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  2. Luna Fan Club

    I believe it was YOU who brought about the Equestria-wide cookie famine, Princess Luna.
  3. Luna Fan Club

    it is so cute awwwww . i saw one similar to this cuteness yesterday.
  4. Mega Thread Last Poster Wins

  5. Spoiler Will you watch G5?

    Not sure how much accurate this information is, but so far he said it something like that at 5:48 mark
  6. Luna Fan Club

    Dost thou want to join the RP? As a Night Watch guard, if 't be true thou likest I shall deny everything!
  7. Gender Race

  8. Change One Letter of a Four-Letter Word

  9. Luna Fan Club

    Well, you have had centuries of practice, Princess Luna. Woona Spyby Ende26
  10. Gender Race

  11. Luna Fan Club

    Aww... this was so cute.... he really loves her ! (And who does not ?) I can guard you Luna, please hire me
  12. Spoiler Will you watch G5?

    Yeah, of course I will although, I did see some of the concept designs for G5 on google images and...I'm not too pleased, to be quite honest I just hope that G5 will be just as good as G4...
  13. its 1:20am still staying up playing the old star wars tie fighter cd rom :3

    1. Lunalicious Alexshy

      Lunalicious Alexshy

      Simply beest sure that thou hast at least 6 hours of sleep afore work/study ;)


  14. Gender Race

  15. Good morning friends, back at work again, a windy/stormy day and they talk about snow too, so let´s see if I make the trip home later today.... at least we have electricity and good internet here :) 

    A blast from the past, some cute baby unicorns to start a happy day with.


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    2. Lunalicious Alexshy

      Lunalicious Alexshy

      @Fluttershy Friend: Stay safe likewise! Hither is -9, the roads are mostly clear or with hardened snow - not so bad.

    3. Maudileena


      Thanks friends, always try to stay safe (you see the horn is not broken on the picture).

      At least 7.5 hours before I can drive home :grin: Today a lot to do, but I try to sneak away to my ponies when I can ^_^

      138 Notifications !!? What on earth is happening here.... I can´t possibly catch up..... sorry if I´m not replying or not fulfill my duties as a good pony friend <3

    4. Jade Fire

      Jade Fire

      life comes 1st my friend ^-^ we all understand

  16. I need sleep, goodnight my friends, keep being wonderful, don't let anyone put out the bright lights that shine from within you :rarity:

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    2. Lunalicious Alexshy

      Lunalicious Alexshy

      Good night, mine dearest regal sister!



    3. Steam Control

      Steam Control

      good night ^^

    4. Sparklefan1234


      Good Night, Best Forum Friend Forever. :)

  17. Spoiler Will you watch G5?

    Hold up, how is it exactly gonna be like Chrono Trigger? I've played that game a lot and I don't see a relation.
  18. Would you date the user above you?

    No, I'm not into guys. And if you're being honest with your date of birth, then you're also too old for me. Sorry.
  19. Would you date the user above you?

    I don't know, maybe?
  20. Spoiler Will you watch G5?

    kind off, I heard its going to be similar to Chrono Trigger, There is an Eartth Pony World, Pegasi World, Unicorn World, and the Joiner World
  21. Mega Thread Count to a million

    435318 tis sick --- @Fillypino Fried takeshi's castle?
  22. Would you date the user above you?

    hmmm maybe ?
  23. Would you date the user above you?

    I suppose I would...
  24. Would you date the user above you?

    I don't know you that well but why not?
  25. A part of me kinda wants to invite some of my EqD friends to this website!

    1. Stormfury


      Yeah...EqD is dat! 

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