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    Mega Thread Count to a million

  3. Happy birthday swirlix X3

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    Mega Thread Count to a million

  5. Tacodidra

    "A Rockhoof and a Hard Place" Review

    Another well-written review! And I can say the same about the episode itself – Kaita Mpambara has really had an amazing start as a writer on MLP. The subject matter was indeed surprisingly dark, but they handled it well. As for comparisons to past episodes, the theme of the episode reminded me very slightly of "Flutter Brutter", though this episode was a lot better than that one... Finally seeing the Pillars again was great – when I first heard of the School of Friendship concept a little before season 8 started, I expected them to teach there, but that never happened (except briefly in this episode). And hearing the phrase "best pony" on an episode was quite nice! Season 8 had so many strong episodes, especially in the latter half of the season, that I'm not sure how exactly I'd rank them, but I agree on this being at least one of the best!
  6. DasCapschen

    Mega Thread Count to a million

  7. Willusion

    Post a Pic of Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend

    The both of you are a bolt of cyclone luck to find each other. You look so cute together!
  8. Sparklefan1234

    Ask the Equestria Girls & Spike

    Thanks, BFF. Don't work *too* hard.
  9. I think that Discord would make an interesting friend.
  10. Venomous

    Complain About Something

    My mother has been on my back lately. It's irritating.
  11. Venomous

    Post a Pic of Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend

    I am currently with Katsuki Bakugou, Killua Zoldyck, and Dabi <3 Katsuki Killua Dabi
  12. Gainsborough

    What Pokemon is the user above you?

    Banette ____________
  13. Got me a new review! :D



  14. Whose alive? This pony!

  15. Dreambiscuit

    How often do kids watch old cartoons?

    I love Looney Tunes. They're the classics of all cartoon shows. I don't like the pathetic attempts to reinvent them in recent years; they just don't have the kind of quality humor and animation of the originals (even though I like Lola Bunny in The Looney Tunes Show). Unfortunately most of the best original Looney Tunes are buried in a vault somewhere because someone imagined they were 'insensitive' but you can still get them if you look around for unofficial sources. Max Fleischer had some great stuff too with Betty Boop and Popeye. The oldest ones were the best and very surreal. Lots of fun to watch though. You'll never get cartoons like that anymore. Of course Disney had its fair share of greats from decades past, but there aren't many available now beyond the same limited handful. I never was a fan of Hanna-Barbara cartoons because I didn't like the animation style and the writing seemed generic (something that kids do care about, contrary to the belief of many studio board rooms). The early Flintstones and Jetsons were a step in the right direction. Bullwinkle, though it wasn't brilliantly animated, the writing was crisp and often surprising. I really like Tiny Toon Adventures and Animaniacs, but those aren't really what I consider old. All things considered, I think a lot of these classic cartoons go unnoticed these days, which I think is terrible. There's a universe of cartoon artistry and history out there just waiting to be tapped.
  16. Venomous

    What Pokemon is the user above you?

  17. Venomous

    Say Something Nice About User Above You

    You are a squirrel and squirrels are cute
  18. Venomous

    Post the __th picture in your photos

  19. Venomous

    Do you own the above thing or not?

    Yes Do you own a dakimakura?
  20. Venomous

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    You're banned for not coming to my recent graduation party
  21. Chrysalis89

    NASCAR/Auto Racing Discussion

    The final European event of the F1 calendar, hopefully it's better than the last race. Also, none of my drivers did well at Vegas so hopefully their luck change this week.
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