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  2. Lucky Bolt

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    Well here’s one with me and @Sliding Bolt from this past Valentines Day. Captured it at just the right moment he wasn’t looking at the camera. I love him so muuuuuch
  3. Woke up at 5 AM, can't sleep, so I am checking out the forums.

    Glad to know some people here feel the same way I do about the upcoming G5, and how a good number of us are kinda trying to stay with G4.

    I am trying my hardest to keep an open mind about this, but I do miss the excitement of whenever a new episode came out.

    I seriously feel depressed about this whole thing right now, almost feel like crying.

    But I shouldn't be this obsessed over a TV show.


  4. this song is so beautiful!

    One of the reasons I really wanted to see the mlp movie was because Sia had a song in it. She's a strong woman who makes us feel stronger too. nwn

  5. I really love your current icon :3 it's so cute

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    2. Pandora


      i really love their color scheme :D

    3. TheRockARooster


      Yeah, she has a great colour scheme.

    4. Pandora


      mhm one of the best! :P

  6. lol.....hi. :mlp_wink:

  7. At this moment I've got two conflicting thoughts in me. I'll keep an open mind, but like to stay with Fluttershy and the rest of g4 a longer until we know more about it.


    1. Pandora


      you know.. just because new things are coming doesn't mean you should give up on the old! :P love what you love. Maybe you'll enjoy the new mlp too and keep enjoying the old.

    2. Astral Soul

      Astral Soul

      @PandoraDon't worry, I won't give up on the old (g4) ;) Maybe I will enjoy the new mlp too, but at this moment I really don't know what to think about it xd

    3. Pandora


      me either but we just gotta wait till we see it :P

  8. The Church on Cumberland Road - Shenandoah

  9. ...and that was my weekend in a nut-shell. how was it? it was 40% disappointment and 60% hype :) 

    yeah, pretty disappointed 'bout the result. :dry: Other than that, had a lot of fun watching the race on Kayo. First time I've ever used it. the news 'bout the diamond and pearl remakes made up for what would've been a bad weekend. I said it before and I'll say it again, the sport is a joke. Balance Of Performance NEEDS to be introduced. The way I see it, the sport is corrupt and they'll do everything they can so that Holden / GM wins. It's bloody stupid and apart from the fact that 50% is on paid subscription (which it shouldnt be in the first place), they give 'em an un-fair advantage. If they do a controversial move on the fords, they'll slip it under the rug. if ford tries to do the same manouver, oh, "drive-through penalty", and most recently: 

    in 2018 when they introduced the brand new ZB "commodore" / Opel insignia:

    'Oh, we're using light compositie body parts on our car and we didnt bother to tell competition so we could have an un-fair advantage, but that's okay, we're driving a holden, so the stewards / sport will let us have a free kick'


    'oh, we'll allow the fords to change the bonnet and roof to the light composite material'

    what the f*ck is that? O.O that is not a solution to the problem. :dry:

    in 2019 when they introduced the Brand New Ford Mustang:

    'Oh, it's going too fast. let's consistently nerf the car even tho the car was built to fit the rule book / specifications. it's a ford, they're always cheating. we must do everything in our power to stop em from winning cuz they're not supposed to win'

    what a f*cking joke. see? this is what I like bout GT3. BOP needs to be ENFORCED in V8 Supercars. NOBODY wants to see red bull / triple 8 win. there are other teams in the sport. jesus christ... 


    A perfect example of BOP being used was the Daytona 24 hours in January , where they added 10 Kilograms to the BMW M8 because they won the event 2 times in a row. that slowed em down so that the other brands could have a chance, not to mention the lack of entries in GT LM / GTE.


    Well, good thing Gen 3 is just around the corner. hopefully they can get their head out of their arses and have some level of parity between the two. :) 

    ...and yes, I am aware bout the new designs they have for Gen 5. honestly, I'm not a big fan of it. IMO, it looks like a bootleg version of MLP made by the Europeans. Some of my friends on discord said it looks like disney / pixar made it. Yeah, I'm not a fan of modern CGI. (I still think it's the cheap and lazy method.) I mean, just look at this thing:

    Link: https://www.equestriadaily.com/2021/02/g5-my-little-pony-movie-stallion-main.html


    EUGH!!! I dunno bout you, but I think it looks DISGUSTING!!! :yuck: I'm gonna be brutally honest here: it's hard to look at. Really. it is. :lie: hell, it gave me a head-ache yesterday...

    Will I give it a chance? maybe. I'll watch the first couple of episodes of it and then make my judgement. Hell, I'd even go as far as saying the animation they had for Pony Life is better than this. (kinda funny how the designs received A LOT of critism when it came out, but at least these were digitally hand drawn, just like the show) 


    A LOT of LOVE and CARE was put into FIM. (especially if you're talking bout twilight and her friends, and the fact it was digitally hand drawn. Lauren Faust based Twilight on herself when she was growing up and they were relatable. there was at least ONE of the mane 6 we could relate to) I dunno, maybe I'm being a lil too harsh and a part of me wants to give the show a chance, but these are my thoughts on the designs for G5. what are your thoughts? :ooh:

    ...other than that, I'm excited 'bout Godzilla: Singular Point and Godzilla VS Kong. cant wait to see those later in the year :)  I've heard Mechagodzilla is gonna be in the movie and I wanna see some more pics of Singular Point Goji. Really good time to be a Kaiju fan =P

    I just hope my uncle has managed to find a digital copy of Godzilla 1985 and Godzilla VS biollante that is subbed / dubbed :derp: the next time we'll meet up at his place will be easter, so that's bout a month away. I cant wait =D

    ...and last but not least, the Diamond and Pearl remakes. pretty happy they went with a Chibi artstyle. it's VERY retro and I LOVE it. It looks promising. I have a lot of questions as to how they're gonna handle this game / legendaries, but we'll just have to wait and see...
    Originally, I wasnt gonna watch the live-stream, but I'm glad I did. ^^

    ...and Pokemon: Legends Arceus looks pretty interesting. I might give that game a chance. at the moment, I am a little sceptical. :lie:

    For those of you who've stuck 'round long enough to read all of this and if you are a pokemon fan, what are your thoughts? :ooh: as for me? well...I had VERY low expectations when I started watching the stream, but now...I am hyped!!! ^w^ 

    So how was YOUR weekend? :laugh: :catface:

  10. @Fluttershyfan94She was more than just a friend. She was my cousin whom I thought I was close to all my life. It's even worse when I found out she was completely for a Hunt-And-Kill-Reds law that's already targeted students and profs in my uni.
  11. Anatomy seems ok, especially that elbow what are away from the barrel like greyhounds. In my opinion equestrian pony's forelimbs look like that if we want they reach to brush their mane and teeth and wear clotches. Closest animal to our ponies are cat, i think. Baron-Engel are good artist who have quite good imagination of little ponies' anatomy.
  12. Today
  13. this will be the most discussed topic before the release of the film
  14. There is no space for monsters under my bed I think lol
  15. g5 movie is very interesting. i hope everything will be ok

  16. flurry

    Mega Thread How are you feeling?

    Kinda bad I was somewhat ok when i woke up (not that great yesterday either) then my mum shouts at me for no reason other than me asking a question several times purely about which plates because she didnt answer it clearly and clarify. She shouts in me ear and hurts this and this is while i havent even finished breakfast and i ended up forcing it down and going back to bed. I was alright at least before that and it sucks to be constantly brought down. I cant get away and my weekends feel bad. At least the g5 news is good though and the pokemon news stuff. But as soon as I feel bett
  17. I don't like the school... i don't mind the pillars. They probably should have stayed legends though. Pony of shadows could have been pretty beast as an actual villain that came back when they did the spell... but the pillars didn't. It felt like that was the danger of the spell to me. They just summon the villain and he's beastly. At the same time I wouldn't have minded a few episodes of star swirl bumming around equestria every now and again. It's like they took the ideas and made the worst decisions with them. "We just introduced 7 new characters and new places to the world... let
  18. And these 2 music as well, forgot to add them. Also, by far my favorite Romanian music of all time:
  19. This is true... and to be honest... she was.
  20. Astral Soul

    Hi Yall!

    Hi and welcome to these forums Wow this is third artist I'm greeting in a row I guess there is a lot of art coming our way I hope you have a grest time here and make some wonderfull friends! I think I'm putting you on my following list too
  21. Astral Soul

    *Waves* Why hello!

    Hi and welcome to the herd! I hope you have a great time here and make some good friends! As you know the magic of friendship grows Your art looks amazing! Well, I think I gonna follow you around too
  22. Same here! All of my family (including me ) are a huge fan of Tom and Jerry! We all grew up together with Tom and Jerry, the classic one.
  23. Hi friends 💜 

    hows it going? 

    1. strongwilled_pegasus


      great, how about you?

    2. Astral Soul

      Astral Soul

      Hi friend

      Good, how about you?

      Here have a good morning green tea :)

    3. Pandora


      i'm alright! uwu wondering what to do today!

  24. I don't mind the Pillars all that much and the school at least looked nice but if getting rid of it means getting rid of my least favourite characters, the Students, then I'm all for it!
  25. Astral Soul


    So I'm even later for greeting you than @Midnight Danny @amenponyHi and welcome to these forums! I hope you have a great time and make some wonderfull memories. Your tale has some similarities to my own So you're one of the musician types?! I love also music in general but also digging the fandom music I think I'll follow you a bit around just to see what are you gonna do @TomDaBombMLPI guess you need to share the space in his followerbox with me now. I'm sorry for the inconvenience
  26. G5 banner already? :o That was quick! :rarity: Also, it's the last day of winter. :dash: You know what that means? :mlp_yeehaa: It's Winter Wrap-Up day! :mlp_pinkie:

    Good morning everypony! :fluttershy: Have a great day! :adorkable:


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    2. TomDaBombMLP


      @Astral Soul Oh, believe me, I wanna stay with them forever. :(

    3. Astral Soul

      Astral Soul

      @TomDaBombMLP *whisper* I know! Let's stay with them forever together ^_^:yay:B):D:mlp_icwudt::mlp_pinkie:

    4. Midnight Danny

      Midnight Danny

      Can't wait! :pinkie:

      Morning! :fluttershy:

  27. I think people use mainly toon boom and tv paint for 2d animation these days. But there is also adobe animate still which is basically flash and I guess and a few others. I heard they are trying to make this really good quality 3d animation though but yea 2d is my first preference more expression I feel. ----- I heard the biggest concern I heard so far about toys is the flat head. I guess its okay but it does feel off compared to the body type they chose. I did do a really rough edit on my phone tho to change things up lool as I heard others do same. For the mi
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