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  2. Morning

    1. Nightfallicious Gloamiscus

      Nightfallicious Gloamiscus

      Good morning, Rising, how are you?

    2. Steam Control

      Steam Control

      good morning ! :3

  3. its 1:20am still staying up playing the old star wars tie fighter cd rom :3

    1. Lunalicious Alexshy

      Lunalicious Alexshy

      Simply beest sure that thou hast at least 6 hours of sleep afore work/study ;)


  4. Good morning friends, back at work again, a windy/stormy day and they talk about snow too, so let´s see if I make the trip home later today.... at least we have electricity and good internet here :) 

    A blast from the past, some cute baby unicorns to start a happy day with.


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    2. Lunalicious Alexshy

      Lunalicious Alexshy

      @Fluttershy Friend: Stay safe likewise! Hither is -9, the roads are mostly clear or with hardened snow - not so bad.

    3. Maudileena


      Thanks friends, always try to stay safe (you see the horn is not broken on the picture).

      At least 7.5 hours before I can drive home :grin: Today a lot to do, but I try to sneak away to my ponies when I can ^_^

      138 Notifications !!? What on earth is happening here.... I can´t possibly catch up..... sorry if I´m not replying or not fulfill my duties as a good pony friend <3

    4. Jade Fire

      Jade Fire

      life comes 1st my friend ^-^ we all understand

  5. I need sleep, goodnight my friends, keep being wonderful, don't let anyone put out the bright lights that shine from within you :rarity:

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    2. Lunalicious Alexshy

      Lunalicious Alexshy

      Good night, mine dearest regal sister!



    3. Steam Control

      Steam Control

      good night ^^

    4. Sparklefan1234


      Good Night, Best Forum Friend Forever. :)

  6. A part of me kinda wants to invite some of my EqD friends to this website!

    1. Stormfury


      Yeah...EqD is dat! 

  7. Today
  8. So back in november I finally finished to watch the entire show, read all the comics etc in english. So now I start all over but this time in my native language and OH BOY that's so weird ! The voice are so different, and the acting too I feel like I'm watching a brand new show ! :D^_^:lol::yay::icwudt::wub:

    1. Prospekt


      I'm primarily an English speaker, though I am somewhat familiar with Spanish. That's not uncommon in a country like the US; we're really bad about learning multiple languages. I used to be better with Spanish when I learned it in high school, but I'm very rusty now after 2 years of not speaking it.

      At some point I'd like to relearn it, or start fresh with a different language, and you know what? If I can track down a Spanish (or otherwise foreign) dub of ponies, then that might actually help me learn. Thank you! I've been inspired! :smug:

    2. SoberStarlight


      Funny you mention that my friend, @Prospekt, cause I actually speak some Spanish, and I watch MLP in Spanish on Netflix to help me practice sometimes. The voices and theme song is extremely different, but it's kinda cool to hear it in a different way. 

  9. my phone charger blew up while i was sleeping right next to me. woke up to a loud shower of sparks and fire. still a little shaken, luckily i wasn't hurt and it didn't cause a house fire.

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    2. Prospekt


      YIKES! Glad you're ok and that nothing particularly bad happened as a result!

    3. Jade Fire

      Jade Fire

      thank you every one *hugs*

    4. SoberStarlight


      Thank Celestia you're alright friend! 

  10. “Good” is not the absence of bad. 

  11. Oh, why wasn't there an epic fight scene in the MLP movie? :adorkable: I'm such saying :please: It had SO much potential and it certainly would've been more memorable. Just take a look at these clips:


    I still hate the decision Twilight made in this :dry: she should've BLASTED HIS ASS BACK TO TARTARUS!!!!!! :glimmer:

    ...and this would've been my favourite Season finale had she not made the decision to give up the Alicorn Magic in order to save her friends...

  12. My school's closed tomorrow when there will be ice on the road in the afternoon. ~Allen

  13. Heading off to bed, have a good rest of the night guys.:twi:

    1. Nightfallicious Gloamiscus

      Nightfallicious Gloamiscus

      Goodnight, ultrarion!

    2. Jade Fire

      Jade Fire

      g'night! ^-^ sleep well!

    3. Prospekt


      Good night! :)

  14. @Stone Cold Steve Tuna

    i'm just a seexyyyyy kuuuuurt....i'll make your ankle hurt.

  15. everypony Good night 

  16. I'm drinking Wal Mart brand instant coffee and it's good. I'm not a coffee snob.

    1. Stormfury


      I'll drink it too! :orly:

  17. I just love the minimalism of this pic. Thanks, @Ando333!

    1. Valencia


      Ando does great work! :D

    2. Steam Control

      Steam Control

      looks great ^^

    3. Jade Fire

      Jade Fire

      looks awesome! ^-^ i like it

  18. I have a question a quick one

    do I s**t post



  19. Goodnight everypony! I can’t wait to continue to watch more of the show tomorrow!

    1. Deltroz


      I’m going to sleep too goodnight

    2. Crosswind


      Night man :orly:

  20. Not a bad Monday, not bad indeed. Wait, what? It's a couple minutes past midnight so it's officially Tuesday? I gotta get up soon! D:

    Goodnight everypony! Have a very wonderful night's rest and even better dreams. :D

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    2. Totally Lyra

      Totally Lyra

      @Fluttershy Friend In that case, have a fantastic morning and entire day. :)


    3. Fluttershy Friend

      Fluttershy Friend

      Thaaaanks friend!:fluttershy:

    4. Johnny1226


      Good night Lyra 

  21. So I couldn't find whinny city con in conventions tab mofht as well post here in planning a trip their winderung if anypony in the MAN area is also going thinking of starting a carpool party to their heroes a link for details to it hit me up or pm me if your interested in tagging along :D

  22. “Dogs don’t fly kites”

  23. Hello everypony.

  24. My new profile picture contains my original profile pic (bottom left), @SparklingSwirls (top left) and @Gabosor (top right) 's renditions of it, and my completely messed up take on it (bottom right). Enjoy! :P

    1. Babyyoshi309
    2. SolarFlare13


      what a beautiful profile pic :P :catface:

  25. so planning on would be years thinking about it and maybe one day we can move to seems its the 8th most safe country in the world and the usa is.....114th...

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    2. Steam Control

      Steam Control

      here are the numbers....a iceland is number one ! XD lol

      havent seen the vid yet

    3. Prospekt


      I want to live in New Zealand someday, but I don't think I could ever afford to, and my family would be so far away, so it'll probably never happen.

    4. Steam Control

      Steam Control

      i almost thought about new zealand but at this time a year it would be summer XD

  26. Memories made with someone you love are the most precious of times 


  27. Going in tomorrow for another first day of work. A sort of practice run to see if boss wants to keep me around, but as quiet as it seems, think I'm a shoe-in! Just glad to get outta the house, I am. Been stewing in myself for far too long.

     Wish me luck!

     ...mostly in getting enough sleep and being rested for the big day. Because... that has not been happening lately...

     So very foggy... we is, yes. 

    1. PiratePony


      Good luck!

    2. Johnny1226


      Good luck widdershins 

    3. Duality


      Hope it goes well! :D

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