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  2. Here is the pic of rarity that is a tiny bit overdue... Hope you like her :pinkie:


    Note: this took a long time to draw, and if you don't like it, just say it and don't lie about it.

  3. Today
  4. Just written two chapters of my season three in a matter of six days. I think I'll take the rest of the day in a break before I begin writing again tomorrow. Sound like a good idea?

  5. Hey guys, look at what that cat dragged in ...... That's rite, a dead user .... Anyways, I'm not officially coming back, no, but I will say this ... I now have an old iPad working in really good condition so I will be back, very soon too, but not now as I am currently overseas in Fiji on holidays .... I wish for my return to be fun, happy and full of friendly faces that I have known to like over here on mlpf and I can't wait ..... I will see u guys soon, real soon

  6. *interrupts everything with my trumpet*


    how is everybody doing

  7. Who's dumb idea was it to axe Robot Wars for another show after it was doing so well? *sigh* Well, I have a strong sense that it will be back once again. Maybe on a different channel.

  8. Did not know you had an account here! Awesome!

  9. These kinds of videos help me sleep so well ☺. Let it play in the background on a nice volume level and I fall asleep in no time. And restful deep sleep I may add. Getting yourself on a sleep schedule makes a world difference. 

    I haven't been having any anxiety attacks in the past few nights thank goodness😊. 

    1. Me.


      Awesome! Might give it a try some time.

    2. Gone Airbourne

      Gone Airbourne

      Oh yeah there are a lot of sleep meditation music on YouTube I'll tell you what they help relax and calm like nothing else. Very soothing stuff!

  10. Morning^^

    1. Fluttershy Friend

      Fluttershy Friend

      Good Morning!

    2. Sparklefan1234


      Good Morning, My Friend! :D

  11. Hope everypony had a great and safe St. Patrick's Day! 

  12. Edward Elric does a great job singing this kickass OP:


  13. 🙄🙄 so I’m trying to get all perfect cups on 200cc on Mario kart 8 deluxe.  Finally get 1st on Bone-Dry Dunes and then on the 3rd level of the cup I get obliterated in 5 seconds right by the finish line. Green shell spins me into a banana then a fireball rains down from the sky and burns any hope of winning. 🙄🙄

    1. Photon Jet

      Photon Jet

      Don't give up! I know it's extremely hard to get all perfect scores on 200cc but you can do it. 

  14. Good night everypony 

    1. We.


      Pleasant dreams, Johnny!

    2. Tacodidra


      Good night! :grin:

    3. Mine.



  15. Happy St. Patrick's day. How is everyone?

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    2. vivishy


      @Thou.I am also pretty sleepy I should get my head to bed. Well. Good night 

    3. Thou.


      Good night :3

    4. Kelldrick


      Good night

  16. Today was a lazy one

    I did nothing at all

    I’ve got nothing to report,

    So I guess I won’t stall!


    Goodnight, ponies! :P 

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    2. Tacodidra


      You're very good at writing poems, you can even write one about nothing. :P Good night! :)

    3. Johnny1226


      Good night nosotrose 

    4. Them


      Good night! :) 

  17. Hey, son! Are you nice and warm?

  18. Secrets and Pies knocked out. Three episodes remain before I'm caught up.

    1. We.


      Go Go Go! I think you'll enjoy the next episode.

      @Princess Aurora Wolf

      By the Way, what did you think of the return of Thorax in "Triple Threat" and "To Change a Changeling"?

  19. why can't my parents just fucking go outside to smoke? it doesn't stay in the bathroom. my mother shouldn't be smoking anyway, she's fucking pregnant. whatever, nothing i can do but accept it.

    1. vivishy


      Smoking is gross. I don't see how people enjoy it. :okiedokieloki:

  20. Thank you for the follow <3 

    1. She


      No problem:yay:

      Happy St. Patrick’s day!

      (even if it was yesterday)

      And thanks fir the follow back!


  21. I can see what you and Lucky have in common now 

    1. She


      The racing thing :P 

    2. What?


      Yeah, big time. We even have the same favorite drivers. Our bios are the same except for gender and location.

  22. Thanks for the follow! :D

    1. Everyone


      No problem!

  23. I literally watched Meet the Robinsons 3x's yesterday, then twice today DX i'm not obsessed.. not at all...

    Image result for meet the robinsons gif

    Related image

    Related image

    Related image

    1. Buck Testa
    2. hopkey123


      I was gonna post that but I didn't want it to be too many pictures XD

      Image result for wilbur robinsons gif

  24. Alrighty folks, I suppose it's that time of the day again! I hope you guys and gals have a lovely night!


    Sweet dreams, everyone!

  25. Another big racing weekend. We watched AMA Supercross from St.Louis tonight and tomorrow it's the NASCAR race from California and then the Gatornationals from Gainesville to finish it off.

    To answer your question, no, I never get tired of watching racing.

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