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  2. The christmas at my school was Disco-tastic! B)

  3. i'd say shadows are pretty heavy

    i mean, they definitely aren't light

    1. L1ghtn1ng_Flash


      that was a really good dad joke lol

  4. is there a place that every pony went off to? i've said it before, but this site was much more active before...

  5. Well, it's my birthday. Not that anyone would know that because the site isn't even displaying it, but honestly who the fuck cares. Just another worthless day in my worthless life. I'd be better off celebrating it by smashing my face into a wall.

    1. L1ghtn1ng_Flash


      hey man don't think like that, it was my birthday two days ago... 

      happy birthday

    2. Kyoshi


      All this day is for me is the celebration of the birth of a plague scum, that being me.

    3. L1ghtn1ng_Flash


      lol as if anyone would ever consider you plague skum, thats the most ridiculous thing ive ever heard, come on man snap out of it, this isnt the kyoshi i remember

  6. Today
  7. 1. I got muted from a discord server yesterday and I was like "Really?"


    2. Why can't I feel any emphaty for other people nowadays? Like when someone died or feel down, I don't even feel sad at all. Am I really that broken now?

    1. CypherHoof


      Not sure I WANT to know where asking the price of items is a banning offence...

  8. My personal favorite Yule lad has come to town :D


  9. I'm glad to say this morning dawned with my cold gone. My voice is still hoarse but thats nothing. I hope you all have a great morning aswell

    1. Tacodidra


      Good morning, my friend! :fluttershy: I'm glad to hear that! :kindness:

    2. Cash In

      Cash In

      It's good that you're feeling better! Heh, my voice is hoarse, even when I'm perfectly well. 

  10. It's been close to 11 days since I bought Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and it took me over 17 hours to beat the Adventure World.


    Actually that was only the Light World. Turns out there's a Dark World I need to traverse!


  11. This past month has been a big wake-up call for me as far as elections go. For those who followed me and talked with me, it's no secret, but for others, it isn't. Despite being a registered Democrat in a deep-blue state, I was Bernie or Bust. I followed his primary closely and supported him more and more as he rallied throughout the country. During the primary campaign in New York, I started to like Clinton less and less for various reasons, such as Bill Clinton admonishing BLM protestors to Hillary's shadiness in the debate to Hillary goysplaining to Sanders before the primary election in a pro-Isreal news site. After a Clinton Super PAC spent more than a million dollars trolling Sanders supporters online, I was done! Clinton lost my vote, period.

    Yet, despite that, a part of me at the time considered voting for Clinton in the general election, anyway. I'm generally not a single-issue voter except for one: the Vice-President. Ten years ago, when I was more supportive of right-wing stances, I juggled between voting for Obama or McCain. McCain chose Sarah Palin, a factually-worse VP choice over Biden. After that, the choice was easy, and I voted for Obama in '08 and '12. Despite going BoB, I liked Stein more than Clinton, and while Kaine is so centrist, I hated Baraka for calling Obama the "UT" racial slur and claiming that the shooting down of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 over Ukraine was a false flag operation, a conspiracy theory rivaling 9/11 truthers. Yet, despite that, I went ahead and voted for Stein/Baraka on the Green ticket.

    Come this year, I pledged to never vote for Cuomo in any election or primary. In the primary, I voted for Nixon. Come the election, I was steadfast into voting for the Green Party's Howie Hawkins. But on election day, I voted the entire Democratic Party ticket, including Cuomo. So what changed? The day before, a poll came out showing Cuomo's massive lead diminishing into the teens and was trailing when polling among Independents. Cuomo's an atrocious gov, but given enough pressure (and bribes), he can be swayed leftward. Mark Molinaro would've been a sworn enemy to progressives. Safe blue or not, I couldn't afford to have a Republican in Albany's top seat, so I held my nose for Cuomo.

    And come over the last month has been a time of reflection. I'm an avowed left-winger and not shy in my support for both communism and socialism. Yet, I feel manipulated by many fellow leftists on Twitter who…

    1. Posted convincing nationalistic propaganda supporting Cuba's, China's, the old USSR's, Syria's, and North Korea's totalitarian governments. Our government's completely shit at civil rights both at home and abroad. We have an internally imperialistic government that bullies others if the U.S. doesn't get their way. America's treatment of AA's, Native-Americans, Latinos, Palestinians, other Arabs, and Muslims both nationwide and worldwide come to mind. But that doesn't make their governments any better. Totalitarian governments upset my very own morale, but the push for regime change doesn't make the situation any better. Every time we get involved, we make things worse. Our war crimes in Vietnam, overthrowing democratically-elected governments in Chile, Iran, Guatemala, and Honduras (and a more recent attempt against Nicaragua's left-wing government), our oppressive treatment of North Korea, and "operations" in Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Yemen come to mind. Regarding Yemen, we're working with Saudi Arabia and the UAE and contributing to the worst humanitarian crisis since the Holocaust.
    2. Decried the Democratic Party as exactly the same party as the Republicans. Criticism of terrible Democrats and the DNC is healthy, and a lot of the policies and laws that Trump passed were aided by many Dems, such as Wall Street deregulation, the passing of SESTA/FOSTA (in which only two Senators voted no: Wyden an Rand Paul). The Young Turks and Kyle Kulinski are great in letting off on establishment Democrats. But even at the end of the day, TYT as a whole and Kulinski (despite voting for Stein) know that the worst Dem is better. As much as it stung two years ago, Sarah Silverman's off-the-cuff, cross response to the "Bernie-or-Bust" delegates chanting was right on point. Going back to this later.
    3. Reacted irrationally after another leftist dared to praise a Republican. The reactions toward Ocasio-Cortez for praising John McCain (who she likely knew personally when she worked for Sen. Kennedy) and Ro Khanna after initially endorsing Joe Crowley come to mind. As bad as Gillum's RW talking point of declaring accountability towa Central-American countries and his pivot to the center are, he's to the left of many other Democrats and was a billion times better than DeSantis. We didn't need leftists who don't live in Florida, including myself, to sway other Floridians to not vote for Gillum. Florida's beautiful and diverse, but it's also a southern state and home to white supremacy like any other in the South.
    4. Completely dismissing the possibility that Russia worked with Trump or colluded with Trump in the campaign. Now, some of this criticism of Russiagate is fair. The recent report of Russia campaigning on social media to convince African-Americans is a major stretch and stinks of absolving Hillary's own campaign screw-ups. But there IS evidence of Russian corruption with Trump, and it's aplenty. The fact that Trump's so reactionary when it comes to Russiagate further fuel the suspicions.

    Going back to Senator Sanders, there are people who are Hillary supporters and not left-wing who have fair criticism of Senator Sanders's record, blind spots and faux-pas. He's an excellent senator and would make a great president, but like anyone else, no track record's perfect. Many of these same leftists were also fair in criticizing him, too, for various reasons, such as being anti-BDS, going against the grain and saying that anyone regardless of spectrum should eat peacefully, voting for the Crime Bill (I don't care if it included the Violence Against Women Act and the decade-long assault-weapons ban; it was a really bad bill that drove mass incarcerations), and voting for SESTA/FOSTA. But he also said an embarrassing faux-pas after Gillum and Abrams lost their elections, one in which Sanders (through staff) had to clarify quickly after; those who got upset or angry at him for this (both moderate and left-wing) were completely right. Even I admit to being guilty of retorting to fair criticism. The big problem, unfortunately, is that White-Wing/"centrist" Dems mask this criticism with Neo-Nazi talking points and Trump-esque conspiracy theories (i.e., supporting the Jane Sanders bank fraud investigation, which was started by Trump's Vermont campaign manager), heavily implicating that their hatred for him comes from primarying Clinton and being a non-stereotypical, left-wing Jew, which completely negates any meaningful discourse.

    As for Democrats, they're unquestionably better, even if they're to my right.

    1. Even the worst Democrats will vote with the Dems more than a Republican. Manchin's atrocious, but compared to a Repub who'll vote with Trump about 90% of the time, at least he'll vote with Trump less. Many Republicans pan Trump's actions, yet they vote with him 80-90% of the time. Bill Nelson's better then Rick Scott. Lipinsky's better than Arthur Jones (a Holocaust denier; even Ted Cruz endorsed Lipinsky). Abrams is better than Kemp. Evers is better than Walker. You get the picture. Often, when Republicans have the chance to criticize Trump, they don't. When you vote for a Republican, you're voting for a cult-right/Trump puppet. The Republican Party is the Party of Trump, and that is a fact.
    2. The Republican Party of Wisconsin continues to pursue a major power grab, making Governor-elect Evers and LG-elect Barnes more like lame-duck officials. Combine that with the racist Voter ID Law, massive gerrymandering to institute GOP control, and now less early-voting days, the GOP looks for ways to grab more power. This also happened in North Carolina in 2016 and Michigan this year.
    3. Protests by the Sunrise Movement are occurring to push the Democratic Party into approving a Green New Deal, thereby treating climate change with the urgency it deserves. Instead of protesting Republicans, they protest Dems. Why? Because at the very least, most Democrats will listen to their constituents. Those who don't will either risk more pressure or a primary on their corrupt asses. The GOP's a zombie bought and paid for from top to bottom.

    This leads me to the Green Party and, in particular, Jill Stein. There's a reason why Hillary supporters view her as a spoiler. She's a phony. A politician with no substance during presidential runs and plenty of baggage. Last night @PathfinderCS showed me on Discord a link of her doubling down on 9/11 truthrism, which I didn't know about. I would've voted for Clinton in a swing state then, but if I knew she's a truther, then she would never have gotten my vote, period. At least, Ralph Nader's a very good, smart, authentic person. If any of you don't regret voting for her, cool. For me, it was. Neither she nor Baraka will ever get my vote again.

    Coming 2020, I will vote for the best candidate in the NY primary. If Bernie's in it, unless there's someone better or if he drops out, he gets my vote. But come election time, there will be no "Bernie or Bust." Whether it's Kamala Harris, O'Rourke, Joe Biden, Richard Ojeda, Abrams, Gillum, Andrew Yang, Bernie, Gillibrand, Warren, or someone else, they'll get my vote.

    1. JonasDarkmane


      Why the hell would you not seize on to the moment and vote for someone like Tulsi Gabbard? 

  12. Pleasant fetal transmogrification day!

  13. Feel like I've been going on autopilot for the past few days. Where has time gone?

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    2. Tacodidra


      I have no idea. Even the boring times go by fast when you look back at them (though it unfortunately doesn't feel like that at the time)...

    3. Snow


      I feel you mate, how is it the 18th of December already?? when was the first?? 

    4. Lord Valtasar

      Lord Valtasar

      Time doesn't move. We move in it. So it has gone nowhere

  14. I don't know why Marvel hasn't tried to put advertisements on the Hulk.

    He's essentially a giant banner.

  15. How is everyone?

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    2. Kyoshi


      Doing better than what I was much earlier today. Been playing some Battlefield V. Good stuff. 

    3. Dabmanz


      @Tacodidra Hope you feel better also I am good.

      @Phosphor I am good Btw do the saints wear purple? No wait wrong saints. :P

      @Kyoshi I am glad you are feeling better. Battlefeild 5 sounds fun.

    4. Kyoshi


      A good mood is only very, very temporary for me. 

  16. Wanted your opinion on a few things!

     To whit: Bookimentals!

    41c.jpg.48b6d1d7e163bba6fd83db30b79af5ac.jpg Think "Jane Air" has a bit of a reputation...

     There four or five versions, each with another part of the rambling prose. Yes, its a sentient book. It gets better.

    Image.jpg.ccfd79cf451b543132067aba6d80976f.jpg Raar! Me bookcase!

      And better yet still... for when those textbooks can't all come to you at once...

    153070_200w.jpg.b610c9c1ba53280e4e21f5a535af86f3.jpg It's got ladders for legs! I always knew Libraries were alive!

     Best way to die, I'd say. Being Booked!

     "Raawr! I don't think you understand the full ramifications of Platoian discussion! READ ME!!" 

     "Your about to be... checked out!"

     Truly, this is why you don't dogear or set books facedown, splitting their spines. They don't like that.

  17. Considering how I've CONSTANTLY run into Rare Heartless, I think Pinkie Pie might be right. It's a Coinky-Dink World. Coincidentally running into Heartless I 'expect' to be there.

  18. (Yawns) night everypony 

    1. Millennium Shadow

      Millennium Shadow

      Nini, Chrimson. Sleep well. -hugs- :orly:

    2. Tacodidra


      Good night, my friend! :kindness:

    3. Twilight Luna

      Twilight Luna

      Have a good night!

  19. So I guess I'm a furry now

    No one start a war I know this community's history with war on the furry fandom. Just don't. War is bad, M'kay?

    1. CHA0SXIII


      So you're a furry, big deal. I'm not a furry/otherkin, but I have nothing against them myself.

    2. AveryGamerDude


      WHO GIVES A CRAP DUDE?! You aren't hurting anyone!

  20. So, a while back I got the idea of a new Pokemon region in a dream. Been trying to work out the two legendaries of the region & was wondering if y'all had any ideas for names. As Pokemon names tend to be either bad puns or buried, obscure references, I'm kinda stuck.

     What they represent, is Reality & Fantasy, Nature & Nuture, Fact & Fiction.

     First is a gigantic, moving, living Brushfire of an Old God. Worshiped in days of old with what could have very well been blood sacrifices. It represents the fire that gave birth to mankind's innovation and the fact it cannot separate itself from its base natures. How Life is about its harshness & how you work with what you've got.

     It's some huge green monster with trees growing out its back that are constantly on fire. Grass/Fire legendary. 


     Second is a Fairy/Dragon. ...I'm sure you can guess what it's loosely based on...

     Despite its constant sightings, no one can believe in it on account that its form is so mind-warpingly erratic that every account either varies or falls short of being described with mere words. It doesn't look like a pokemon nor anything organic or real. Like a huge chain of neon & pastel pink shards of a living stain-glass-window, something akin to a representation of an Eastern Dragon, limbs seem to appear and shift at random. It's said to live between minds & consciousness inspiring creativity & dreams... yet in the game can be found in the endless field of flowers in the region that provide a home for the local Fairy types. It represents how mind & perception are everything; how if you will it, it can be, that belief can shape whole worlds alone!

     It might be an old god as well, as both antagonize the other & have a bad habit of driving humans insane. 


     ...Kinda wanna call them something derived from Philosophy... I'll have to do some research.

     ...and also blog about the region here, cause I do want me a review from someone.

    1. Altastrofae


      First one is obvious


      Prometheus + Herba. Like a plant-like Prometheus


      Second one took some more thinking

      I'm thinking Escryu

      descry + Ryu

      Descry is Latin, "to anounce; to make up; to imagine"

      Ryu is Japanese for dragon

    2. Widdershins


      Hum, Thank you! Great lead to work off of! Kind of thinking of the former as more Groudon-esque, the sort, in battle, to pound everything else down to its level... so something more Titan like... though Prometheus was a Titan, I believe... Hum...

       Ancient Latin sounds right... Latin Japanese? I like that!

       Thanks Much!

  21. That has to be sloppiest Saints win I've seen in a long time, but we'll take it. Saints beat the Panthers 12-9. 

    Saints defense is legit! Who dat!  :mlp_yay:

    1. Sondash Studios

      Sondash Studios

      I'll admit Saints played well. Panthers are trash even though I live like 20 minutes away from their stadium.

    2. Phosphor


      @Sondash Studios, Panthers Defense showed up to play. Luke Kuechly is a monster. Very few can run across a formation and tackle a speedy running back like Kamara. :sealed:

    3. Sondash Studios

      Sondash Studios

      True true, it's just that it's kinda disappointing seeing the Panthers getting crushed ever since that one super bowl, but yeah, their defense is good with that hulk there.

  22. Sorry for the abrupt post, but I just wanted to say thank you for all that you and everypony else are doing to make this the happiest Christmas for everyone/pony!

    Hope you have a Merry Christmas and I hope you always remain so awesome and friendly!

    Here's a Luna for you my friend!


  23. preparing for work, bye


    1. Phosphor


      Have fun!  ^_^

  24. So at first, I thought this was just a load - fox news-esque fear mongering (and no, I don't trust any mainstream news outlet left or right) but people across the political spectrum on twitter have been sharing this, and though I still have my doubts about the legitimacy of this article or its source, when everyone is saying the same thing about the same group (in this case patreon) it starts to get a little alarming.


    Again. I am a moderate-centrist, and I trust a group calling themselves 'Far Left Watch' about as much as I would a group calling themselves 'Far Right Watch', but if it turns out that this is for real and given people - including Boogi of all people - claiming that Patreon is banning anyone who's not far-left, then we're heading for some very dark times, because we're headed towards wrongthink. We don't want to live in a society where there's wrongthink.

  25. 🎶🎶🎵🎵When I find myself in times of emotional instability 

    Mother vodka comes to me

    Speaking no words at all because it's an inanimate object

    *sips vodka*🎶🎵

    1. Widdershins


      Oy, take it easy on that stuff! Innit strong as this stuff goes?

       You and your chemical dependancies!

        *double-hand chugs a cup of coffee, then follows it down with a preformed meat patty*

           ...could use me a Twinkie about now...


    To be completely honest BBC, the belief in elves in Iceland is treated in the same fashion as when it comes to Santa Clause/the Yule Lads. It is more of a traditional thing rather than an actual strong belief. 

  27. Really enjoying these new monitors. I had been using an old flat screen from 2011, and now when I look at videos or play games everything just looks so much clearer... like I'm seeing 60fps for the first time. Hell for all I know, I'am.

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