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  2. “Don’t worry, Trixie, I have that covered. Speaking of making amends…gosh, I don’t even think we’d have enough seats for all the ponies I’ve wronged…I supposed I could start with my dad and my closest friends from the village, Sugar Belle, Double Diamond, Party Favor, and Night Glider.”
  3. I feel like it would have to do something like Pony Life did where all it would become is filler. That, or something so controversial would have to happen to the franchise to shut it down completely
  4. I don't really like the idea of villains in the first place, thats boring.
  5. I had a party for one of my family members and when there was down time, I played some video games I haven’t played in a while, watched some Deltarune memes, and worked on one of my fanfics
  6. Spidey10

    Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    Watched Dune (2021) on Thursday. Once again we have confirmation that Denis Villeneuve is one of the best filmmakers working today. Great pacing, worldbuilding, acting, cinematography, score, sound mixing, and special effects. We need more big studio blockbuster films made with this much care and attention to details. It's very much a part 1 though, so I really hope the film is successful so we get to see the rest of the story.
  7. @Illiad Easle Ash would smile and listen to her, nodding "A date sounds good to me, hopefully this one doesn't end like last night did" he'd say somewhat awkwardly "Well, there's the cinema where we could watch a movie, but I find a lot of movies these days are kind of bland, besides, why pay to see a movie and expensive snacks at the snack bar, when you can buy cheaper snacks at the shops and watch a movie you actually like for free at home?" he'd ask with a laugh "Also, I find the movies aren't the best place to go for a date, you have to be quiet...then there's places like the arcade w
  8. full.jpg

    Do you sell filly scout cookies? :Rara:

  9. Whether one can reasonably say "everything was fine" is highly debatable. The earth ponies were living in constant fear, relying on Canterlogic junk to protect them from a nonexistent threat. If Sprout hadn't gotten it in his head to launch a pre-emptive strike against the other tribes, somepony else likely would have. And without Sunny to restore harmony, things would likely have gotten much, much worse. Likewise, if Sunny's antics hadn't exposed Queen Haven's phony-pony-full-of-baloney airshow, eventually either something would have gone wrong with their equipment or the wrong pony woul
  10. Spidey10

    Movies/TV Guilty Pleasures (Movies/TV)

    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie (1995) AKA One of the greatest films my six year old self had seen. XD Ghost Rider Spirit Of Vengeance ("SCRAPING AT THE DOOR! SCRAPING AT THE DOOR!") Commando ("Let off some steam Bennett.")
  11. Sauron's ultimate goal was order; pure and simple. I'm not so sure if Sombra had such a goal himself. It's true that Sombra was largely based on Sauron's design and mannerisms, but goalwise I'm not sure. His sights were pretty limited from the start as he focused squarely on the Crystal Empire and not Equestria as a whole. That only changed after he destroyed the Elements of Harmony. Not counting the comics; it's really difficult to judge what his goal ultimately was.
  12. My experience MLP before getting into G4 was some of the G3 stuff my sister watched/had when we were kids (Like the Minty Christmas special). Wish I got into G4 a lot earlier than I did though. Even though i found out about bronies in 2012, didn't become one until 2018.
  13. Aside from some fan content that I'd rather unsee, no, I don't have any regrets.
  14. All I knew about MLP were bits from G3 from back in the day. I knew the names of a few characters from FiM, but that was it. I wouldn't say that I found the fandom weird, but it definitely left me scratching my head a little.
  15. If the non-pony species never lost their magic, then the ponies regaining theirs could just as easily end up being the only thing that lets them defend themselves from the next Big Bad to show up. Plus you have to weigh all that against their quality of life. The earth ponies were living in constant fear, buying useless Canterlogic products to fend off a nonexistent threat (and if Sprout hadn't gotten it in his head to launch a pre-emptive strike against the other tribes, chances are somepony else eventually would have). The unicorns were still in a funk over losing their magic, their soc
  16. Have any of you guys managed to drop a wine glass onto the floor shattering it to Crumb pieces while barefoot all around that you dare not moved?

  17. Today
  18. Just got my Pancham plushie at Target. Have a nice day or night depending on when you read this.IMG_20211023_204358190.thumb.jpg.2e9120b1ef9d19792de08817a87de4ef.jpg

  19. Had I new energy drink flavor that I hope to talk about later
  20. Flying Pencil

    Mega Thread How are you feeling?

    Feeling good, anyone else?
  21. QUiet for now. Got a potential severe weather outbreak incoming for tomorrow.
  22. Patty Thundersnow

    Mega Thread How are you feeling?

    Just really feeling hopeless right now... Hoping that changes on Wednesday.
  23. Cold with gentle sounds of rain.
  24. Any chance energy drinks will be talked about here?
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