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  2. 9/10.
  3. Think I'm gonna play Skate 3 for now. It's been a while.

  4. @Drago Ryder@Ranger22@dragon4111 Yuki nodded slightly as she followed Ghalan, "I could go for some sushi." She said, giving a light smile. The fox faunus had noticed Ghalan taking Draco's journal, but didn't really say anything about it. At the very least, they would learn a bit more about their leader by looking into it.
  5. Furries will attack us if we don't defend ourselves I have proof
  6. Open

    @Widdershins Phoenix sat there, and watched as the dream pony awkwardly scooted up to her. her silence and staring may have only added to the level of awkward. she sat there unsure of what to do as the dream pony simply poked at her face. but to her surprise, he followed it up with a statement. although some may want to believe she is, Phoenix certainly was no numb-skull. she could definitely see the truth behind many of the strange stallions words, and she tried her best to take them all into account. she spent a few moments simmering her thoughts over what has transpired, and she tried to come up with some sort of summary of the lesson here. the dream stallion was most certainly correct in saying that Phoenix needed to learn to love herself and try to see things from that point of view. she sighed at the thought. "easier said than done", she muttered. "but, other than that, i am ready" she replied. she seemed more than ready to end whatever sort of dream this was, be it a nightmare or not.
  7. Never intentionally. My mouth always feels gross when I wake up from one :V
  8. so now that the Apple kids' parents were revealed, lets talk about why "Aunt/ Uncle Orange" was never seen in the flashbacks. One of them has to be a sibling to Bright Mac or Pear Butter, right? So where do the Orange's fit in, and why were the Apple siblings more surprised to find out they were part pear, if they knew they're already part Orange? (and lets not forget Great Granduncle Chili Pepper, from the comics!)
  9. This cute little baby is off to sleep now.

    1. Johnny1226


      Good night flyer 



      Goodnight, little buddy.

  10. Lauren always maintained they were dead. She never decided how they died. No show staff ever contradicted her. The ''long trip" theory was a fannon one. And yes she still influences the show according to Jim Miller. Sorry had to throw that sentence in because the mere invocation of her name invites screams of how she has no impact on the shoe. Thus is due to a mixture of youthful contrarianism and proactivity on people who claim the show is worse since her absence -- but I digress. Pear Butter and Bright Mac's fate is clear, if you are a grammar and narrative fiction junkie. Go back and listen to the Goldie speech about the parents. The line where she said, "All I know is your parents loved each other very much." That is beautifully executed confirmation. Follow that grammar logically through the episode and that is just as explicit as saying "they ded yo!" It's as clear as anything. If they got sucked into another dimension they would still love each other. If they were still alive then they would still love each other (again context eliminates divorce or anything stupid like that which would ignore everything else about the episode). No. Goldie didn't just use past tense, she used it in such a way that the past tense involved two third parties relating to only each other. That is a clever technical trick in narrative fiction and one of the things I was specifically looking for before I signed in to watch the episode. Technically, they could be assumed dead and not be, but if that was what they were going to do, this episode would not exist in this way. This is why story telling is such a great art form. Each sentence can tell it's own story if you know what you're doing.
  11. Sometimes I just love to bash the EQG Holiday Special and how objectively terrible that POS is. >)

    1. King Clark

      King Clark

      I said the same thing for Princess Spike after I reviewed it on EqG forums. As much as I love this show, there really is a unique satisfaction in panning the shit out of a terrible episode. It can actually be surprising cathartic. 

      As for that comic? I have never read it. Why is it so bad if you don't mind me asking.

      Correction: I meant to say EqD forums, not EqG forums

    2. Dark Qiviut

      Dark Qiviut

      The big problem is how awful the characterization of the ReMane Five and Crusaders.

      1. The comic takes place after Rainbow Rocks. Sunset is already hailed as a hero there. Well, over at a social media network, "Anon-A-Miss" began posting personal secrets of people there, impersonating evil!Sunset. Because of a false rumor, the ReMane Five quickly abandon her and don't give her any benefit of the doubt. There was also a scene later that night of Sunset writing to Twilight while sitting in a bed of books, suggesting she's homeless. The suggestion of homelessness is written as a gag and makes the RM5 look like complete jerks. They never apologize to Sunset.
      2. The Crusaders revealed to be Anon-A-Miss. Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle joined to create the account because she was jealous of Sunset and wanted to get back at her. Scootaloo was part of the scheme "just because."

      A brief summary gives it injustice. I have a full review.


    3. King Clark

      King Clark

      I'll go check that out right now. Be right back :)

  12. AJ's parents were destroyed by some kind of nightmare monster. Repercussion for Luna not being around fighting nightmares.
  13. Offering Critique

    @Randimaxis What, no feedback on my feedback? How ever will I learn to properly critique?! Or would that make a feedback loop?... I do hope I don't come across as too specific or nitpicky. I do fully expect something back along the lines of what concepts you were aiming at, or your inspiration for such things as color schemes & so forth. Would you say Harcourt's adventures are entirely separate from the family's? I suppose that the way things are he can't exactly visit all that often without a big to-do. If you ever need a bumbling detective hot on his trail! I'm working on a stallion named Gum Shoe!
  14. Open

    @Blitz Boom Oh, don't you worry about it none! May be I've met you in a few other times & spaces. Most mortals don't know how close they've come before to Death, yet still somehow think of it as some threat or something. ...but that's neither here nor there! Well, there's been heres before there has been here, but I digress! The draconequus finishes patting Smokey through the back rows of the tents & gestures around. ...So, which one of these tents did you two duck into eh? Need to get you back under covers soon to comfort your Lady when she wakes up from our dream sequence!? She's a tough nut he is! They'll need you to stay on top of them, know the old adage! Proper Shipping requires Proper Handling! Besides... I already have! <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> @ Baka Boom, again! Having, up until now, not even considered that the pony would have actually talked back to him after his rant & not having really planned for anything after his ranting anyway, the orange-tan drake inadvertently gave the mare more than enough time to go through her whole rigamarole through his mildly offended shock and muttered grumblings under her own speech. "Not... not big enough? I'm plenty big! I could grab you if I wanted to... which I don't... who even are you-you..." Finally catching onto her last comment, Kaltrop's cheeks puff out as his face begins to glow in a blush. Getting more fussy as the more excited he gets over having to converse with a pony as much as his lack of practice holding long conversations with others of even his own species, the young drake digs his back claws in somewhat to the roof of the cart and stands up gesture even more with his front claws. The longer he sits on his haunches & gestures the more seemingly apparent it becomes that he was once used to not only walking bipedally but addressing ponies taller than him. Before wavering both claws at Spicy Rolls in his stuttering, he turns them "palm up" to tap himself in the chest with the outer sides of his claws. "T-...T-... T-Troll? Wh-what, what do you think I am? Some kind of an mountain oaf? Do I carry some sort of club? Do I wear some critter-skin loincloth? Do I go Boogedy-Boogedy at little foals around campfires?!!? I-I-I didn't ask to be introduced to you or anything! I didn't come here for you to flourish your hat at me like some flashy pony! I came here to... to..." His right claw rotating wildly in a dismissive gesture the dragon tosses his head to the left to avert his sight from the red pegasus. Talking through cheeks ballooned up in embarrassment from Rolls's attention, he not so quietly & pointedly returns to grumbling. " I dunno... make you take the bridge so I could get on with my day... Don't you know you're supposed to run from dragons? ...goat hooves are disgusting anyway." >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< @~Phoenix~ Awkwardly scooting his flank around to her front while remaining in a sitting position, the pink-haired dream pony pokes Phoenix about the face once more. To learn how to love others, you first have to learn how to love yourself. But the trick there too, is to learn how to let others in too, so you can learn to see yourself as they do, not through a huge, shadowy mass of your own doubts & fears. Others are out there willing to give you a try. Like that pretty stallion out there, eh? Give him a shot, huh? ...well, because if you don't... you know I will! Cheerfully chuckling outloud to itself, the dream pony smiles back at Phoenix. So, you ready to wake up now then? Because if we do this my way, I do suppose I have to warn you that there might be a mild side effect of some vicious facial tics that may or may not wear off after a while! Though, suppose the worst part is not knowing why that is when you wake up and forget most of this! But I do digress!
  15. movies/tv

    Animation is my favorite genre of cinema, therefore I love every cartoon show from my childhood and those that are "good". But some of the cartoons I currently enjoy are MLP (obviously) The Lion Guard, Steven Universe, We Bare Bears, Star Vs the Forceso f Evil, Samurai Jack (it ended less than a month ago, still counts), Rick and Morty, Bojack Horseman, Adventure Time.
  16. Gaming

    My favorite card game no-one seems to know, is lunch money and its companion game beer money. I love the Harvest Moon series of games, I don't have a favorite.
  17. Mega Thread

    Currently playing The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion again.
  18. Web

    Soviet meme videos...
  19. Well that depends of what you consider being IN a fandom. If you mean havin an account and all that only MLP, and Codname: KND However I also consider myself of this fandoms: -Samurai Jack -Anime fandom -Lion Guard/Lion King fandom -Gravity Falls fandom -Teen Ttans fandom -Xiaolin Showdown fandom aaaaaand, almost any other good TV animated show...
  20. There's a joke to be made about Alice and shrooms. I'm going to have to say that I couldn't take Jack Marston seriously at all. I loved that John went down in a fitting way for his character, but that entire epilogue was just plain silly to me.
  21. Mega Thread

    It's great to see leftists who also hate identity politics. From both the left and right. It's catchy as heck, too. I loved C&C: Red Alert 3.
  22. Gaming

    Yu-gi-oh and Card Fight Vanguard I love the Spike Bros. Deck! and CFV has such great card art!
  23. @Mickey Adaptus @Derplight Sperkle As Supersonic ripped the head off of the last Hydra, she noticed something on the ground. How strange, she said to herself, that looks like a set of shortswords, much like I use! She flew down and picked up the swords, and noticed there was a small symbol on each sword and scabbard and a purple gem set into each hilt. She looked at the breastplate of her armor and saw the same little symbol, a small detail she had never noticed before. This must have been carried by one of the Hydra as a reward or trophy, probably stolen or taken from somepony else. "Hey Elyysios! I found, by some apparent incredible luck, shortswords to replace the ones I own and they even match my armor! They are artifacts, but can you scan them and try and see about what their pow-" Supersonic was cut off as the she casually swung one of the swords through the air and purple energy trailed from the blade, and a blast of purple energy shot from the blade, desintegrating the rock directly in front of it.
  24. Ermmmm....male?
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  26. Sorry for the lack of posts as of late guys. Invintory at work, plus a last minute vacation afterwards and without data...I will be returning to a normal posting routine Sunday.
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