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  2. Funny thing happened a little while ago. My family and I were watching Jeopardy, which for anyone who doesn't know, it's a trivia gameshow. They give a clue about some person/place/thing/whatever and the contestants try to guess the answer.

    We watch it sometimes and see how many of the answers we can get, kinda have our own little game. Anyway, today's episode had a clue about My Little Pony. I had the dilemma of staying silent or giving the answer (probably a bit overenthusiastically). I chose option B. :yay:

  3. I find it to be astonishing that we live in a time were a lot of people has access to the internet in their pockets, yet most of them can't take the time to do a Google search.

  4. It's just been another one of the kind of days in which a baby like me needs a nice warm hug.

  5. Been a busy week at work so far. Wonder if that'll continue tomorrow.

  6. It's already 7 PM? I'm bad with telling time these days.

  7. If any discord staff can see my status update, I'm very sorry for what I did, and I didn't mean to do it.

  8. Yesterday
  9. Well earlier today I told my older brother that I was an atheist. I guess the conversation we were having kind of made it so I had to admit it. And I also said I was a very liberal person and a brony. Which as far as big things that I felt I should could keep secret those three things were it. My brother also said that he wouldn't tell my parents. And too be honest telling someone in real life, and getting it off my chest felt really good. I guess I don't have the greatest relationship with my brother. But he's also the only person I feel comfortable talking too. And he actually has reached out a lot of times too me too help me make friends. And along with other reasons I have finnaly decided too take him up on his offers. Anyways because of that I wasn't able to write a revie earlier for mlp. I will write it on Thursday at the latest.

  10. @Woohoo @The_Gobo @JonasDarkmane @Retro*Derpy yall my bros 

    The young boy had fallen in love
    With his homeroom teacher
    He has fallen in love

    It happens everyday
    In schools throughout the city
    Throughout the city

    She was married, he did learn
    And inside he did burn
    Deep inside he did burned

    He vowed that never again
    Would he open his heart
    Open up his hear

    And to serve as a reminder
    He painted her a picture
    This painful reminder
    And he keeps it in his binder
    This painful reminder

    The next day in his art class
    He drew a picture of her
    With an axe in her head

    A picture's worth a thousand words
    Even those left unsaid
    Those best left unsaid

    Now he walks the halls alone
    But it is for the better

    He vowed that never again
    Would he open his heart
    Oh no! never again!

    And to serve as a reminder...

    1. The_Gobo


      *Gets the straight razors*
      Hey kids, wanna learn a new trick!?


  11. I have a new batch of avatars o3o


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    2. The_Gobo
    3. K.Rool Addict

      K.Rool Addict

      I approve of pretty much all of your avatars tbh lol

    4. The_Gobo


      That's a frightening thought lmao


  12. So my friend just won the Lottery....... I'm so jealous O_o

  13. Le_Goboooobbbo Gooooobooooa ☻😮😶

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    2. The_Gobo


      Why the fluffy toast are you talking like that?


    3. Gone Airbourne

      Gone Airbourne

      Cuz fluffy butter toast?! Lmao i have  clue hehe just being silly lol

    4. The_Gobo


      Eh, would be funny if it wasn't so random.

      Remember kids, Random =/= Funny



  14. Dont you hate it when you drink water and it goes down your larynx(breathing tube) instead of your pharynx(feeding tube) and you start going on a half hour coughing fit trying to spit out your stupid water?

  15. I wonder how many Lyra images you have in your files...

    Aku Thinking 2.jpg

    1. Totally Lyra

      Totally Lyra

      Oddly not as many as I could have. I know where to find a ton of Lyra art so I never actually saved or downloaded it. :P


      Only 34 images. :eww::muffins:

    2. AkuStarburstLyraFries
    3. Totally Lyra

      Totally Lyra


      And how many Aku images do you have? :toldya:

  16. WARNING: If you haven't seen then ending of Samurai Jack's SEASON 5 (the new one that just ended), do not click this spoiler. Unless you don't care.





    1. The Cynical Lone Wolf

      The Cynical Lone Wolf

      What a terrible ending to a great show

    2. A.V.



      R.I.P. In Peace Aku.jpg






    3. Yamato


      Rest in Spaghetti
      Never Forgetti
      Beginning of time - 5 May, 2017

      Rest in Spaghetti
      Never Forgetti
      Beginning of time - 20 May, 2017

      Never mind... It's just all wrong now...

  17. How is everypony? 

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    2. Johnny1226


      I'm doing good thanks Sarah 

    3. Defective Scootaloo

      Defective Scootaloo

      im ok, just feeling stressed out n tired

    4. Gone Airbourne

      Gone Airbourne

      Doing well hope you're doing well too 😶

  18. 3913791_1b783ed0df60a4c5b1f5db6c4f572d4a

    I felt the need to share this.
    I assume someone/anyone will find a use for it.


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    2. The_Gobo
    3. Lunarpalette


      Is he dying from a cuteness overload? Is he allergic to cuteness?

    4. The_Gobo


      Imma go with 'yes'


  19. Gotta say, it's a bit upsetting that Zarya's new dance taunt is straight ripped from Heavy and Soldier's Mannrobics taunt. That just gives people more reason to compare Overwatch and TF2. :/

  20. You know what character I love? The Cookie Monster! :3

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    2. Macintosh Plus

      Macintosh Plus

      D stands for Cookie

    3. SnowyThunder


      if there only was a pizza monster ti serve pizzas all day ! x3

    4. Kyoshi


      I would welcome that monster with open arms. :3

  21. Really Nascar? Indy is the cutoff race for the chase? Fuck right off. That is a fucking terrible idea.

  22. Emoji Movie? What numbnut declared the very idea sound in the first place? Hell, what teenager conjured it up and presented it to Hollywood? I'd much rather watch Legends of Everfree than-!

    ...Okay I wouldn't go that far. Let's see... The Twilight saga? 50 Shades? Attack of the Clones? Troll 2? The animated Titanic flicks? Birdemic? Garbage Pail Kids? The Room? All Bay Transformer movies?

    Wait, was I talking about the Emoji Movie or LoE?

    ...Ah whatever, I'd STILL watch any of these over Legends of Everfree, Emoji Movie included.

  23. RIP James Bond (Roger Moore)

  24. 2017 is becoming 2008-2012 in terms of metal music, at least for me. And that's a good thing. :3

    1. Sonic Shimmer

      Sonic Shimmer

      Yeah, there has been some really great metal albums this year :)

  25. 731830.png

    The beauty of language is that it can move me to say something absurd like:

    "I have fallen in deep love with that quote. I want to marry it and have it's babies!" 

    It was a short lived afair. I realized that it may be a bad idea. You see, quotes get shared often, and I am not the type to be happy in an open relationship. I'm sorry words ... but you're still gorgeous and moving.

    We'll always have Google!

    1. Summer Breeze

      Summer Breeze

      words are beautifull indeed, they are just a combination of the same 26 letters but their meaning can be so different, they can make somoene or break someone, they can make friends and enemies. words are a strong force even though they're merely black ink on white paper, or merely some soundwave that go from ones mouth to your ear. words can kill and safe lifes, words are powerfull. 

    2. AkuStarburstLyraFries


      I have the best words.

      ^ That was a reference. o.o'

  26. Good afternoon everyone! Found out about some sad things today, so not that great of a day so far.

    1. Johnny1226


      Good afternoon brony 

  27. Nice profile picture! Is it Tharja?

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