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    My mother has been on my back lately. It's irritating.
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    I am currently with Katsuki Bakugou, Killua Zoldyck, and Dabi <3 Katsuki Killua Dabi
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    Banette ____________
  5. Got me a new review! :D



  6. Whose alive? This pony!

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    How often do kids watch old cartoons?

    I love Looney Tunes. They're the classics of all cartoon shows. I don't like the pathetic attempts to reinvent them in recent years; they just don't have the kind of quality humor and animation of the originals (even though I like Lola Bunny in The Looney Tunes Show). Unfortunately most of the best original Looney Tunes are buried in a vault somewhere because someone imagined they were 'insensitive' but you can still get them if you look around for unofficial sources. Max Fleischer had some great stuff too with Betty Boop and Popeye. The oldest ones were the best and very surreal. Lots of fun to watch though. You'll never get cartoons like that anymore. Of course Disney had its fair share of greats from decades past, but there aren't many available now beyond the same limited handful. I never was a fan of Hanna-Barbara cartoons because I didn't like the animation style and the writing seemed generic (something that kids do care about, contrary to the belief of many studio board rooms). The early Flintstones and Jetsons were a step in the right direction. Bullwinkle, though it wasn't brilliantly animated, the writing was crisp and often surprising. I really like Tiny Toon Adventures and Animaniacs, but those aren't really what I consider old. All things considered, I think a lot of these classic cartoons go unnoticed these days, which I think is terrible. There's a universe of cartoon artistry and history out there just waiting to be tapped.
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    You are a squirrel and squirrels are cute
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    Yes Do you own a dakimakura?
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    You're banned for not coming to my recent graduation party
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    The final European event of the F1 calendar, hopefully it's better than the last race. Also, none of my drivers did well at Vegas so hopefully their luck change this week.
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    I'm sure that i've seen you before but I cannot recall when.
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    I actually like all the Turtles shows and movies. I'm not an obsessed fan so I'm not so close to the material that I'm finicky about it. I like the characters and they make me laugh. They look kinda funky in the newer movies, but I can live with that.
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    "Meh... I've seen better"
  17. Out of every legend from Season 7B, Rockhoof's was the worst. Combined with being a boring character, the story itself was very bland, and Applejack told the entire thing rather than letting the tale show. It's competent, but completely uninteresting. How ironic that in his first self-contained episode, ARaaHP is spectacular with some of the best characterization of a Pillar since they were first introduced. Hard Place is a "fish out of water" story, an idiom that puts the character in a setting or situation they're very foreign or uncomfortable with. And the episode didn't hold any of the comedy back, which had a lot of variety, but mostly came from the characters' reactions, starting off with Professor Fossil. Rockhoof doesn't understand preservation at all, because he lived in the era she continues to discover, emphasized by his destruction of an old sweat lodge (rightfully upsetting her) and triggering the conflict. Fossil's line, which sounded completely innocent on the surface, foreshadows future events while remaining wonderfully subtle: His vile reaction to biting off a wooden apple was also really funny. The scene in the auditorium to begin Act 1, while adding on to Rockhoof's inability to adapt to modern times, was also very pivotal by establishing connections. Rockhoof's a Pillar, adding to the mystique and adoration from folks across generations. Most of this generation in the School of Friendship's very young, with five of the six unfamiliar with pony folklore. Smolder's sarcasm in response to Rockhoof's first accident is just one opinion (which changed as he told his story of his fight with an Ursa Major), but Yona adored him immediately, because his strength and bravery remind her of yakdom back home. As for the rest of Act 1, there was criticism of what Ocellus said about Discord's stone transformation (Celly and Luna casting a spell) as not being true to continuity. That's not true. From Princess Twilight Sparkle, Part 2: Sisters power up the Elements. Them casting a spell. The Elements couldn't turn him to stone alone. And I agree with YouTuber Justin Galloway regarding this point (his comment from the video link below): Indeed! Oh, and isn't it a little funny that despite all the destruction, the worst Rockhoof can do to the wooden desk was squish it like a marshmallow? Personally, I can't blame the students for feeling excited (and Gallus lying about the class's direction). Learning can be fun, but sometimes boring, and Gallus is the perfect rebel to steer the class and Rockhoof in another direction. The story, despite in small doses and done to further emphasize his trouble to adapt, was really entertaining. The comedy in this episode as a whole is absolutely fantastic. This one in particular is probably the best one. (You know what I'm talkin' about. ) Also, despite doing so inside the school (even though Twilight told him to wait previously and didn't react at all to the fire), Spike and Smolder continue to grow their bond through a fire-breathing competition. Small, but compared to their conversation in Molt Down, they're more comfortable around each other, and she's not so bristly towards him. That said, no matter the jokes or how much Rockhoof screws up, the episode never treats him as dumb at any point. Everywhere he works, he's always willing to impress, whether it's delivering the post to the right house, massaging, helping Zecora, or teaching. Wherever he went long ago, his warrior-first instincts aided him, and he applies them here. Today, harmony replaced war. He doesn't need to fight much anymore, especially now with Stygian redeemed. As a result, he screws up, sometimes badly, but the episode does a great job not making him look worse each time he faults. What's more interesting is how most of the Pillars still contact each other and know their whereabouts, but not Rockhoof. Despite their close connection as champions and friends, it also shows us an audience how distanced Rockhoof became since the Pillars split. He goes back home and virtually spends his days there, as if his life is complete. He can keep his shovel, but not need to use it. He remains a warrior, but as the episode progresses, he realizes he's less of a warrior, but now a veteran who can't settle after being gone so long. On the other hand, DHX/Top Draw put forth a lot of effort to make the other adaptations as seamless as possible. My favorite is Mistmane's just because of her work in The Crystal Empire. There are a lot of amazing set designs throughout the series. But Twilight's right. The imagery here's some of the most beautiful ever put forth in the show. The composition, colors, crystal designs, light, shadow, and perspective are so organic to the town. And Twilight and AJ were fantastic in their supporting roles, guiding him and staying by his side no matter what. As the episode progressed, Rockhoof's struggles slowly took a toll. Sulking away from the School started it, and his doubts reappeared in the CE scene, especially after he tells her that shovel ponies aren't in current demand. It progresses further by accident after Meadowbrook was able to open her clinic back home and then after Twilight finds Stygian's new novel. Both of these sting him for two reasons: He can't go home. If STYGIAN can adapt, why can't him?! But the final trigger? Accidentally sinking the Aris navy. @gingerninja666 explains that point perfectly: And it's after this when Rockhoof requests to be turned to stone. Mpambara doesn't hide one bit how it's an allegory of suicide, and his (the writer's) logic narrows this down in several key areas: No matter how hard he tries, he's always one step behind, and he can't catch up. Everyone successfully adjusted, but all he does is, in his eyes, ruin his reputation, and it's not only self-embarrassing, but also self-deflating. If he can't rely on using the stars to navigate around the world, then what can he do now? Rockhoof believes his friends are better off without him. Because he can't transition, he believes he looks weak to them, even though he means so much to them and were willing to help him in any way they can. That's why he avoided communicating with them for so long. He understands how much the Realm idolizes him and the others, but he doesn't want them to think of him as the washed-up veteran he became, but the warrior they grew up remembering. Turning into stone means preserving his legacy. Older adults are at highest risk for suicide, and for U.S. veterans in 2014, twenty die by suicide daily, 65% of them 50 years or older. Twilight agreed to write a stone spell, thereby assisting his suicide. The fact that it's temporary doesn't change the implications. Everyone reacted to Rockhoof's wish in complete horror. Twilight didn't want to write it, because she knew he belonged somewhere. But the students, especially Yona, reacted the hardest for obvious reasons. The followup scene in the castle hallway is one of the best of the series. Yona grew a student-to-teacher crush on him, but when his life was in danger, she came right to him, and her idolization for him evolves, evident by the class report she recited. She's in school in Equestria, where no one looks like her or shares her interests. Bonding with others eases her fears and makes her feel safe. His ability to be strong, brave, and persevere inspired countless individuals, including her, who's innocent and childlike. Their chemistry and her admiration are incredibly genuine, and the fact she stood up for him and convinced everyone in the school to gather around outside and listen to his stories at maybe the lowest moment of his life makes him realize at just that moment he means so much to them. It fixes a big problem from two previous episodes: Magic Sheep and No Second Prances. Magic Sheep: Luna's Tantabus creation is an allegory of either depression or addiction. Self-punishing with the Tantabus not only reminded her of her crimes long ago, but also gave her an escape from the torment she inwardly suffered. But it's marred by an awfully-executed moral, thanks to its rushed, absolute ending. Addiction and illness don't magically disappear. NSP: After Trixie and Starlight fell out, Trixie acted like she didn't want to live anymore, but it's an unfortunate implication, and Twilight and Starlight doing nothing as she treks into her cannon is just insulting. Here, A Rockhoof and a Hard Place tackled a really dark subject, but took a long time developing the allegory, provided key clues foreshadowing what was coming, and treated it with the delicateness and seriousness it so richly deserves. The moral it teaches — "No matter how hurt, lonely, or hopeless you feel, you matter." — is also magnificently executed. This episode was an amazing surprise. Because Season 8 was so good up to this point, I had high expectations for this one. After watching it the first time, I knew it was great. But watching it again and again helped me pay closer attention to the effort put into creating this wonderful story. Ever since I first watched the S8 leaks last year, I had Break Down as its best. A Rockhoof and a Hard Place replaced it, and it's one of the ten best of the whole show. Bravo!
  18. I made this game last year but have recently saw people on the forums getting interested into Astronomy and thought I might as well share it better late than never. Note: The music used in the game is by Evening Star the credits to them are already linked to them in the game. Also this does not use flash and is html5 based.
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    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    I don't tend to turn to music when I am feeling, well, feelings. However, I suppose Hurt by Johnny Cash would be my choice. What makes you cry without fail?
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    Animation The last Anime you watched?

    Currently thinking of watching Dragon Ball Super and Dragon Ball Z. I haven’t yet to watch them, but I will.
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