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  2. People ask why people like video games. Well here's my reason why. Tonight I started playing Call of Duty WWII for the first time in a long time and all of a sudden I got an invite from a random account. I decided to accept it and it wound up being a friend of mine from high school that had changed their account name.

    I hadn't talked to them for like 4 years and we just spent a few hours catching up and filling each other in on what we'd been doing since high school. And it turns out they just got engaged to another old friend of mine. 

    Then when they logged off I saw that I had an invite from my old roommate so then we played for an hour or so.

    It brings old friends together and makes new ones.

  3. I'm a zebra now? But how?

    1. Kyoshi


      The power of....uhhh...friendship. :D 

    1. Kyoshi


      They probably should cancel it, the game seems like a total waste of time and resources.

    2. Ember Crescent
  4. @TheRockARooster

    Here you are!


    1. TheRockARooster



      I LOVE IT, EMMY!!!!!!!!

      Thank you so much.


    2. Emerald<3



      Hehe thanks!


      *hugs back*

      You're so welcome!

  5. nvm forget what I posted earlier my voice sounds too pitched rn

  6. How is everypony doing?

  7. This "bronies can't writer MLP episodes" dreck is annoying.

    Well, superfans developed arguably the best Sonic game of all-time and are currently producing one of the best cartoons this decade. Rebecca Sugar's passion for Revolutionary Girl Utena helped influence the creation of Steven Universe, the best western cartoon of the 2010s. Faust's episodes in season 1 might lack the polish, but G1 MLP (her favorite toy as a kid) hugely influenced her eventual creations of episodes and cartoons, including FIM.

    If superfans of past creations can produce high-quality work of either their own shows or successors of a product they loved when they were younger, then bronies can write MLP or another product as good as FIM or better. You never know.

    1. Sparklefan1234


      In "Equestria Girls 2: The Seconding", Mane Character will be a MASSIVE Batmare fan. :ticking:

  8. Gosh, I relate so hard to the Hippogriffs!

     Just saw Silverstream overcome her fear of the Storm King... and that's exactly what my biggest fear is.

     My Mother.

     I spent so much time hiding, being controlled by something bigger & meaner... its hard not to see her looming figure in everything and every interaction. B-but... I'm bigger than her now! I can make friends! I'm gonna go on adventures, n' soar through clouds!

  9. Okay... so I kinda wanna upload a video here of me singing to one of my favorite songs from Descendants (probably like, two of them).

    So... I'll update you soon. 


  10. Today
  11. look what i found in the old gaming stuff in my attic/office room 

    anyone remember this ? 


    1. Meemayfox


      An ancient artifact. :kirin:

    2. FeatherStream


      yep i knew the guy who worked at blockbuster becouse i used to go there all the time and when it was going out i went ahead and asked him to also take the box to and he was cool about it xD

    3. Prospekt


      Oh my goodness yes. I believe I even rented that same game back in the day. :D

  12. Got myself a new review!

    P.S.: @OptimisticNeighsayer and @Cwanky are credited here.

  13. preparing for work, bye

  14. Ok so I REALLY wish there was a way I could have this as a decal sticker to put on my truck. 



    And with that....goodnight.

    1. TheRockARooster


      Goodnight Lucky, sleep well. :twi::orly:

    2. DivineSoul1000


      @Lucky Bolt I need a Celestia and Luna decal on my car!

    3. Cyclone1066


      It could be arranged

  15. Going off in a minute anypony wanna say ANYTHING fore I leave

  16. hmmm... Ive been eyeing the tropics for sometime now...and it looks like things are starting to fire up out there.. So im just sitting here reviewing my hurricane plans, and supplies for the company, to be ready when one does hit:BornAgainBrony:
    Always best to be ready.

    Also, the 3D printer is in full swing in there, so you'll have to wait and see what pops out tommrow:derp: 

    1. MidnightFire1222


      Can't wait to see what pops out of it next. Hope there will be something of Derpy someday (and Dr. Hooves eventually. Lol)

    2. Arc Flash

      Arc Flash

      hmm.I need to do them too!:muffins:

  17. @Arc Flash *Boooop*


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    2. DivineSoul1000


      @Arc Flash It's okay, I'm wrapped in bubble wrap and rubber!

      *boops again*

    3. Arc Flash

      Arc Flash

      Thats a good one:laugh:

      *zaps back*

    4. DivineSoul1000


      @Arc Flash *hugs the electrified pony*


  18. Goodnight pones. I'm gonna go to sleep with a song I've listened to about 200 times in the last couple days stuck in my head. :sealed:

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    2. Prospekt


      That's been me for the past week :P

      Sleep well!

    3. Emerald<3


      Nightey night! Don't let the parasprites bite. 

    4. ChB


      Good night Lyra!

      What’s the song? :) 

  19. My stomach doesn't feel too good. It's been achy since yesterday:'(

    1. Prospekt


      Oh no! :( Awww, I hope you feel better 

    2. Meemayfox


      Feel better. *Hug*

    3. Emerald<3


      @Prospekt @Meemayfox

      Thanks. I can't tell if it's because I haven't been eating as much as usual (usually skip breakfast and lunch, going straight for snacks). 

      IDK what it is but I'll be fine. 

  20. Honestly it's good to know that I'm a criminal because I'm a liberal. :unamused:

    1. Odyssey


      You say honestly a lot, dontcha :huh: Not criticising... just something I noticed

    2. AveryGamerDude
  21. boop booop * :3

    1. DivineSoul1000
    2. FeatherStream


      you know i like the art that post on here :3 

    3. DivineSoul1000


      @FeatherStream That's just kinda my thing. All my posts have pictures in them because it's the best way to express my love for ponies!

  22. I think I might wait for the rest of the episodes to come out then binge watch the rest :3

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    2. FeatherStream


      Same here I’m getting to ware it’s just to much to wait every episode so I might just also do a marathon but it’s also to to try to go back in a fresh mind

    3. DivineSoul1000


      @FeatherStream What's been your favorite season?

    4. FeatherStream


      I would have to say season 9 and 5...just love the creepy stuff of the smiles xD 

  23. With the finale inching ever closer and closer, I feel like I'm losing my interest in MLP more and more and that worries me... :( 

    1. Sparklefan1234



    2. PoisonClaw


      No, I'm not. It's just... I'm not as active as I used to be.

    3. DivineSoul1000


      @PoisonClaw Don't be sad when it's over, be glad that it happened! 

  24. Hey, is everything okay?

    You never replied to my message. :(

  25. Scootaloo: Mom?



    Edit: Yay I fixed it! ^_^

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