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  1. Past hour
  2. God... I really want some pizza now :/


    1. jorge123esp


      Oh god, it was so hilarious :lol::lol::lol:

  3. When a fighter aircraft broke the sound barrier... holy shit, it was scaring D: 

  4. Im back everypony I just had to have some time alone

    1. Dawn Darkness

      Dawn Darkness

      Enjoyed your little alone time?

    2. CinderHeart


      @Dawn Darkness

      It was okay I guess

  5. Today
  6. What would happen if you made a VR game but direction of turning inverted? Like on a controller you can invert the camera controls, but in VR.

    How much would this mess with someone's head?

    1. Coffee


      If it's like any other Sense-inversion experiment , It'd take'em a bit to adjust but once they do...It'll start to get weird once they take off the Goggles...

  7. Well I finally deleted my story for good. It was just sitting there getting more dislikes then likes and I figured if its going to do that,then delete it.  However, I  may post the chapters on here to get feedback

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    2. Snow


      That's not very nice, I hope you get some feedback here.

    3. The Cynical Lone Wolf
    4. Deae Rising Shine~

      Deae Rising Shine~

      oh yeah, even tough one story only has 1 more dislike then like it was most of them time in the dislike but the only comment anbout help was my grammar that I know isn't the greatest, but nothing else, but I doubt my grammar is so bad, because all other stories have more likes then dislikes

  8. Sunday? More like...Gaming....Day.....of Gaming. That's pretty much all I do on Sunday's. XD Good morning to you all as well.

    1. Totally Lyra

      Totally Lyra

      Good morning Kyoshi! Much gaming is in both our futures methinks.

  9. The most amazing music I've ever heard all month... *snicker*


  10. History must live.

  11. I have a message for beginner artists on my DA account. Its important and kinda funny so please look and feel better about yourself! 


  12. Greetings and salutations! It has been a long time, perhaps you might be up for a roleplay together?

    I may not roplay Princess Celestia anymore, something I have felt quite the painful sting of nostalgia for today to be honest, but you do still play the pony version of The Doctor. An adventure with him would be quite a bit of fun, or just generally having something put together with him and one or more of my characters.


  13. Ok so now my internet is slowing down to between 0 and 8 Kbps. 8 Kilobits per second. Slower than dial-up. Why must it do this to me?

    It isn't permanent but it's doing it.

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    2. meme


      I've scanned many times using Malwarebytes and got nothing.

      For now I'm just dealing with it because there's nothing nearby that could help.

    3. Ethan Tran

      Ethan Tran

      did you try to plug it? directly from your router? i assume you must have one..


    4. meme


      No, not yet. Forgot to do that. Guess I should try it later (it's 6 AM and people are sleeping and I should sleep soon).

  14. Never hedge your bet on a dirty Corvette,

  15. It's a beautiful morning to look for some new games to try out :love:;) 

  16. I just woke up and already want to go back to sleep :scots:

  17. I honestly have no idea what I want to do with my life lol

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    2. meme


      It sounds good and all but I already told you I have no transportation or anything. (that sentence sounded rude sorry)

      I did try talking to my mother about getting a job somewhere early in the morning (father has the car for his job in the afternoon) but she hasn't said anything about it yet. Guess I'll have to try reminding her. I think she didn't take it seriously but I want some money to finally do what I want to do.

      I honestly don't expect to be a famous streamer. If I do that's great, if not oh well. But you don't need to be famous to make a little money from people who want to donate :P


      And even better, I can just do it from the times I'm normally awake: late at night. With my online schooling I don't need to do stuff at any specific time. Then I don't need to worry about noise so much, because my family can be loud during the day.


      Whoa what the hell did you do? Positive thinking about my future? What is this magic?

    3. Snow


      While at the end of it all I want to have a tanktuary (tank sanctuary) and restore / take care of tanks in the mean time I was think something like motivational speaker / politician, I'm not 100% sure what it is but I really enjoy helping other people find happiness and success, its just a weird thing about me. :)

      I'll throw some more stuff at you tomorrow but It is getting rather late now.

    4. The_Gobo


      That's kinda the point, you're not suppose to know what to do with your life.

      You're suppose to figure it out o3o


  18. Good-Morning-Lazy-Cat-wg16194.jpg 

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    2. KTAG


      Really? I guess I can see how some episodes can be boring. What animes are you into?

    3. The Cerberus

      The Cerberus

      There is way too many to list or remember, but Tokyo Ghoul, Parasyte, One punch man and Assassination classroom are few good examples. 

    4. KTAG


      I've heard of Tokyo Ghoul, but I never saw it. I did see and finish One Punch Man. That was a very funny anime.

  19. I should try to do commissions but the idea of someone paying for my art scares me.

    I feel like I might disappoint them. Even so I feel it will help my confidence. 

    -Nervous. Nervous-

    No I still don't think I'm good enough to sell it.. I like helping people more anyways



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    2. Prophet


      -He nods- ; u ; Yeah

    3. PuddingPonyPal


      Let me know when you decide to do it! I would love to see your first commission! 

    4. Stormfury


      Doo eet. :twi:

      Your art is lovely, btw. ^_^

  20. does anyone have any good movies suggestions? I want one to just put on and kinda watch while I chill

    1. Snow


      What kind of genres do you like?

    2. child of the night

      child of the night

      I kinda like more action/fantasy genre, basically anything that strays far away from horror or documentary

    3. Snow


      Horror documentaries hu? hmm, tough one, I'll see what I can find for ya. :orly:

      Heh heh, only joking, perhaps some examples of movies you have already seen and enjoyed so I know what kind of stuff you prefer?

  21. Rip starburst 

  22. It's been a fun day, Maple. I await for what's next in our RP.

    1. Maple Bat

      Maple Bat

      Aye. It was fun (And busy) for me too I'll post ASAP

  23. Lady Kiriness Oc is called a Kirin. 

    I never heard of them and I love them!

    So I drew one! <3

    Water Kiri.jpg

    1. Stormfury
    2. Vulon Bii

      Vulon Bii

      They're a small drake, but still dragons, so they're cool. The one here looks like the Jin Dynasty flavor.

    3. Prophet



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