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  2. Why do I do it?

    Why do I put up with other people's shit?

    1. shyabetes3939


      Spoiler alert: You don't have to! :mlp_smug:

    2. Rainbow heart 55

      Rainbow heart 55

      I understand how you feel some people can be pretty annoying.

    3. Cyclone 1066

      Cyclone 1066

      Just the way I was raised I guess.

  3. Chrysalis: H-hey, how did you get down there?


  4. Looks like Cloudsdale gonna win the world pony cup which is what I voted for. 

    1. Tacodidra


      Pretty much as expected! B)

  5. Saw your art on DeviantART. am Impressed.

  6. -is sad because he misses his Jade-

  7. Worked probably bit too intensively wit those sheets again most of the day went working with them 

  8. Yesterday
  9. Twilights reign continues

    1. Tacodidra


      Not very surprising – Cloudsdale vs. Somnambula was surprisingly close at first, but in general I'd expect the Mane 6 and their teams to win...

  10. Chrysalis: This is my private sanctuary. I don’t know how you found me here, but I would... appreciate it if you stayed!


    1. shyabetes3939


      You bet I will! :mlp_smug:

    2. Sondash Studios

      Sondash Studios

      Ooh! Love it! Can you give me a tour?

    3. DivineLuna1000


      @Sondash Studios Chrysalis: Very well, but I’m keeping my eyes on you!

  11. Sent you a discord message saying happy birthday :twi: . Happy birthday here too :yay: *hugs*

    1. SparklingSwirls


      Oh yeah, you sent me that right as I woke up, sorry I forgot about it :P

      Thanks Wolfie! *hugs back* :catface:

  12. I feel so frazzled now :lostit:

    1. Kyoshi


      That word makes me think your hair is all POOF. XD

  13. I guess my days of being super active on here are over. I just do not have the time anymore to spend on here and when I do I find myself doing something else. Sad reality of life to be fair. :sealed:

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    2. TheTaZe


      @Tacodidra The thing is, I have too much to do sometimes and it's making me lose my sanity. You know what I mean?

    3. Tacodidra


      I understand that completely. Not that my situation is anything similar but I understand anyway. :kindness:

      I still enjoy talking to others here (a lot in fact), but I can't deny there are more moments than before when it's uneventful and I'm just bored... :mellow:

    4. Rikifive


      Nuuu not you Taze! D:

      But... Oh I perfectly know that feel. For me it's been like this for years now. :mlp_icwudt: However, even though I always feel busy, I'm always eager to do something if there's an occasion. :P It doesn't work well for my projects though, as these require way greater amounts of time, which are harder to find. :adorkable:

      And speaking of motivation - I perfectly know what you mean there too. I also kinda feel a lack of motivation to come here. :twismile: Many factors count here, basically it's just the fact, that I don't have much to do here. :twi: Literally, all I do is to steal moderators' job and play smarty pants in the Canterlot area. :love: .. and also visit status updates. I'm such an exciting pony. :mlp_icwudt: Maybe it would be different if I'd finally catch up with the show - at least I could participate in discussions. :muffins:

      I was thinking of taking a long break - to finally stop playing smarty pants and focus on normal things ~ come back when having something to share...
      As for leaving permanently... I'd have difficulties with that, as I love this place, so that most likely will not happen anytime soon.


      I hope you'll find the motivation and time Taze. :kindness:

  14. image0.jpg?width=226&height=301

    Look who was in my happy meal from McDonald's today! :3

    1. Rainbow heart 55

      Rainbow heart 55

      Awesome starlight looks so cute and adorable. 

  15. Yay schools over for the week and I get to go home and relaxed.

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    2. Tacodidra


      I hope you have a nice weekend! :squee:

    3. Twilight Luna

      Twilight Luna

      Awesome. One more day for me until the weekend. 

    4. Rainbow heart 55

      Rainbow heart 55

      @Divine plywood yes I’m going to go with my mom tomorrow to the movies to go see a house with a clock in it’s walls. Super excited.

  16. Swirl's birthday? :pinkie:

    Happy birthday Swirl! :D Have lots of cake and ice cream.

    1. SparklingSwirls


      Aww thanks Totally! 

      I didn't have cake or ice cream, but I did have an apple scone and some flan! And oysters :nom: 

    2. Totally Totally

      Totally Totally

      No cake or ice cream? :(

      That does sound good. It doesn't make up for no birthday cake on a birthday, but I suppose it's close. :P

  17. Sorry, ignore that last status. Problems going on right now that I really shouldn't be venting about online.

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    2. Totally Totally

      Totally Totally

      I have a venting notepad for things like this, which I then burn the pages of after use. It helps a little. :P

    3. Rikifive


      Venting notepad? Can you type your problems there and close it to lock them there and be free? That's interesting! Must have! :D  

      I hope everything will get better for you. :fluttershy:

    4. Totally Totally

      Totally Totally

      Nah, this one's a good ol' fashion paper notepad. It's much more satisfying to burn the pages. And so I know I can write whatever I need to write and no one else will ever see it. :)

  18. Being excited for a game is such a good feeling, ya know? Dah hype.

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    2. Clod


      Last CoD I played was BO1 and that was only because it was my cousin's copy and my friend wanted to play it lol. Just not really into CoD or similar games. (Also I'm bad at them)

      FH4 will definitely be the best. It'll feel almost like a new game every week. Changing seasons is one of the best things they could've done.

    3. Kyoshi


      The Call of Duty game that I by far loved was Black Ops 2, I played that game so much, got to the highest rank and I remember being so excited for it and it didn't disappoint. This is the first time since that game that I have had that feeling.

      About FH4, is that how they are doing the seasons? Changing it every week?

    4. Clod


      Yeah, it's one season per week.

      Forzathons are different now, too. There are weekly, daily, and hourly events. Also, nothing is locked behind them so the only things that are only available for a certain time will be like the Quartz Regalia in FH3, because it was part of a promotional thing (but everyone got one if they'd already played either FH3 or FFXV)

  19. Gonna go now.


    Take care all and thank you again for the lovely support.

    1. Amanita


      Bye Rooster! You take care, stay safe, and have fun! See you when you get back!

    2. Tacodidra


      You're welcome! :kindness: See you later, my friend! :fluttershy:

  20. Hey thanks for the follow friend I shall do the same in Kind ;)

    1. The Bone Soldier

      The Bone Soldier

      You’re so welcome, my fellow Aussie.


      Thank you.

  21. BEST NIGHT EVER!! the pup crawl was a wonderful success although my head is slightly sore from the booze involved. I am now going to volunteer setting at the convention up for the wonderful weekend in Adelaide Saddle-Aide :derp:

  22. Comparing Cozy Glow to Darla Dimple yet again 


    Cozy manages to be scarier


  23. If only Animal Crossing had a PC title.

    1. Kyoshi


      I could imagine the sheer amount of mods for that.

  24. Oooh, another Xcom pony parody, and an old one too:


  25. Enjoy another preview for tomorrow's exciting chapter of AJBS!

    And of course, considering the spirit of today with everyone just straight up enjoying themselves, and the atmosphere of the universe around us, certain things couldn't simply be done without the use of a song number. And I may regret later teaching Pinkie these exact lyrics... And everyone else soon joining in.

    "I'll pile on the candy,

    It's such a pretty sight.

    It makes the food taste dandy,

    But my tummy hurts all night!"

    Following Pinkie's verse with the pink pony in question mixing up some batter, Spike decided to pitch in, that more childish side to him being brought out to the fullest today. The dragon in question was helping the mare with adding the eggs.

    "I'll put in some ingredients.

    But keep the rest for me.

    I'm not just disobedient,

    I'm careful, can't you see?"

    Twilight and Rarity took the next verse, the two currently inspecting the first layer of the cake in the oven. Apparently some magic in the world lets you automatically learn the lyrics of a song before ever hearing them. But what can ya do? Both their voices sounded lovely and elegant together.

    "It's a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake, if the way is hazy!

    You gotta do the cooking by the book. You know you can't be lazy!

    Never use a messy recipe, the cake will end up crazy!

    If you do the cooking by the book, then you'll have a cake!"

    Starlight and Fluttershy, carefully weighing the next batch of flour together, dropped in the next lines with flawless timing. I was really impressed by the coordination in baking and spirit together.

    "We gotta have it made!

    You know that I love cake!

    Finally it's time to make a cake!"

    The kitchen was overflown with food appliances, discarded and laid-out ingredients, everyone working together in unity to design the perfect friendship cake. Earlier when that very proposal emerged from my mouth, Pinkie didn't waste a second in dragging me down to the kitchen with everyone else, the thought of us all baking some massive expression of our bonds tickling her excited side... Although to be fair, anything would tickle that side of hers.

    Speaking of Pinkie, she happily accepted the next verse.

    "Making food is just like science,

    With tools that blend and baste!

    And every fun appliance,

    Gives the food a different taste!"

    Finally, Applejack and Rainbow had their turn, the farmer and Wonderbolt currently mashing together their own layer for the cake without much care. Of course, Applejack was doing the effort of being precise, whereas Rainbow was adopting her typical approach of 'mash everything at once and see what pops up.' I had to grin and shake my head at their antics.

    "It's a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake, if the way is hazy!

    You gotta do the cooking by the book, you know you can't be lazy!

    Never use a messy recipe, the cake will end up crazy!

    If you do the cooking by the book, then you'll have a cake!"

    If someone told me, a very long time ago, I would be joining with seven magical ponies and a talking dragon in a musical cover of a song from Lazytown, I would probably slap you. I was tempted to just 'Robbie Rotten' it and sit back, enjoying the show. But alas, the pleasant atmosphere and... Well, fun of it all incited me to add in the next lyrics alongside Pinkie.

    "We gotta have it made!

    You know that I love cake!

    Finally it's time to make a cake!"

    What was I doing from all this, you ask? Why, tending to the marzipan, of course! Love me some marzipan, this will be the greatest cake ever, to Pinkie's inevitable quoting.

    Now, everyone joined in the final verse.

    "We gotta have it made!

    You know that I love cake!

    Finally it's time to make a-!"

    And Pinkie.

    "You gotta do the cooking by the book."

    And everyone again.


    "Woohoo! This will be the greatest cake EVER!"

    What'd I tell you-?

    And not two seconds did Pinkie proclaim this, that the whole room suddenly exploded in batter. My body immediately shuddered at the cold yellow substance suddenly sticking to my hands, finger and face, never mind my own hair. And a sheepish Rainbow Dash proceeded to call out one singular summary.


    ...And the next explosion within the room was laughter. I mean, come on, like anything else was expected to happen.

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