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  2. I agree. Almost every song in The Little Mermaid serves a narrative purpose. I'm not sure about Les Poissons, though.
  3. Baby Spice is my favourite Spice Girl.

  4. I doubt any of the songs from The Little Mermaid would feature in my own top ten Disney songs, but I would certainly agree that even in the absence of any real stand-outs the soundtrack as a whole is consistently solid and none of the musical numbers feel like filler that's only there to pad out the runtime. It's one of only four Disney soundtracks that I recall ever having listened to independently from the film.
  5. One of the best games I've played
  6. I don't like how much light flashes in FPS games. That combined with the first person view makes me dizzy.
  7. Here are my Top 5 Sunset Shimmer Moments: 1. Sunset Shimmer standing on two hooves and walking around after while a confused Starlight Glimmer looks on from "Equestria Girls: Mirror Magic". 2. Sunset Shimmer helping out Fluttershy in the Youtube short "Opening Night". 3. Sunset Shimmer singing to help save the day in "Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks". 4. Sunset Shimmer's escalating frustration whie playing her video game in the Youtube short "Game Stream". 5. Sunset Shimmer's excitement over meeting the crew instead of the band in Sunset's Backstage Pass.
  8. (We've seen a bunch of strange magical creatures in the poniverse; the manticore, the cockatrice, the hydra, the chimera, the orthros, the bugbear, the slingtail, the bunyip... I'm sure I'm missing some! The list is endless when it comes to magical creatures on MLP. And some of these creatures can be quite fiercer than the rest. It got me thinking of what if monsters or creatures we see in some Final Fantasy titles would exist in Equestria or other surrounding lands? What's your opinion? Would some Final Fantasy creatures be found in the pony world? If so, what environment would it take place? Is it dangerous? Let me know what you think!) (This has been reposted because no one must've seen this the first time around...)
  9. My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Season 2 🎟'How to Backstage’ Original Short
  10. There was this movie that came out in 2017, and I thought it was good but apparently it got shitty reviews lol. 

  11. Come and get it.


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      Samurai Equine

      *Gets in line* :)

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      *hands you a plate with everything*

  12. Goodnight everyone 

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      Midnight Danny

      Goodnight my friend! Sleep well and always take care of yourself! :kindness:

    2. Deae Rising Shine~
  13. Personally I hate anything ultra-violent. I don't even like normal games.
  14. I started with watching photoshop tutorials and trying to get good with my Huion drawing tablet. After that I went to the store and when I got back I got on the MLP Forums.
  15. I found the combat to be fun. The stealth tactics that former AC games were known for cause high-stress. Odyssey's combat is exaggerated (seriously, there's an ability you can learn that sends enemies flying), but not stressful, so it's a big plus for me.
  16. I don't know if people still remember this It's mostly family friendly.
  17. 500.251 wow only 251 posts since reaching 500k, yet alone o that day we made hundreds of posts XD
  18. Feeding my cat. Seems like I do that every 10 minutes.
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  20. I went to school and revised some physics themes today
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