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  3. How did you make a 2-character post like that?
  4. yeh I that was a question I have too for myself. I wasn't expecting a multi color feathers coming out from their ship. Since in the comic their ship was plain even though they were merrier and being themselves before serving under the Storm king. So maybe yeh I guess with rainbow dash reminding them who they are, this symbolized to spread their wings by being more "colorful" rather than being a boring gray and black like their uniforms. like a redemption sorta but either way i thought that part was well expressed and the colors just brighten the dark theater room, funny thing is.. I was eating a bag of skittle xp
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    Can't wait! Curious about Ren's role here, and also want to see Phasma in action this time!
  6. Gaming

    So I have been playing a lot of Civilization VI lately. (Like an unhealthy amount of "a lot" if you know how those games work.) On the opposite side of the gaming spectrum from top down grand strategy and politicking to pure one v one fisticuffs for deeply personal offences, I love the Street Fighter games as well. They both appeal to me in different ways but on one account in which they appeal to me in the same way is there emphasis on world cultures. In one it's a semi-historical overview of great nations and their leaders, in the other it's a more caricatured but light-hearted romp around the world with fighters that represent broad vertical slices of their culture. I like them both for such similar reasons despite their disparate game play that I actually got an idea kicking around in my head. What if there was a game in which you played normally in a top down strategy board as one of several factions, and when combat broke out, you'd switch to a selection of fighters from your nation and fight one of the opponent's champions? The mechanic could be used as an alternative to total war or a semi-peaceful way for two parties to settle a dispute. It could even change the fighting game's normal stances on killing. Instead of knockouts or fatalities, the fight could either be to knockout or to the death depending on the cultures involved and the context of the fight. For instance, a trade disagreement would probably be settled non-fatally but whether an entire city comes under new ownership or not is probably better settled when the champion of one side or the other is slain. Here's the kicker then, if your character is killed in combat, they're eliminated from your playable roster for the game. So all sides have to be careful how many times they throw down the gauntlet or else they risk running out of ammo and being defenseless. If such a game did exist, would you play it? What are your thoughts on what kind of factions would there be? Would it be real world countries like in the examples above or some other theme? If so, what kinds of factions would you put in? What about the fighters? Should each side have an exclusive roster only they can use or should fighters be able to be recruited to whichever side wants them? How would they range on the plausibility scale? We talking Tekken, Skullgirls, or something in between? What are your guy's thoughts?
  7. Movies/TV

    As long as there's people from the 80's around, 80's nostalgia will never end.
  8. I would be downed extremely fast, and depending on the situation, with minimal resistance.
  9. I've now seen what Zephyr Breeze looks lin in EQG. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  10. for causing major havoc in every forums he commented and have the balls to ask people to buy him drinks and foods afterward.
  11. That smile..... *runs away*
  12. Ok I wrote them hours apart but I will do this in the future if there is no other posts.
  13. Ahhh. I haven't read any of the comics, so I wouldn't know. They were probably trying to be more thematic when they convirted the story over to the big screen. But why then keep the multicolored feather sail? Perhaps they (involuntarily) shed their different colored feathers when they felt weaker and something less? A physical response to emotional trauma? But my guess is they really didn't plan to explain the feather colors.
  14. Solitary Confinement for also not buying me a cup of Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks. o3o
  15. Not sure if there's really any large group of haters out there now, pretty sure most of them finally got over it or started hating on other fandoms. I really haven't ever got any hate for being a brony, except for maybe the occasional troll in the YouTube comments obviously trying to just get a rise out of me, but it's pretty easy to just ignore them, and they almost always go away.
  16. Getting my Crystal Pony posting rank has me like 


  17. Fair point. If you're going to do a fetch quest it's generally best you do so with a continuous story. Not a terribly strong suit of the series.
  18. @nx9100 @Star48955 Maple got up and smiled, in her head she had disappeared and so had the dark energy. "Haha! You thought you could hold me. Well you where right not for long." This time Maple was ready and kept Ennex out of her head. "I've got friends on my side who'd never let me down!" Maple didn't realize there were claw marks from dueling Woody for before since she felt so triumphant. Woody sighed very relieved "Maple! You're ok! I... I thought..." He smiled. "Nevermind that for now. Let's beat them!"
  19. For finishing my Caramel Macchiato everytime I ask him to buy me one. T3T
  20. Mabel asks her twin bro to just talk to Wendy like a normal person.

    It's on Step 9 of his checklist. XD

  21. Quite the uplifting piece. 

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