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    Letting you down easy but just give it time!



  3. Good night everypony.

  4. Thanks for the follow.

    1. Sparklefan1234


      You're Welcome, New Friend! :D

  5. About to start watching some more, I can’t wait! :D I’ll be finishing season 2!

  6. Teacupping: When you have no bloody idea what they just said, but you want to feel like your a part of what's going on.

  7. *finds adorable ponepic tumblr page*

    > page 1 of 481

    challenge accepted

    1. Arid_Blitz


      o3o sometimes you can set it up to just be pics instead of pics and anything else they posted without pics

  8. Today
  9. Okay, that last status update may have been pushing some boundaries. So heres a better one.


    Same message as before. Im going to keep my perzsonal grievences with other forums to private messages only.

  10. she's so amazing 💕

    1. Fennekin


      Do i get points if i figure out who "she" is?

    2. DuskSong


      lol, sorry for the vagueness of the status. Had a good day and lots of conversations with my crush and finally asked for a way to contact her outside of school and crushing even harder now

  11. you know I am seriously waiting for the day when someone ask me why I love svengallop so much since I know its gonna happen XD

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    2. Larrydog


      I was hoping someone would do that lol

    3. PiratePony
    4. Larrydog


      are you legit curious? or are you asking just because I pretty much asked for it? lol

  12. (Wakes up from a nap, finding myself already wrapped up in my mommy's nice warm hooves, away from the cold outside)

    1. WiiGuy2014


      Son, I know you're still young, but have you had any dreams of what you might be doing when you grow up?

      Would you be a farmer like your mother, a royal guard like your biological father, a storyteller like me, or what else?

    2. Baby Dashie

      Baby Dashie

      I'm not sure. Maybe a weather control Pegasus. But for now I just want to be the cute little baby you and mommy know and love.

  13. But... ponies are for girls XP:wacko:

    1. Chocobo.


      *Gasp* Why did nobody tell me before!?

  14. Still running a 99.4. I had sick call today, but I have a physical fitness test and written exam tomorrow. T-T

    1. PiratePony


      That's not a fever.

    2. Meson Bolt

      Meson Bolt

      Well, not a really bad one. It's only 1.6° hotter than normal. Enough to make me feel bad tho. =.=

  15. I've been meaning to ask, have you been following Tangled: The Series?

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    2. PiratePony


      Sorry to intrude, but it is amazing. The last several episodes have been fantastic!!

    3. Sparklefan1234


      @PiratePony @Yellow Diamond

      The Season 1 Finale was awesome! :D

      Also, Rapunzel bias aside this may be the first show I've watched where I have yet to dislike an episode. 


    4. Yellow Diamond

      Yellow Diamond




      "Excuse my interruption, my vision is augmented."

      No intrusion at all! They've definitely exceeded my initial expectations (which were high, but not this high).

      Also, shame on you for saying "Rapunzel bias" like it may be a bad thing. :P

  16. Ironhide has some junk in the trunk 


    1. VG_Addict


      Who are your top 5 favorite Transformers?

    2. Prowl


      1) Bumblebee
      2) Soundwave
      3) Sideswipe
      4) Prowl
      5) Optimus

  17. HI GUYSES! THIRD STATUS UPDATE IN A ROW! I'm that excited.

     Speaking of "excited." Just heard that old "I'm so excited" song by the Pointy Sisters for the first time and that's totally our theme song!, Me, as in the character, so much as... but that's not what I wanted to confess to you all!


     Oft I have eschewed mine hatred of spider monkeys but... MTG has put out a new Unhinged Set!

    It's just OOZING with my tactics and strategies!!! You all just have to go out and buy AAAALL OF IT! Especially you!!!

    (It has alot of "science" stuff and building of complicated contraptions. Too many rules for me as opposed to blind luck, but I feel you'd take to it like water to water!) There's the option to fuse together unwilling test subjects too! SEE! The Steam-Powered Pony! The NinjaBot! The Half-Squirrel, Half-Vacuum! AND THE MOST TERRIFYING OF ALL! 


    ...but none of the cards so far encapsulates everything I hold dear as the Spirit of Confusion as the Willing Test Subject!:

    37693.png    "Wonder what THIS does?!!?"

     There's a considerably high chance she wasn't even female to begin with. ...I'm not protesting. Lol.

     I need several more Willing Test Subjects. Preferably with Mandatory Friendship Shackles.

      ...and you have no idea how absurdly happy I am that I can walk up to the card shop owner and say that outloud. And mean it. 

    1. Duality


      wait what's 'mtg' and what's an 'unhinged set'

    2. Widdershins


      Magic: The Gathering, a TCG. And something Wizards of the Coast, the company that makes it has done, is do a sort of self-parody block of their cards. Typically starting with the Un- prefix. 

  18. Thinking about picking up CoD:WWII for $44 but im really unsure about it..

  19. Howdy-hey! Guess what I just figured out! If you wink your eyes one after another, it's like the whole of reality is becoming a strobe-light dance party!

      ....reeeeally wish you wouldn't do that while we were driving.

    Works great while some Wubs is playin'! An' pshaw! Not like we died yet!

  20. Back from my first day at the new job! Time sure flies when you basically work out of a toy chest! Think I might call it that from now on! They're basically another packaging place, just a lot lower scale.

     Besides the heat-sensing coffee mugs, there's one other trinket bauble I'd like to call y'alls attention to.

     A nifty, cute little electronic book by the name of... Jurassic Farts. It's a collection of dinosaur flatulence. It's... *eye fluttering pause* possibly the most amazing thing I've ever seen. In the past week.

    1. Duality


      Good to hear it went well! :D

      [carefully ignores any mention of dinosaur flatulence]

    2. Widdershins



             CAAAAAAAAAKE F- NO!

      That reference references something else a little too sketchy...

  21. When someone boops you on the Boop A Snoot thread.

    (No? Just me? Okay...) 

  22. So, were getting snow tomorrow.

    I did not move halfway across the damn country for this weather, this sucks.

    I demand a refund.

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    2. Fennekin


      Its slippery.

    3. Califorum


      But it'll close school, heh.

    4. Fennekin


      Yeah, but i used to have 19 feet snow drifts

  23. Merry Birthiversary!

  24. Merry Birthiversary!

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