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  2. OMG XD I LOVE your profile pic :D


  3. My new Computer has no Sound Output, so i can only use the Internet in silence until i get some Speakers. Great time for all the Shops to be closed and Internet purchases to arrive later than usual. XD

    1. CypherHoof


      no headphones?

  4. You've wondered. You've asked. You've thought about it.
    Well, it's finally time for me to share my selfies. Here's what I really look like:



    Aren't I just the most handsome person you've ever met?

  5. Today
  6. Murder dash!



  7. It makes sense for plancton in the show spongebob squarepants to eat holographic food because irl plancton get their food off of sunlight and holographs are made of light.


    - realized this in freshman year of highschool

  8. So hopefully tomorrow I will be able to have a new headphone wire ordered since all of my other ones died. So I can finally be able to avoid having to switch headphone plugs for my computer and my phone!

  9. Watch out for the news today. We can be expected to see headlines like Kratos in Smash DLC or some shit

  10. :)I now know who the princess of explosion is! Must make her one of my characters.

  11. Uh oh, very grumpy duck ahead! :wau:

  12. Happy April Fools Day, everyone! Remember to stay wary of content you see online today! :umad:

    1. Kyoshi


      Wait, what if your status is an April Fools prank and it isn't actually April fool's day?! AAAAAH

    2. LegoshiLunA


      Animal crossing is getting rid of issabell becouse she is too evil on the inside...april im not good at it xD lol

    3. Samurai Human

      Samurai Human

      Kanpai! *Raises my sake*

  13. Ring fit adventure

     Your character: lvl 40

    Your body: lvl 5

    It hurts...

  14. image.png.a8e59abdc4a62db8c51efcdfb6d03246.png

    I found this on my computer, and decided to share its infinite wisdom with all of you! 

    It is an actual YouTube video, but it was easier to embed it here!

  15. In 2012, the Nats were 98-64 and made the playoffs for the first time since 1981 as the Expos. General Manager Mike Arizona took a ton of heat for shutting down ace Stephen Strasburg, pitching in his first full year since undergoing Tommy John surgery in late-2010, especially following their NLDS Game 5 collapse. At the time, it looked like Washington blew their best chance to win a championship. Their championship victory last year, with Strasburg right in the thick of things and becoming WS MVP, vindicated Rizzo.

  16. Hmm pinkie pie eats lots of vegetables...who knew?


  17. FOOL!

    1. Excalibur


      Do you wanna come down here and try me, Bakugo? By the time we’re done you’ll be no better than that Deku boy you used to look down on

    2. Kujamih


      Burn it....BURN IT! BURN EXCALIBUR:Cozy:


  18. My mom bought a third jar of peanut butter and we’re not even into the second one yet! :laugh:
    She must be serious about stocking food. 

  19. sooo i got something for you in 3d for what you have done for my oc ^^ its a bit rough but here you go :3




    1. Bakugou Is My Man ❤

      Bakugou Is My Man ❤


      Thank you so much! I have always wondered what she would look like in 3D. This is lovely! Thank you.

    2. LegoshiLunA


      your quite welcome ^^ and its a 3d oc maker  kinda like the original oc maker on devian art but more 3d stuff in it :3  *boop* ^^ i couldnt find a pony tail of your back mane so it was the closest style that i can find.

  20. Morning friends 💖 

    @Lord Valtasar thank you for handing out the heart contests badges!


  21. There must be some kind of mistake.


    1. Deerie


      -heart contestu~

    2. Samurai Human

      Samurai Human

      Iiya. Seikai desu. Omedetou!

  22. Ladies and Gentlemen. I am the holy sword EXCALIBUR

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    2. Kujamih


      Mythical cringe sword

    3. Excalibur


      @Will Guide more or less what Kujamih said

      You see, this fictional iteration of the holy sword Excalibur is REALLY SILLY

    4. Kujamih


      Silly?... Please good sir do not underestimate yourself.... If discord have met you... oh boy.

  23. Code plagiarism exists in an institutions...But in my opinion, outside that, ALL code is fair game and use...

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