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  • Pony, Please

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    Author: Palm Palette
    Genre: pony, human, comedy
    Character(s): Oc, Twilight Sparkle, Luna, Celestia, Mane 6, Daring Do, Bon Bon, Miscellaneous

    The Artiztrotzian border is well known for being difficult. People have called it glacial, asinine, and draconian, but to me it’s my job. I inspect paperwork, verify documents, and keep records of all visitors. The line is long and the process is slow, as we're understaffed and I only get paid if I don’t mess up.

    For the longest time, my only interaction with ponies was to watch their ears droop and faces fall as I pointed them back out the exit. We don’t accept livestock, or didn’t. Today I got new orders, and suddenly everyone crossing the border must bring a pony or be turned away.

    The sudden flip is perplexing, but it's not my job to question orders, only to follow them.

    Welcome to Artiztrotzia, and show me your pony, please.


    Loosely based on Papers, Please.


    @Emerald<3- Likk Ay
    @ExplosionMare - Kilana Mutt
    @Kamii - Mia Romero
    @Quinch - Narrator, various parts
    @Troblems - Luna, Twinkleshine
    @SparklingCaps -Applejack, Bon Bon, Daring Do, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Twilight


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