I suppose, and less surprising. Today, I stumbled across my school report from 2nd grade, where I was about 9 years old. It lists different behaviors and judges them, aside from simply subjects. I am described with difficulty to socialize, to dislike PE/sports, liking games, not too interested in helping others, bad handwriting, organized. This isn't true for all of them, but I am baffled how many of them stayed true even still today (games, handwriting, sports). Or stuff I did struggle for a long time, such as socializing, or didn't see a value in for a long time (helping others). So we seem to preserve quite a lot of our quirks through life, it appears, or for quite some time. But I wonder - Likely we get under huge social influences even on a very young age. I am not even talking 9yo. I am talking about 4yo, maybe even 2yo. I think we are absolutely underestimating how society shapes someone. This let me question whether some of this attitudes simply developed by what my environment taught me.
  12. I found a mechanical hdmi switcher (because I dont have enough ports in my tv, and I hate the electronic ones)

    it took me YEARS to find one 

    People in Europe will probably think it works somewhat like the old SCART switchbox (there might be an equivalent for composite but I've never seen that, cause its not common here)

  (I think I saw one like it for the states by RadioShack)

    1. PanPan


      I’ve seen these quite a lot tbh :P 

    2. Sherbie-kun ⚡⚡

      Sherbie-kun ⚡⚡

      @PanPan I've found the electronic ones (with a button and 3 lights) but I hate those with a passion (they automatically switch once something turns on),

      this is the first one that I've found that's mechanical in nature (so it needs no power and make a "KLUNK" when you press one of the buttons)

  13. No, I don't really, maybe they just like to visit my profile
  14. I’m in your fweimds dweams killing them all. UuU
  15. "BINAN KOKO CHIKYU BOEI -BU LOVE! (ALSO KNOWN AS CUTE HIGH EARTH DEFENSE CLUB LOVE) watched season 2 online still ridiculously funny !
  16. Just for the record, Pony Life gave us the novelty of RD saying the word "fart" out loud


    unless you actually know the context of this scene don't even bother saying anything :p


  17. Dead by Daylight, it’s like Identity V but adult version
  18. Welp, welcome back to F1! And what a chjaotic race the delayed start of this season was. 9(!) drivers retired, a McLaren on podium, a Ferrari on podium(Yes, with how they perfored this weekend that IS an unusual sight) and the next Vettel spin meme. Bottas dominated from start to end while Hamilton losed positions already not even a hour before the start and losed positions after the race. McLaren had probably the best start in the season since 2013/2014 with a podium and 5th place. Ferrari thanks to Leclerc stll got alotta points while Red Bull at their home race, unlike last 2 years, gets completly out without a single point. Mercedes 19-i mean Racing Point, Renault, AlphaTauri and Alfa Romeo, each with only 1 driver left all score points, only Williams, unlike germany 2019, gets unlucky as Latifi is last and last unfortunalty is 11th(How much Russell had raged if Latifi in his first race gets more point then Russell in an entire season?). Certainly a start, hope it stays exciting in Austria next...well Austria's the goddamn same race, Bottas leasding championship with 50 points after?

    You also could say Austria 1 2020 was Red Bulls germany 2019


    At the current calender obviously every driver technically still can win this championship.


    Drivers for 2021

    Mercedes: ???/???

    Ferrari: Charles Leclerc/Carlos Sainz

    Red Bull: Max Verstappen/???

    Renault: Esteban Ocon/???

    Haas: ???/???

    McLaren: Lando Norris/Daniel Ricciardo

    Racing Point: Sergio Perez/Lance Stroll

    Alfa Romeo: ???/???

    Toro Rosso: ???/???

    Williams: George Russell/???


    Grand Prix of Austria(Race 1) 2020 Race 1 of 8(Currently, it's a weird season)

    1st Valtteri Bottas/Mercedes

    2nd Charles Leclerc/Ferrari

    3rd Lando Norris/McLaren

    4th Lewis Hamilton/Mercedes(+5 seconds)

    5th Carlos Sainz/McLaren

    6th Sergio Perez/Racing Point(+5 seconds)

    7th Pierre Gasly/AlphaTauri

    8th Esteban Ocon/Renault

    9th Antonio Giovinazzi/Alfa Romeo

    10th Sebastian Vettel/Ferrari


    11th Nicholas Latifi/Williams

    12th Daniil Kvyat/AlphaTauri(OUT)

    13th Alexander Albon/Red Bull(OUT)


    14th Kimi Räikkönen/Alfa Romeo(OUT)

    15th Romain Grosjean/Haas(OUT)

    16th George Russell/Williams(OUT)

    17th Kevin Magnussen/Haas(OUT)

    18th Lance Stroll/Racing Point(OUT)

    19th Daniel Ricciardo/Renault(OUT)

    20th Max Verstappen/Red Bull(OUT)


    Fastest Lap(+1 Point) Lando Norris


    Racing Duels:

    Hamilton 0:1 Bottas

    Leclerc 1:0 Vettel

    Verstappen 0:1 Albon

    Sainz 0:1 Norris

    Ricciardo 0:1 Ocon

    Gasly 1:0 Kvyat

    Perez 1:0 Stroll

    Räikkönen 0:1 Giovinazzi

    Magnussen 0:1 Grosjean

    Russell 0:1 Latifi


    Championship Drivers:

    (--)1st Valtteri Bottas/Mercedes 25 Points(1/

    (--)2nd Charles Leclerc/Ferrari 18 Points(2/

    (--)3rd Lando Norris/McLaren 16 Points(3+1/

    (--)4th Lewis Hamilton/Mercedes 12 Points(4/

    (--)5th Carlos Sainz/McLaren 10 Points(5/

    (--)6th Sergio Perez/Racing Point 8 Points(6/

    (--)7th Pierre Gasly/AlphaTauri 6 Points(7/

    (--)8th Esteban Ocon/Renault 4 Points(8/

    (--)9th Antonio Giovinazzi/Alfa Romeo 2 Points(9/

    (--)10th Sebastian Vettel/Ferrari 1 Point(10/

    (--)11th Nicholas Latifi/Williams 0 Points(11/

    (--)12th Daniil Kvyat/AlphaTauri 0 Points(12*/

    (--)13th Alexander Albon/Red Bull 0 Points(13*/

    (--)14th Kimi Räikkönen/Alfa Romeo 0 Points(--/

    (--)15th George Russell/Williams 0 Points(--/

    (--)16th Romain Grosjean/Haas 0 Points(--/

    (--)17th Kevin Magnussen/Haas 0 Points(--/

    (--)18th Lance Stroll/Racing Point 0 Points(--/

    (--)19th Daniel Ricciardo/Renault 0 Points(--/

    (--)20th Max Verstappen/Red Bull0 Points(--/


    Championship Teams:

    (--)1st Mercedes 37 Points(Bottas 25/Hamilton 12)

    (--)2nd McLaren 26 Points(Norris 16/Sainz 10)

    (--)3rd Ferrari 19 Points(Leclerc 18/Vettel 1)

    (--)4th Racing Point 8 Points(Perez 8/Stroll 0)

    (--)5th AlphaTauri 6 Points(Gasly 6/Kvyat 0)

    (--)6th Renault 4 Points(Ocon 4/Ricciardo 0)

    (--)7th Alfa Romeo 2 Points(Giovinazzi 2/Räikkönen 0)

    (--)8th Williams 0 Points(Latifi 0/Russell 0)

    (--)9th Red Bull 0 Points(Albon 0/Verstappen 0)

    (--)10th Haas 0 Points(Grosjean 0/Magnussen 0)

  19. If y'all can drive one car AND ONLY one car for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

  20. Mr. Krabs: The hooks, me bucko! They're back. Beware the hooks!
  21. So, uh, I'm not sure if I shared this with this particular thread, but I'm deciding to change the way I identify my sexuality. I think that calling myself homoflexible may be more accurate than just saying I'm gay. I mean it isn't too much different than that, but I will confess I occasionally do feel a sexual pull for the opposite sex. Romantically, though, I still have no interest in girls. Pretty sure I have this in my profile though, it's nothing new.
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