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  2. Goodnight everyone

    1. Johnny1226


      Good night cinder

  3. Oh and one last thing:

    eqtv oopsie woopsie uwu.png

  4. Happy Season 8 Premier Day!

    So it's been revealed that this season will revolve around a friendship school run by the elements of harmony and I couldn't be more excited. Very Twilight. :twi:

    Does anyone have any expectations for this season or are you just happy to have new ponies?

    1. ultrairongorilla


      I'm just happy that a new season is airing.:squee:

  5. Actually, is working for anyone else? Video isn't playing and chat won't connect.

  6. WOOOHOOO Season 8 is todayyyy!!!! :yay: I'll have to watch the premiere on YouTube though. :huh:

    1. We.


      Me too! Here's hoping that I can see it before going to work.

    2. Sherbert


      I hope NO-PONY spoils it for me, watchin' it on YouTube when I am watching it due to where I am

  7. Well, I haven't had to say this in far too long...

    I'll be off for the day until I watch the new episode.

    [followers all cheer]

  8. Today
  9. Seems it's my fifth year of being in MLPForums. Goodness, I feel old.

  10. Goodnight everypony!


    1. Fluttershy Friend

      Fluttershy Friend

      Good night Jade! Nice emoticon. ^_^

    2. Johnny1226


      Good night jade

    3. They


      Goodnight and sleep well. :rarity:

  11. Good morning my friends 

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    2. Recherche


      Good morning, Johnny! Did you sleep well? :)

    3. Tacodidra


      Good morning! :D

    4. Johnny1226
  12. Morning.

    Oh boy cant wait to have unwanted opinions on the season premiere today forced down my throat oh this is going to be fun

    1. Jade Fire
    2. Johnny1226


      Good morning sylveon 

  13. Goodnight all. ^^

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    2. Johnny1226


      Good night rooster 

    3. ultrairongorilla
    4. Sherbert


      good night the rock **goodnight hugs**

  14. I'll be going to bed now. Goodnight, everyone!

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    2. Johnny1226


      Good night me

    3. SolarFlare13


      Aww :c but the Season 8 stream is on right now :( Goodnight :3

    4. They


      Goodnight Nightfall and sleep well!

  15. If I was to describe my Friday with a movie title, it would be "Series of Unfortunate Events."

  16. WARNING! Serious real world stuff, don't open if you don't like: problems, politics, and all that jazz.


    I don't live in Britain, but the fact is, that if someone in my country don't get struck by giant hammer of sense and reason, we might have similar situation in some years =/


    On other news, apparently our ministry(?) wants to get rid of sex/gender in our social security numbers. 
    Why is that such a big deal? one might ask, Do you hate trans-people?(the very small amount of people in country this small) 
    I won't tell my answer to that question, because it has nothing to do with the problem, because the problem is, that everyone else would also have our numbers changed (since the whole system how they're created would change), and can you imagine what happens when over 5 000 000 human beings have to change something so crucial.

    Firstly, would be the trouble for normal citizen, we would need to change our driving-licences, passports, social insurance-cards and any ID cards (etc.), it costs money, and in the end we are the ones who pays for it.

    But, the bigger problem......every single database/ other digital thing that uses ss-numbers would need to be remade, and as you can imagine, it costs time...and money. 

    and there's other problems too I won't list


    And here's something more positive.


    05ea2bcad48ea9300b3000da22aac2de.jpg <- you need to open than in a new tap so you can zoom =/




    1. Fluttershy Friend

      Fluttershy Friend

      Broohoof for cats only! ^_^

  17. I don't know why they advertise games that end up releasing so late you forgot about them. Remember the Dead Island 2 trailer back in 2014? That game is still in development.

  18. Hello everyone

    1. Johnny1226


      Hello cinder

  19. Yesterday was a disaster and I was hoping today would be better. But found out that I have some new health issues, a drawing that I worked on for 5 hours got screwed over and my laptop's hard drive crashed, just after getting fixed.

    Why don't we just frame me for murder while we're at it?

    1. CypherHoof


      But it's not as much fun if you know in advanc... erm, I mean no, we would never do such a thing....

  20. Who's excited for Season 8??? :D :yay: :D :yay: :D :yay: :D :yay: :D :yay: :D :yay: :catface:




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    2. Tacodidra


      Am I excited?

      It will be my first full season as a brony. :D

    3. SolarFlare13
    4. Me.


      Despite my browser lagging to hell and back with all these GIFs, I am ready!

  21. I need the help and opinion of all of you! :muffins:
    Which of the 2 do you think looks better? :)
    One of those will be my avatar in April, and nothing better than having my OC (technically my ponysona) in a special month :pinkie:
    And yes, in real life I wear glasses, but I like both images equally, I do not know which one to choose :(

    1. jorge123esp


      I like both of them too, although I think I would choose the second one. 

    2. Me.


      I like the first one up top! Though I must admit, he does look cute with glasses!

    3. They


      They both look incredibly nice and I like both of them, but I would go with the first one. :catface:

  22. I went to therapy today.

    So that happened.

  23. Today is the day. New MLP season in 7 hours! 


    btw, good morning :catface:

  24. Happy b-day! :adorkable:

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