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  2. I'll tell you a secret, but don't tell any bronies that I said this, but they are kinda cool (now I will never be accepted into Bronies React )
  3. F1-Facts:

    We are 2 races in and one driver had a bad start in the season since over 10 years: Kimi Räikkönen

    The iceman and world champion of 2007 scored no points in the first 2 race(DNF and 11th), making it the worst start in a season since 2009(15th* and 14th)


    *Retired but drove most of the race to be counted as finished

  4. I didn't know it wasn't liked. I loved it personally. They look majestic like that.
  5. Rainbow Dash is not the only one with rainbow hair, I believe. Imagine you start dating someone with rainbow hair thinking they are a Brony, or worse, the Rainbow Dash herself!
  6. I dont know why I bother making friends.  I can never get one to last.  

    I'm going to bed.  Goodnight guys.  Love yall.  

    1. Splashee


      Don't give up. One day you will maybe be friends with me?

    2. Deae Rising Shine~
  7. What's the qualifications for being a former Brony? Same as dating a Brony and becoming an x-brony?
  8. "We are Equestriaforum girls, and we're here to say, that the magic of friendship is what it's all about"
  9. Not really. Maybe in a certain context (i might have known rd better from a certain media originally) but nah they are jus characters its more interesting to look at the personality and design, they aren't even drawn to look sexy like furries with a six pack or big chest whatever (and if they are it doesnt make sense) and in the end its just cartoons. The human versions even less so tho. I can see why ppl like the personalities of the ponies tho, im sure there are ppl irl very similar so lol.
  10. *Points hoof in a stylish way* Hadou number four, Byakurai :sassy:

  11. I didn't know about any of the games you mentioned, so I haven't played them. Thanks for sharing your list, I'll check them out. There's not many good edutainment games these days (at least not that I know of), but I know this one: It's called "Dragon Box Elements", because it's based on Euclid's "Elements" (the greatest book on geometry that once was the 2nd best seller after the Bible ), and it is supposed to teach kids about geometric constructions and proving geometric theorems. And I think it does its job pretty darn well! Probably because its creators' key idea is to "gamify" mathematics so that it would be fun and challenging. They also made one for teaching basic algebra (you guessed it: "Dragon Box Algebra"), but I don't think it's as great as this one. There definitely should be more games like this one though. People get dumber and dumber every year... :q
  12. When Dr. Robotnik starts flying over Hydrocity singing "I can show you the world, Shining, shimmering, splendid, Tell me, Sonic, now when did you last let your heart decide?"
  13. Anything that can't get me tipsy with a shot is soft for me
  14. Don't make me send you the episodes with mail (red flag, I would know where you live that way)
  15. And Nightmare Chica protects you at night?
  16. if you had grown up with Dragon Ball Z, you would probably think these designs were ridiculous like most others. It's trying too hard, too much make-up, too shiney. And some stripes in the manes don't make sense
  17. "Weak?!" Nonsense. If she's so weak, her real mutual love with Shining Armor wouldn't have been powerful enough to make Shining's barrier spell even more powerful; powerful enough to send the changelings flying. not to mention she's been awake for days without any sleep, powering a protection spell to keep Sombra out of the Crystal Empire. She had to Pretty strong to keep going for that long. As Ixrec said, It's called the element of surprise. And at the time most ponies didn't even know what Changelings were!
  18. A simple comic helping a pony put on a shirt
  19. When you break out in tears of nostalgia when the theme song starts ah-ah-ah-ah... My little pony, I used to wonder what Friendship could be etc...
  20. But why not do many boys do the same? Yes because some of them like car driving and taking care of cars
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