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  2. I can understand that, but the counter point I would offer is that things that you dislike about yourself won't always worry other people as much. Not to mention that there are things about my friends that do annoy me, but that's life - everyone has their flaws, and they're still my friends. Some people might not be your friends because of your flaws, and they may be justified in that, but that's ok - not everyone has to be friends. To reference MLP, one recurring theme I thoroughly enjoy is the Twilight - Starlight - Trixie dynamic; Twilight and Starlight get on because of their shared love of magic, while Starlight and Trixie bonded over being outcasts and their search for redemption for past misdeeds. Twilight and Trixie, however, don't get on because Trixie's overbearing personality grates against Twilight's more modest one while Trixie is jealous of Twilight's successes. Your flaws will put some people off, but your positive traits and shared interests will help you bond with others that aren't perturbed your flaws. I would discourage that attitude. Goodness knows I don't bond with people very well, but eventually I found my way of making friends*, and even if you find conventional methods of socialising unpleasant (I really can't stand it when people get drunk - it's like watching their brains dribble out of their ears) and lack social skills (I was terrible at social stuff when I was younger - but now, after much practice, I am now just bad to mediocre) the probabilities will eventually work out and you'll find someone you get on with (be that as a friend or a partner - the same theory applies to both.) Even if you don't agree with my points, I hope it's encouraging to know that I read through this and wish you the best. *roleplaying, board & computer games - having some shared, enjoyable activity to discuss while socialising is what it took for me; it took me long enough to work that out, but everyone has their own way.
  3. Mulan -> Milan From a story about a female soldier in China to a story about an Italian city
  4. Good afternoon everyone and how are you doing?  I am doing fine.

  5. Myself, I would definitely be a Pegasus.
  6. @StarrySkyDash Moving to Forum Lounge as this thread seems to be the random silly type and doesn't hold much potential for discussion.
  7. okay this isn't funny anymore tooth

  8. I really like this art style for Applejack.
  9. @DivineSoul1000 Seeing as your thread is more suitable for discussion rather than a forum game, and is discussing ponies but not the show directly, I am moving it to Sugarcube Corner
  10. Unicorns remind me of my BPFFF Rarity so, I choose Unicorns.
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